A Poem by ellemorell

Devil with a big heart
Angel with a broken wing
Loser was a champion;
Sacrifices made to win

The innocent advantage took
Dismissed upon a single look
The battered pages of her life
Judged as the cover of a book

The angry man is quick to blame
He's haunted by a child's pain
The lucky girl who got it wrong
Went dancing to the daemon's song

That person who has everything
Who also holds deep shame within 
The quiet one who longs to sing:
Musician with a broken string

Lovers turned to savages
For speaking different languages
Where lays the seed that grows the hate?
The least to lose the most to gain

A liar with a good excuse
Innocence in time to lose
Mysteries of ripples from
Below the surface of the pond

Of all we've gained through time the cost
Is some of us have gotten lost
The more we seek, the more we'll find
But only if our eyes are kind

© 2020 ellemorell

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A most telling and delightful piece, that flows perfectly, makes one smile for the most part, well done, good read.

Posted 1 Year Ago

I love the rhythm of your poem which reminds me of a nursery rhyme & seems similarly haunting & taunting . . . every stanza brings forth an image from real life that I could relate to some situation where unkindness crushed someone. It's amazing how much people accept unkindness . . . or even a lack of kindness, simple cold dismissal. It's a way of life & often people are suspicious if you reach out becuz the only ones reaching out are the scam artists! (I really don't feel this bleak, but I'm just streaming on the imagery you presented). Great writing! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 1 Year Ago

' The more we seek, the more we'll find - But only if our eyes are kind '

Such gentle finely metered stanzas, each as telling as its neighbour. Awareness put clearly but with respect. As those two final lines, they could be your own personal mantra. Thank you so much, ellemorell.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Ripples disturb the balance. Send waves of trouble. Kindness is everything, even when relationships don't work out. Kindness costs nothing and is a gift to all on the receiving end.


Posted 1 Year Ago

your last line says it all...we need kindness and love...hate cannot win out, and won't unless we let it.
and sometimes we just can't tell who is the devil or who is the angel.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on February 20, 2020
Last Updated on March 21, 2020



Melbourne, Australia

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