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Since Kisa was very small, her parents had told her of a disease that had massacred the scared fairy clans. Always believing that the Ancients had cured the onslaught, Kisa and her family never thought that she could ever contract the deadly virus. The first human-fairy hybrid wasn’t as immune as they thought.
At the age of sixteen Kisa Lang was a beautiful young woman. She had silky black hair and sparkling orange eyes. She had fair skin like her mother, the fairy. She was also tall and had a dignified air about her like her father, the human. The only thing that set her apart from the other teens was her slightly pointed ears, and almond shaped eyes.
This morning was like any other. On her way to school Lawliet ran up behind her, spinning Kisa around. Lawliet was human. He had blue-black hair and hazel eyes that changed colour with his moods (like a dragons’). He was pale even for a human; this was because he liked to stay indoors; more or less. Lawliet had lived beside Kisa his entire life, and couldn’t think of life without her.
“Good morning Beautiful,” Lawliet grinning.
“Geez Lawliet, don’t do that; you scared the crap out of me,” Said Kisa as she caught her breath.
“Heh, heh, sorry it was just the perfect set up,” he said turning around as she continued walking.
Once they reached the school and settled into their desks, the symptoms began. During first period the only thing Lawliet noticed was a couple of very subtle coughs. Thinking that Kisa might just have an itchy throat, he put it out of his mind.
With first period behind her Kisa made her way slowly to her locker. Lawliet walked beside her shooting anxious glances her way every few seconds. One of the many boys stopped Kisa a few feet away fro her locker.
“Hey there Kisa, are you feeling ok?” he asked.
Kisa slowly nodded, keeping her eyes trained on her locker.
“Good, well then would you like to go with me on Friday; to the movies?”
Realizing what he was asking Lawliet slid into view behind him, seething. Kisa shifted her attention to the young man. She knew this type. Slowly and loudly she replied, “No, this weekend I’m gonna hang with my man Lawliet there, and maybe see a movie with him!” Not waiting for a reply Kisa gracefully pushed him aside and continued to her locker. She didn’t seem to notice Lawliet staring at her, blushing slightly; mouth hanging open.
“Nothin’, you just usually say things a little nicer, Kisa,” sighed Lawliet.
Kisa shook her head. Why he cared about what she said she’d never know, honestly, she thought. Kisa sighed pulled out her books, closed her locker and stormed away. Why am I so angry she thought I never get angry!
Wow thought Lawliet; she has never done that before! Still blushing slightly Lawliet made his way after Kisa. I can’t believe she said that, he thought, maybe she does know how I feel. Sitting down beside Kisa he noticed she had a slight red sheen to her skin. Perhaps these coughs were signs of sickness he thought.
Kisa looked over to see Lawliet writing a quick note. As he passed it over Kisa felt her stomach drop. Getting up she ran from the room, momentarily stunning both Lawliet and the teacher. In the hall he watched as Kisa puked blood into a garbage can, one that had been strategically placed by the lockers.
Now Lawliet was positive that Kisa had caught the …No that wasn’t possible. The Ancient Ones were supposed to have cured it, he thought, Kisa told me herself almost a hundred million times.
Stepping forward the teacher asked, “Miss Lang would you like me to call your parents?”
Knowing by this time Kisa could hardly stand let alone talk, Lawliet walked to her side and nodded to the teacher. Taking Kisa into his arms he carried her to the office. The last thing Kisa remembered was a sudden rush of air, the amazing sent radiating from Lawliet, and the warmth.
“Yes, you’re right Lawliet,” stated Mr. Lang, “these are the exact symptoms of the disease.”
“Oh my gods,” said Mrs. Lang as she clung to her husband, “what are we to do?”
Lawliet took the book back from Kisa’s father. “I thought Kisa showed me a chapter about the cure, I know it’s in here.” As Lawliet flipped the pages a white hand stopped him.
“Its right here,” rasped Kisa her voice breaking. She had finally awoken.
Mr. Lang took the book back, reading the ancient text. “From our current location it is a three day ride.”
“Yes, only horses can take us there and only the children can enter,” answered Mr. Lang.
Kisa looked around wildly. “You mean to say only Lawliet and I can get to the cure, you’d have to wait for us?!”
Mr. Lang nodded, once again Kisa fell silent. Lawliet looked at Kisa and realized that she had passed out once again. He carried her out to the horses in the barn. Waiting for Lang’s to mount up Lawliet decided he would carry Kisa the entire way.
 Not stopping for three days was hard on everyone. The scenery changed drastically too. It changed from the country side school yard scenes to grass covered prairies, and finally to mountains with precarious cliffs.
The three days passed in record time. Mrs. Lang finally stopped the traveling horses. “Here, the entrance is here,” she stated tiredly.
Lawliet woke Kisa, with a gentle touch before dismounting. She looked ahead starring at the moss covered entrance. The fracture was just big enough for a tall teen. Slowly getting up she let Lawliet guide her through the dark. She held his hand tightly, keeping her head high.
Coming out of the dark, the land before them was stunning. Nothing but lush green grasses covered a deep valley. In the distance was an enormous water fall. The Cure! Kisa and Lawliet ran across the grass covered valley. Lawliet reached out and clasped his lover’s hand. As they ran toward the water fall, the sound of water rushing to the pool below filled their ears. The waterfall was so tall that it disappeared into the sky.
All Kisa needs to do is drink from the pool, thought Lawliet, and then she will be cured. As he thought this, he failed to notice the boulders soaring over their heads.
“A defense mechanism,” murmured Kisa.
They were only a few yards away from the falls when Lawliet grabbed Kisa and shielded her from another boulder. Thinking she was fine Lawliet stood to run, dropping her hand for a moment. When he looked back, he saw Kisa lying face down in the grass. Her eyes fluttered shut. Yelling her name Lawliet held her rocking back as he crouched.
Kisa woke surrounded by figures cloaked in a blinding light. When they spoke their voices shook their surroundings. Resisting the urge to cover her ears Kisa listened hard. Although she was fluent in both Human and Fairy, she only understood little bits of what the mysterious figures were saying. They wanted to know what they should do with her. She had shown great courage, and love; both traits of human and fairy.
They asked her in human tongue, “What is it you want to be: human or fairy?”
Kisa thought for a moment. “If I chose to be a fairy, and marry a human, would by child become infected as I have?” They shook their elegant heads. Knowing this should make my decision easier, thought Kisa.
Nodding they spoke and once again she had to resist the urge to cover her ears, “This decision is final, and you can’t decide to change it if you are in disliking.”
“I understand, Thank you.” One again everything went dark before her.
Kisa woke to find Lawliet crouched and holding her, crying. As his tears dripped onto her cheek, she reached up and touched his tear stained face. Jumping, Lawliet looked to see Kisa smiling up at him. He hurriedly hugged her, crying even harder on her shoulder.
“Oh my gods,” Lawliet choked, “I thought I’d lost you.”
Kisa laughed, “It won’t ever be that easy.”
“Easy?” he whispered his eyes skeptical.
 Lawliet sat back, looked in her eyes, and smiled. Leaning forward he whispered, “I love you.” Kissing Kisa and holding her close was the only thing he could do for a long time.
I’ll tell him my decision later she thought with a small grin.

© 2009 Lesley

Author's Note

please read and give me a title..? I wrote thios a few years ago and it's not really my greatest so ya please don't flame it too much... thanx.

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hmmm ok so i'm 17 and ya i like to write short stories about random stuff. Right now it's more random than anything. A few years ago my writing was all based on war, now i write what ever comes to min.. more..

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