Chapter one:

Chapter one:

A Chapter by Brittt

“I hate this.” Ashley said to her best friend Maddy. “Hate what?” Maddy asked. “How my best friend is dating the biggest s**t in the school.” Ashley said. “Whoa what?! Hayden is dating Kristin??” Maddy exclaimed. “Yup and I’m so mad at him like he’s really stupid for dating her.” Ashley said. “Yeah I know. She’s only playing him.” Maddy said. “Yeah well I’ll talk to him about it tonight or try to.” Ashley said. “That’s a good idea. Just be careful because you don’t want him to like hate you.” Maddy said. “He can’t hate me for saying the truth and if he does that’s his own fault.” Ash said. “He’s going to end up getting hurt the hard way.” Maddy said. “Yup most likely and then he’s going to come crying back to me and then I’m going to be like I told you so.” Ashley said. “Yeah. Well listen, I got to go but text me later.” Maddy said getting up. “Alright.” Ashley said. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. Ash got up to get it and saw it was her boyfriend Josh. “Hey” he said kissing her. Ash smiled and pulled away slightly. “hey babe.” Ash said. Josh smiled picking her up and his arms and bringing her to the couch where they began to make out roughly. They both pulled away slightly out of breath a while later. “I missed you.” Ash said holding him tight. “I missed you too baby.” Josh said wrapping his arms around her. “so what should we do?” Ashley asked him with a smile. Josh didn’t say anything just crashed his lips into hers.


Ashley woke up the next morning with Josh by her side. Josh was only in his boxers and Ashley was only wearing tank top and panties. Ash cuddled up closer to him and a few minutes later Josh woke up. He smiled checking her out. Ash brought him closer and she felt him moving his hand down her panties. Josh smirked when she moaned softly. “babyyyy.” Ashley whispered. Josh pulled her panties down and took his boxers off. Then he got on top of her and things got out of control.    A few hours later, they stopped and Ash got up and into the shower. She came out later and got dressed. She sat down on the bed and waited for Josh to come out. He came out a few minutes later and joined her on the bed. She sat on his lap and began to kiss him. Josh wrapped his arms around her and began to make out with her. Ash smiled and pulled away breathlessly. “Come on babe. We’re gonna be late for school.” Ash said standing up pulling Josh up. “alright but I want to spend the night with my baby girl.” Josh said with a smile, lacing his hand with Ashley’s. Ash smiled and said “of course you can.”


They arrived at school a little while later in Josh’s Lamborghini. When Ash climbed out, she saw Hayden and Kristin almost ripping their clothes off. Ash gagged and walked away with Josh. “ugh I hate her so much.” Ash said walking into school with Josh following her. “well your best friend is dating her so just deal with it.” Josh said before giving her a kiss and going off to class. Ash sighed and grabbed her stuff and walked off to Chemistry.


© 2010 Brittt

Author's Note

kinda graphic but not to bad.

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Added on October 16, 2010
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Im not gonna tell you everything about me because its pretty much a waste of time and i dont like it. Britt is the name. 15 years young. April 29th is the day. currently taken.. off and on again.. b.. more..

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