A Chapter by Samantha-Lee

What if you dreamt of your death? Cam does. In infinite detail.


I woke up. It was 6:45am. I stared at the ceiling, wondering what the day was going to bring. School, I hated the place. I hated the students. I hated studying. I had an uneasy feeling. The alarm beside my bed was blaring the radio at me; an announcer with a terribly annoying voice was saying something about an upcoming concert and tickets that they were giving away for it. I slammed my hand on the ‘off’ button, storming out of my room and across the hall to the bathroom.

The school bus was late, as usual, and I jumped off, pulling books out of my bag as I made my way to my homeroom. The day passed in a blur until lunchtime. I walked across the quad to the basketball courts where I was supposed to meet some friends for a game. When I arrived at the courts, though, there was trouble waiting for me.

Mikey had run down straight from class to reserve us a court, and someone, it seemed, had decided otherwise. I jogged down to where Mikey was face-to-face with Billy the Kid. Billy was one of the most malicious, conniving and downright dirty bullies I had ever come across. Positioning myself between them, I managed to push Mikey away just as Billy swung for him, the fist connected with the side of my jaw, the crack that followed echoed through me.

Everything from that point on seemed to happen in slow motion " I swung a punch at Billy and clocked him in the shoulder, causing a short yell of pain, and next thing I knew we were both on the ash felt, each scrabbling to do as much harm to the other as we could manage. The rest of the afternoon was spent in the principles office, until mum arrived to pick me up. I silently thanked god it was Friday afternoon.

Mum didn’t say anything to me at the school, instead, she waited until we were both safely in the car where no one else could hear us, and then she let loose. She yelled at me; about behaving, self-confidence, pride; until we pulled into the driveway and I jumped out of the car. She yelled some more before I scrambled up the stairs and made it to the sanctuary of my room and slammed the door loudly, locking it. Locking her out.

© 2010 Samantha-Lee

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good start, cant wait to read the rest

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on February 26, 2010
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Sydney, Australia

Apprehension, anxiety and fear plague me. I'm scared of being alone. Of being stuck somewhere I do not want to be. Of losing myself. I'm afraid that one day, I will wake up, and everything that is my .. more..

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A Chapter by Samantha-Lee

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A Chapter by Samantha-Lee

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A Chapter by Samantha-Lee