It's my time to shine B***h.

It's my time to shine B***h.

A Story by Lonely Gurl

About my ex Josh and his friends and how my life has drastically changed and been affected by them.


Prince charming.

Is their such a thing?

I use to watch all the fantasy love movies I could find when I was little.

I would pray and wish that I would be that lucky to find my prince charming.

Years passed.

I grew.

I matured.

I changed.

I found what I thought to belive my prince charming.

His name was Josh.

He was everything I was looking for in a guy.

Right away I jumped at the chance for him.

He said yes.

We fell in love.

I met his family.

I met his friends.

I felt like I belonged.

He proposed on New Years.

I said yes.

I gave him my virginity.

My everything.

I was faithful.

I was devoted.




I was everything I could be.

It wasn't enough.

You left for germany for break.

I thought we were over.

I kissed Devin.

He wanted to keep it a secret.

I didn't

He told you.

He said I wanted to sleep with him and your bestfriend.

You believed me never listened to me.

I cryed



For hours on end.

I cut.

I bled.

We got back together.

Another chance.

I heard you were flirting.

You denyed it.

I dumped you.

Another chance was givin out.

On our anniversary you left me at the mall in the freezin cold with no phone or way home.

You told me I hope you freeze for giving you my opinion.

I was pregnant.

I told you.

You told me it would be better if I went and killed myself.

I wanted to.

But I took another life.

Our babys.

I got an abortion.

I cryed.

You didn't care.

You blamed me for everything.

I tryed to fix things.

You didn't care.

You called me a w***e.




Your friends harrased me.

Threatened me.

Even told me how they were going to kill me.

For 5 months straight.

All you had to say was you couldn't control em.

You were involeved.

I gave you everything.

And you turned my life into a nightmare.

Every day since I met you I wanted to die.

You say I made your life misercable?


I'm the one waiting to die

I thought you were my prince charming but you werent.

You were a poser.


© 2010 Lonely Gurl

Author's Note

Lonely Gurl
This is a true story. I want the world to hear me for once.

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Oh wow...that is really sad. I don't personally know how you feel, but I can still relate. I know alot of girls that have gone through these things. I hope things get better for you, and if you EVER feel like you need somebody to talk to, I will be here.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I hear you. That's a very sad story.

I don't think you're a b***h but somewhere in there, you did something wrong. I know you know what it is and reiterating it won't help in any way. All I can say is let go of the bitterness. I absolutely think it is your time to shine...and in order to shine, you should become the light. Think positively and don't let something like this get to you. You have a whole life to live out. You're just 15, a lot of things will happen. A lot would be bad things but the good things in life will see you through.

I feel bad pointing out of technical errors...but I need to:
"He proposed on New Years." /New Year's Eve would be better.
"You left for germany for break." /Germany should be capitalized...and you're missing an "a" before break.
"You believed me never listened to me. " /I think you are missing a "never" before believed.
"I cryed" /cried
"You denyed it." /denied
"I tryed to fix things." /tried
"All you had to say was you couldn't control em." /didn't sound right. Better if: "All you could say was..."
"Every day since I met you I wanted to die." /I thought you said he was Prince Charming and you were happy. Please re-word...or omit.
"Our babys." /baby's
"You say I made your life misercable?" /miserable

Wow. That's a lot. I hope you won't hate me for this. :)

Keep writing!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Lonely Gurl
Lonely Gurl

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A Story by Lonely Gurl