A Story by greatestever

Amelia has had a rough past. She is now off to college in hopes to have a good life, but will her past get brought back? Will people finally realize the real Amelia?


Christy turned to her best friend Amelia, and wrapped her arms around herself. "This cliff is pretty high Amelia. I’m kind of scared." they both looked down from the cliff they were standing on and saw the roaring waves smashing against the rocks 100 feet below. Amelia gave Christy a hug "you wanted to do this. I’m here to give my support. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do." Christy nodded and walked towards the edge of the cliff. "I’m sorry Amelia." and like that Christy jumped off and Amelia watched her best friend commit suicide. That was 2 years ago, she was only a sophomore, she was too young and stupid, and she couldn't even save her best friend. She broke down emotionally for a while, after watching Christy committing suicide. She started to cut herself and even considered suicide, but she just couldn't bring herself to it. She spent some time in a mental institution; her junior year was just a mess, who of events that brought her down. It all changed her senior year, she became Amelia everyone knew and loved, she was happy for the first time in 2 years. She had a boy friend Mike, and a new best friend brandy. They all graduated 2 weeks ago; they finished the hectic senior year together. They made it through the horrible Mrs. White’s class. They knew they were all taking separate routes, but hoped to keep in touch. Amelia hugged her best friend brandy "I love you" brandy looked at her and smiled "you better call! I’m going to miss you". She gave her boyfriend a kiss "I'll see you in a week". They waved goodbye, and watched her drive off with her parents to her first day of college, it was a bright and beautiful day, full of potential. After Amelia's family got her all settled in to her new college dorm room she laid down for a nap, and like always had her usual dream. it starts with Christy and herself swinging at their old elementary school laughing swinging higher and higher, then it skips to Christy’s bloody and battered body that came about after her death from smashing into those jagged rocks. Amelia sprang up sweating and went to get a glass of water. How much longer can she put on this show of saying she was never involved with Christy's suicide? She lied to God in court and continues to lie to herself and the ones she loves every day. When will Amelia be brave enough to tell everyone she was the one who convinced pregnant Christy to kill herself? When will she tell everyone Christy was never suicidal to begin with, that Amelia made her that way? When will she tell everyone jealousy ate Amelia alive and drove her to convince her ex best friend to the point of suicide? Amelia was leaning over grabbing a hold of her stomached, and started puking in the trash can; she heard the door opening and turned to see a white brunette girl walk in, with her stuff. She looked over at Amelia "you okay?” she stopped puking and wiped her mouth "now will you excuse me, she pushed the girl out of the way and slammed the door behind her. She walked into the girl’s bathroom, which had showers and began to undress to take a shower and clean her body. She turned it on, and walked it she jump back as the cold water startled her. She waited for several seconds and walked back into the now warm steaming water. She felt it brush against her skin it soothed her; she began to relax, letting down her shoulders. She looked at the water coming out; she squinted as the water poured on her face. She had a flash back of Christy's bloody face, she can never forget that face, the water turned to blood, she freaked out and rushed out of the shower, but it was just her imagination. She got dressed and walked back to her dorm, the walls were not infested with posters of bands, and it seemed like a real room now. Her roommate was listening to Lil Wayne while she was studying. She couldn't stand rap, and covered her ears, she walked over and turned it off. She brushed herself off and looked at her confused roommate "Sorry about earlier, I was not feeling well, the names Amelia" she held her hand out, the girl shook it "Hi my names Christina". Another flash back happened, the name was too close to her ex best friend’s name, and she quickly rushed to bed. The next morning Amelia was woken up by the sound of Gucci Mane blasting in the bathroom. She didn't like this roommate already. She checked herself out in the mirror and hated how she looked. Her brown hair was too frizzy, her eyes a dull brown, and it wouldn't of hurt her to lose a few pounds. She sighed and then slammed into the bathroom startling Christina who was wrapping a towel around herself. "What the f**k! Get out!" Amelia found herself looking at Christina’s perfect body, flawless tan, and silky hair and felt the sensation of jealousy creep up her neck. "Sorry. I just hate rap. Turn it down?" Christina rolled her eyes and turned the radio off. "Okay now, get out!" Amelia left the bathroom and walked over to Christina's side of the room and observed her preppy a*s style. Clothes from Hollister sprung all across the bed, coach purse, at least 70 pairs of shoes. Amelia didn't like her. Then Christina came out and saw Amelia holding up a black silky bra of hers. "What the f**k, that’s my bra freak!" Amelia looked at Christina still holding her black bra and began stuttering "I....I...Though" Christina cut her off having one hand on her towel, and the other snatching her bra away. She put her bra in her neatly organized dresser and closed it. Amelia now had another reason to hate her, she hated the fact she was well organized; she had a perfect life, not like her own. Christina let out a sigh and put her hand on her hip "Look this is not working; out I’m going to see if we can get new roommates". Amelia paid no attention she walked out of the room, and garbed some lunch. She got subway she added everything on it; the subway guy looked at her in disgusting appetite. She played with it in change; she didn't have enough so ran out before the guy could finish counting it all. She went to her room, her roommate was not there. She took her sandwich out and added bugs, ranch, chips, jelly, a whole assort of odd things to it, and ate it. She looked back over at Christina's side and started to put on her panties, bras, and a red velvet dress. She tried so hard to look like Christina, straightened her hair, but she was unsatisfied and angry she broke the mirror. She terriozed the room throwing stuff all around, she threw the dresser out the window, then garbed a pair of scissors and began cutting up Christina’s clothes. Christina came back with a few of her friends and saw what Amelia was doing. She ran over to her and snatched the scissors out of Amelia’s hands. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! You're freaking crazy!" Amelia slowly looked up towards Christina and felt all the rage in build up in her body, and explodes as she lunged at Christina and began choking her. Christina's friends screamed and ran out. Amelia stared at Christina as her face turned blue and her eyes were bulging, then Christina’s body was still, dead. Amelia dropped Christina and began to panic. She found some rope in the linen closet and wrapped it around Christina's neck, and then hung Christina in the closet, making this murder look like a suicide. Then she headed to find those girls who witnessed their friend Christina die, so she could kill them too. But first she took Christina's makeup and applied it on then took her clothes and put those on too; finally she took a knife and began her venture into finding those little w****s. She looked downstairs in the library and saw the two girls talking to a cop. "oh s**t!" Amelia whispered to herself. She knew she has one big mess to clean up. Amelia felt her throat tightened, she swallowed her spit and listened to the conversation, her back against the cold brick wall, the fireplace was burning the only light in the room. "She was attacking our best friend! She could be dead right now" the cop tried to calm them down "Were, what is it". Amelia didn't know what they said or did but they were making their way up the stairs. The cop was coming up to the corner; she tripped the cop and stabbed him several times in the back, blood splattered on her pale ghost like face. She took the cops gun and pointed it at the girls, she asked if they any last words, they said nothing and backed away till they hit a wall, she shot them with a smirk on her face. She then knew she only had one witness left, she walked out into the corridor and saw her knocking on doors for help, she was alone. The girl looked at Amelia who was in the dark, she looked like Christina in the shadows wearing her makeup and clothes, the girl began running toward her crying. "Christina CHRISTINA! You’re alright! Do you know where the others are I lost sight------" Amelia grabbed her by her hair, and tied her up singing a lullaby; she cut her throat and watched it squirt out. She put all the bodies in the closet, making it look like Christina went on a rampage. She took a quick shower to wash off the blood, and then put on some more of Christina's clothes; she took Christina’s body and made a wig out of her hair. She looked in the cracked mirror, and for once felt beautiful she had a sinister smile, she had no shoes on, and she was barefoot. She walked out of the school unseen. The school was closed the next day; it was a mystery, similar murders sprung up in the passing years. Amelia became a serial killer none as "the jealous one". She would kill all her life, and eventually had the guts to commit suicide; she jumped off the same cliff as Christy did so many years ago. She finally ended her fucked up life.



© 2010 greatestever

Author's Note

This is our first story, we are revising others. We hope you enjoy it! Feel free to write reviews, and offer us tips. Thank you! :)

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Its a very interesting story. Its pretty good. You need to correct typos, separate the paragraphs... but thats just editing. This could be expanded also to give the reader more background on the characters.

As a first story its quite promising.

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

and hopes instead of hops

Posted 12 Years Ago

yeah and in the quote its suppose to be NOW not know.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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