The Water Monster

The Water Monster

A Story by humansalwayswantmore;itsinthiernature

based on true events

A red bucket was being raised into the air.
Ponderous red bucket. Lots of cold water.
My heart stops and I cringe.
The water is being dumped on my feet as I lay in my peaceful sleep.
I shriek, but remain unconscious.
Darkness. Peace. Cold feet, but peace.
Another bucket. I grow cold as I cringe again.
Another shriek.
Freezing feet. Then darkness.
There's the bucket again.
The freezing water pierces my feet and this time I scream so loud I wake myself.
Three familiar faces float around me. As I blink my eyes into focus my sister Pepi, my cousin Papo, and my cousin Mariana from Mexico City come into view.
"What tha hell?!"
I throw off the blanket. The blanket was wet and my socks were soaked. The carpet around my feet was a darker shade of biege. Water. My feet were freezing. I had fallen asleep on my sister's bedroom floor. "Why did you do this to me?! What the f**k!? Who did this?!" I was furious. "Hey, we didn't do anything. We kept hearing you scream like a freak in your sleep." "Haha, like three or four times?" "What's wrong with you?"
Confusion struck me.
"Look! Look at my socks!" I took them off and squeezed. An abundance of water came out. "Look at the blanket! It's wet! The puddle in the carpet!"
"I don't know man, but we're tired."
"What time is it?"
"Almost three."
"Wow, its late. Where the hell did this water come from?" I looked up at the ceiling. My mother's room was up there. It couldn't have been a leak. The air conditioner? It was near me on the window, and I was sleeping on the floor...Was it leaking? I felt around the vents. No...Not at all? No. Where the hell did it come from? I looked for signs. Couldn't find anything.
"Let's all sleep here on the floor."
We had family over from Mexico (Mariana one of them) so we had limited space to sleep. Feeling paranoid I said "Okay. Hey...please don't leave me alone.."
Papo climbed onto the top bunk. Pepi and Mariana spread out a thick quilt to add cushion to the floor. I laid beside Mariana on my back and didn't take my eyes off the ceiling. The others were very quiet and were not moving. The fear struck me.
"Hey, don't go to sleep yet!"
"Shut up, Evelyn! Go to sleep!"
I lay there feeling stupid and paranoid, but more than anything, confused.
What happened? I don't understand...drip. I looked down at my arm. Drips of water! "Look!!! Do you see that?! Look!" I exclaimed, pointing at the drips.
"Shut up Evelyn! Shut-up! Shut-up!"
They didn't even look! Two droplets of water on my arm. Where the hell did it come from?
"Evelyn, turn off the light."
Oh hell.
With shivers running down my back, I stood up and ran towards the light switch. Halfway there I felt a spray of something cold strike me on the back.
"AAAAAHHHHHH!!! It got me again! It hit me again!"
I jumped on Pepi and Mariana.
"Help me! Something weird is happening! Seriously! Why aren't yall listening? Water is hitting me and it's coming out of nowhere!!! Help me!"
"What the hell, Evelyn!? Get off! Stop being stupid! Just turn off the light already!"
Feeling foolish and confused once more and with an accelerated heart, I ran to turn of the light and immediately jumped in between Pepi and Mariana. Their backs were to me but we were packed tight and close. With my glasses on I stared at the ceiling on my back.
Ha! It's going to hit them too now! Ha, ha! I won't suffer alone! Can't get me alone now b*****s!
Oh hell. It was a splash! I heard it! I heard it! Splash! I heard it, but where did it come from?! I didn't see it! My chest got the hit.
"Did yall hear that?" I whispered.
They ignored me...Oh hell...I'm so scared! It's like I have my own personal little rain cloud. It hit me! It only hit me! Why?? Why me? I don't get it..this thing has some aim!
I lay on my back, eyeballs wide open. Gazing, gazing like a freak. Everywhere.
What the hell is going on?
I had to tell someone. Who?
I think Mom's upstairs.
I can't.
I can't move!
Damn, I'm too scared!
Of What?
What the hell.
What is going on here?
I should call someone!
My hand shaking, I reach for my pink cellular phone.
Who should I call..?
Who would believe me? Who wouldn't really mind hearing me out this late?
He popped into my mind.
He'll think I'm an idiot!...Who wouldn't.
I mean water?
Who fears water?
This is so dumb right now.
We haven't talked in a while.
But he'll believe me. He's helped me out with things like this before.
He'll help me!
As the phone rang, my cavity filled with regret.
I feel stupid.
Drip, drip.
A shot of fear.
"Hello?" He answered.
I explained what was going on in a hushed yet excited voice.
"Um, water coming out of nowhere? Like out of thin air?"
"Are you sure it's not a leak?"
He questioned me some more.
I explained how I debunked everything.
"That sound weird, Evelyn. Sounds a little far fetched...Are you sure you didn't just call me because you maybe wanted to just me?"
I felt the amusement in his voice.
I knew it.
He didn't believe me.
I look like an idiot.
I'm an idiot.
"It happened! Did you hear that?!"
I sounded hysterical.
"Hey man, calm down, it's just water!"
He talked to me for a good while and then he got tired and we hung up.
I still wasn't tired.
I was still on my back.
It's just water.
Know what?
I'm in a I-don't-give a-damn mood now!
It's just water.
Stupid mischievous dwarf in the ceiling corner.
Dwarfs are malicious little b******s.
And this one's invisible.
"What's up biiiitchh? What's up? What now, huh? That's all you got? Why aren't you splashing anymore? Ran out of water? You ain't s**t, huh?"
And like the bucket, a load of freezing water came upon me.
On my face, my hair!
"I had just straightened my hair! got me.."
I was pretty pissed.
But, I still held fear.
I gawked at the ceiling until the own weight of my eyelids shut my eyes and I fell asleep without even realizing it.

I awoke with a head full of frizzy curls.
The memories of what had happened the night before came flooding back.
I looked around.
I was alone.
They must be eating breakfast.
I looked for signs to make sure that what had happened the night before had really happened. My socks were in the corner of the room. Still wet. Surely the dark puddle was still in the carpet. My chest inflated with panic. Residual panic from last night.
I picked up my blanket and felt for the wet spot.
I walked around the house looking for my mother.
I found her in the laundry room, folding some clothes alone.
"Mira!" I grabbed her hand and put it on the wet spot of my blanket.
"Ew! What? You peed?"
I told her what happened. I showed her the socks and wet spot in the carpet.
"The air conditioner?"
"No Mom!"
She put her serious face on.
"I told you to stop watching those movies and listening to that music of yours. You're the one who brings the negative energies upon yourself and into our house. You need to go to church."
I can't.
I wanted to say, but I just nodded quietly and walked away.
Damn...What was it?
I thought that I would wake up and be able to find out it was just a stupid nightmare but no...what was it? Will I ever know?
Yes! The internet!
Lets search for some answers.
Later that day I did my research but couldn't find any similar happenings. I mean what keywords would I use?
water what?

© 2010 humansalwayswantmore;itsinthiernature

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yeah man reaally goooooood

Posted 13 Years Ago

Good story, if you were trying to freak me out, you succeeded. Now taking a shower won't be as much fun....hmmmm

Good write!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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houston, TX

Hello =] My name is Evelyn. I'm nineteen. I write when I'm feeling a strong emotion. Actually mostly when I'm mad or not feeling myself. I'd rather be a bucket of sunshine then a raincloud and truly .. more..