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Wason takes a small team of R.E.M. soldiers to the Subverter's territory just to find out who Jazex is, but finds himself in a struggle. What will Wason do to survive?

   Off of the west coast of the Great Nation inhabit the Subverters. Only to be living off of the anarchy system, the residents are much like the fears of the socialist military, R.E.M. For who the Subverters are, they wear a poor choice of outfits, the way they communicate is unintelligent, the majority are uncivilized, and their architecture is poorly constructed but sturdy. They have their own military known as the 'Agitators,' but are to be called Subverters since all the nations disrespect and despise their customs.
   Wason, after speaking with Captain Bosont, was enabled to enter the Subvertarian territory. He was only able to take three soldiers with him; nevertheless Mia joined his squad.
   The four soldiers rode through a desert where it was beyond warm. Wason, wearing dark shades, sat in the back of a jeep strategizing how the mission was to be. The soldier driving turned around to make sure that the Sergeant was in check, then she turned to Mia and the other soldier. Mia sat at the edge fanning herself and staring at the sky.
   "Wason, what are you thinking about?" she asked. She put her fan away and put on her sunglasses as Wason took his off and looked up at her. "What we are to do is stop by at the abandon gas station. There we are to possibly meet the leader of the Subverter military. We have him take us to his headquarters and we shall seek the files that I want of there past recruits. The rest is retaliation against them, and mission complete."
   Mia pulled her fan out and said, "Sounds simple. Why do you even call this a mission? We are just looking for the documents that you want."
   Wason shakes his head. He stands up to see how far they are from their destination. A glimpse of the gas station isn't too far from where they were.
   "Prepare to yield, soldier," Wason said to the driver. She saluted him as he sat back down. "I will see who this boy is, and show him what R.E.M. is capable of."
   The soldier parked in the shade close to the door  of the station. Wason jumps out from the back and signaled the soldiers to get out of the jeep quickly. They do and stand behind Wason waiting for orders. Wason pulls out his gun, opens the door, and rushes in with his gun out ready to fire. The other two soldiers do the same, but then split to find any of the Agitator soldiers. Mia slowly walks in wondering where the documents that Wason wanted could be. She looked around and found stairs that lead to an upper floor.
   "Any sign of the Subverters?" asked Wason. "Its all clear here."
   "Clear," said one soldier.
   "Clear," said the other.
   "Clear of what?" said a heavy man with a deep voice. He was muscular and fat. Piercings on his ears and face made him look like a decorated hog with a short Mohawk. He had leather belts that crossed around his chest and only wore leather, metal plated pants.
   Wason aims his gun at the fat man. The other soldiers ran to him for protection. Whistling outside from the door, the fat man enters the building. He takes off his visor lens and smiles.
   "End of the line R.E.M. I didn't expect to see any of you here."
   "Who might you be?" asked Wason. He puts his gun down so that the fat man would not attack any of them.
   "Lt. Petaz, ready to kick your a*s," the fat man said. He draws out a small broken dagger that was barely seen from his huge fat hand.
   Wason draws back up gun and says, "I am afraid that my behind has no manner to what you plan to do, Lieutenant."
   "A classy soldier?" asked Petaz. "Hey everyone, R.E.M. is here." Soldiers of the Agitators run in from the door around Petaz. "What are ya here for?"
   "Information," said Wason. "Your little bounty hunter friend meddled within R.E.M. business. I assume he was in your barbaric army three years ago during your attempt in the assassination you pulled that long ago."
   "Wason I found it!" yelled Mia. She carried a thick folder containing papers as she walked down the stairs. Wason turned wondering where she had been all the time. "The folders of all the..." Mia stopped at the last step looking at Petaz and the other Agitator soldiers. She was scared in awe, but she handed the folder to Wason.
   "You know, those are classified documents especially for the R.E.M," said Petaz.
   "Wait!" yelled Wason. He searched through the files for a group photo that Jazex could have probably been in. He finds it and says, "If you can tell me who his boy is, we will be on our way."
   Petaz takes the photo and looks at it. The other soldiers look at it, but none of them recognize Jazex. Then they all laughed.
   "Is this a joke?" asked Petaz who was still laughing. He dropped the photo and stomped on it. "So your cops now? Going through people's belongings and taking in the people who are trying to make a living. Rotten scoundrels you all are." He throws his knife at the wall and then pulls out a gun that was big enough to fit in his hand.
   "You are making a wrong choice," said Wason.
   "Get out of our base, or die!"
   They both simultaneously called fire. Gun shots and grenades go off.
   "Wason!" cried out Mia.
   "I'm fine. Everyone, to the jeep!" yelled Wason. All the R.E.M. soldiers  roll their way out of the door to the jeep. "Soldier, hurry, start the engine!" The jeep started and they took off.
   "Damn it! You morons, they're getting away! Fire!"
   Petaz and his soldiers fire at the R.E.M. soldiers, but horribly misses.
   "Sergeant, mission success?" the soldier that sat in the passenger seat asked.
   Wason smiles looking at the photo copy that was in the folder. He puts it in the pocketand says, "Indeed. Back to R.E.M. headquarters."
   The sound of dying engine is hear from far away. Wason puts the photo back in the folder, gets up, and begins shooting at the Agitator's van. The bullets bounce off its steel plated covers.
   A soldier gets on the turret and aims at the R.E.M. jeep. Mia looks at the gunner while sitting down. Somehow that turret wouldn't fire.
  "Its jammed!" the soldier yells.
   All of a sudden the turret explodes and the soldier flies off. Another soldier looks up to see what is going. Mia just waves at the soldier and he flips her off. Another mysterious happening occurred as the Agitator's van begins to slow down. and flips over. It rolls diagonally away and soldiers yell within the van.
   "You see, it was a good idea for me to come," Mia said.
   "How did you do that?" asked Wason. Wason slides down to sit as he was confused of what Mia had did. She was not of the elite, so she could have had those powers from birth. Than again, it could have been luck. The Suberters have poor quality weapons, so the explosion could have been a bullet jam and the brakes in the van could have been wrecked to stop and flip it over.
   All of those questions and possibilities ran through Wason's head. He then forgot all about it because his only focus was to find who Jazex is. He looked away from Mia and grabbed the folder.

© 2010 AJV

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Added on January 5, 2010
Last Updated on January 5, 2010
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