Confortably Loved

Confortably Loved

A Chapter by AJV

Jazex has another nightmare that has him to back outside, but Kit joins him to help. Can Kit do anything to stop Jazex's nightmares?

   Jazex lays in his bed asleep. He dreams of something unextraordinary. From what it seems, he is at a huge war between knights and the Subverters against R.E.M. and a unknown large group of people. He stands on the cliff of a mountain watching the fight. He turns around and views seven other people behind them. The man standing in front of the group mouths something that Jazex couldn't understand. Jazex turns and jumps off the cliff.
   The dream then changed to Dr.Sanerta's laboratory. The words that Falinine said crossed Jazex's mind. He stands behind a glass chamber where the doctor was saying the same words that Falinine said. The doctor cursed at Jazex. The dark memories switched to one another.
   All Jazex could do was witness what had happened. The more he saw, the more his hate grew.
   "I hate this guy!" he yelled. "I hate you so much! What did you do to me?! Where are my parents?! Where is my life?!"
   A visual image of the doctor, that Jazex thought of what could be him today, appeared in front of him. His dark brown skin was very wrinkled, his hair was almost gone, and he bent over with a cane.
   "You stupid worthless specimen," he said. "All I wanted was for you to be perfect. You just couldn't help yourself, could you?"
   Jazex's dream continued to go on while the two just glared at each other with anger. The younger version of Jazex was then carried to a chute. Jazex ran to save his younger self and jumped into the chute.
   The long dark tunnel led him to another dream. This time it was of his own happy place. The land of green grass and trees was beautiful. Very relaxing yet quite. Jazex walked to a rock and sat on it. Looking up at the gray white sky, he began to hum a random tune. The gray sky opened up. A white light shines upon him and he turns away to not be blinded from the light. He opens up his eyes and there before him he see's a being in a cloak.
   "Hi," Jazex said.
   The cloaked person begins to walk to Jazex as everything behind him dies. The scene begins to be dark and dull. He stops and turns around. "Jazex?" he asks.
   "Yea that's me."
   "The evil has returned."
   Jazex wakes up. He shakes his head and gets up. The moment he got up, he picks up his pants and puts them on. Trying to be silent as ever, he walks out of his room to go outside.
   The night was peacful. A gentle breeze was felt through the trees. Jazex walked to his usual spot and sat down.
   "Jazex?" Kit asked. She was walking up the hill where Jazex was.
   "Oh, hey. I was just getting some fresh air."
   Kit's expression was sad. She knew why Jazex had gone outside, or has been ever since he did. She knelt down and sat next to Jazex. Her head rested on his shoulder as she looked at him. She then said, "You were having those bad dreams, weren't you?"
   Jazex looked down and then at her. "Yea," he responded.
   "You always come here when it happens."
   "I'm never that silent leaving the house, I guess. I just don't understand what they mean or why I even have them."
   "What were they of?" she asked. Lifting her head off from Jazex's shoulder, she looked at him really wanting to know what he to say. Jazex realized she was serious, so he said, "I had three. The first was of some war between knights and the Subverters versus the R.E.M. and some other kind of people I have no idea about. I was standing on a cliff watching it all and then I turned around and there were some knights behind me. I guess it was their leader that tried to talk to me. He didn't speak, but he mouthed what he was trying to say. I then turned around and jumped off the cliff. I fell far down and ended up in my second dream: Dr. Sanerta's laboratory. He was cursing at me an yelling at me. He threw the younger version of me down a chute and I followed to save myself. I ended up in my happy place. Just think if this hill was reflected like a mirror with a rock in a center. I walked to that rock and sat on it. It was very quite and abandoned. I then looked to the sky and a light nearly blinded me, so I looked away. After I was able to see I saw a man in a cloak. He came up to me and said something about evil returning. That was it." Kit looked away for a moment. "You must think I'm weird."
   "No," Kit said. "I'm not sure what to say. We all have bad dreams. But the one of that man, Sanerta. You had an extremely sad situation in our life, and had to carry it forever." She got closer to Jazex. She thought of a way to cheer him up. "Do you remember the day we first met?"
   "The beach of course," said Jazex.
Yup. I was watching the waves. Everyone else but Victor were having a good time. Then I decided to play in the water."
   "That's when you kicked me."
   Kit giggled. She shooke her head and said, "How would I have known you were in the water.
You were almost covered in the sand. After finding you I yelled for help, and my dad took you to the hospital immediately."
   "I was unconscious. What did you do with my scythe though?"
   "I buried it. It scared me to see you were holding it, but I guess it was yours all along."
   Jazex looked at Kit and said, "I really can't remember how I found it, but thanks." He then looked to the sky. "
These are the times I enjoy."
When your not alone."
I think I feel better now. Thank you again."
Anytime. Now lets go I am starting to freeze."
   "Alright, c'mon, let's go."
   Jazex puts his arm around Kit. They both leave the hill and go back to the cabin.

© 2010 AJV

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