I Know What I Saw

I Know What I Saw

A Story by humansalwayswantmore;itsinthiernature

true story

   My body and mind were so drained. I didn't want to be in that place for another minute. After a long night's shift I didn't want another whiff of grease, I didn't want to hear the hispanic ladies speaking spanish, asking me awkward questions, trying to small talk me, and the tables and chairs in the dining area didn't even look inviting, as tired as my body was. I couldn't wait to get home and just collapse.
   It was still dark outside, but a beautiful morning, purple sky, nice and cool. Refreshing contrast to the kitchen and hot water. It looked like a ghost town. All the lights that you would usually see on were off. The fast food restaurants and grocery store shut down. Only the dim street lights and rare passing cars. Like a world of your own. So this is what its like. What a beautiful secret. With such inviting darkness.
   Where to sit and enjoy this while my ride came? I sat on the ledge of the restaurant's window. But my a*s was half hanging and almost falling, not satisfying. I need to relax my body, just let go. Where to sit?
   There was a Popeye's two blocks from where I sat. I walked across concrete and patches of grass after the raising of platform of curb. How surreal walking in my little town at such hours. It was a nice feeling. A sense of danger and peace all at the same time. Great combo. Combo? Tired of combos and meals. Still a sense of accomplishment after a long day of humble work.
   Popeye's had a nice inviting bench and table of white stone with beautiful detailed curvy rims and the colors on the building. Lonely yet inviting. It called to me. I sat. It was great. My body finally had a moment of rest. Maybe it was time for some head and eye rest too. I lay my head in my arms that were crossed on the table and shut my eyes. NO. let's enjoy the beauty of the dark morning. I sat up and on the patch of grass with street light before me connecting Popeye's concrete with Discount Tire's concrete was a precious golden retriever.
I didn't know my dog breeds well but to my knowledge I would say that it was a golden retriever. Soft, wavy, golden coat that swayed back and forth, especially off its belly, when it slowly walked in my direction. Friendly eyes. What a precious dog! "Hey baby." The lonely dog brought a smile to my droopy eyes and lips. And just like that the dog slowly vanished until it was nothing. Nothing. Just grass, dim light, and curb where the dog once stood. I blinked. And blinked again slowly. And kept blinking....I saw him. Its features and it was walking in my direction...I was tired...I must say..I was tripping balls, hallucinating, or...I had just seen a ghost dog =D I had clearly saw a solid golden doggie. Hmmm...that just topped off my beautiful morning.

© 2010 humansalwayswantmore;itsinthiernature

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Hey, I saw the designs on the wallpaper crawling one night when I was real tired.

Thanks for sharing....Keep on writing, and I'll keep on reading!

Posted 12 Years Ago

oh you!!! &_&

Posted 12 Years Ago

Why do i have to have a review?

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on July 26, 2010
Last Updated on July 26, 2010
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houston, TX

Hello =] My name is Evelyn. I'm nineteen. I write when I'm feeling a strong emotion. Actually mostly when I'm mad or not feeling myself. I'd rather be a bucket of sunshine then a raincloud and truly .. more..