A New LIfe

A New LIfe

A Story by greatestever

Brian and Mary leave the worn torn Germany, leaving their parents behind in hopes of a new life




Its 1911 the Great War is in full effect, its winter a ship full of immigrants going to the United States of America, the land dubbed "the land of opportunity". Among the hundreds of passengers is 18 year old Mary, and 13 year old Brian, they are brother and sister on their way to a new life. The lived in Germany a war torn city, massive bombings have occurred, there house was destroyed. They lived in poverty, their father Paul was a poor farmer, they drank little milk, mainly contaminated water, they were deprived of many things other kids their age had. They planned to go with their parents, to start a new life in the America, but they were not allowed and detained. They encouraged them to go, to have a new life, she gave Mary an envelope with 100$, the families savings. Brian woke up and went on deck to look out at the waves, he was shaking he didn't have a jacket. He looked onto the horizon and saw enormous buildings popping up, and a statue of a woman with a book. The immigrants started cheering, jumping up and down yelling "we've made it, NEW YORK!” Brian rushed down to get his sister sleeping in a corner on a stair case as many others did, who could not afford rooms. He shook his sister awake and tugged her along half awake. They made their way through several crowds’ people to get a good view. Brian pointed to the city "were here Mary were here, mom and dad would be so happy right now!" she rubbed her eyes; she thought she was dreaming, it was beautiful; she spoke in astonishment "Its, amazing".

The immigrants got off the boat, and set foot on land. Mary had her head towards the sky and was spinning her arms spread wide. "I can't believe we're really here Brian! It’s a miracle." she stopped spinning and noticed Brian staring up at the big statue of liberty. "Mom would have loved this. She loved big sculptures." Brian said. "Yes, yes she would. Hey! How about we find one of those amazing hotdogs everyone on the ship kept speaking of!" Mary offered up a big smile and Brian couldn't resist. He heard these so called hotdogs were quite delicious, and not really dogs which worried him at first. Mary made her way to the hotdog stand and ordered up. They took a seat on a bench in the park and chowed down. "These! These are delicious!" Brian exclaimed. Mary smiled and nodded, as she finished hers off. "Well Brian I do believe we need to start heading down to the immigrant quarters, find a place to stay, and register as American citizens. Come on. Let’s get going now." Brian stood up following his sister's lead. Taken aback by the marvelous buildings, charming people, and the feeling of freedom right in his palms. He knew this was going to be great.

They went into the grand central station which had been converted into an immigrant quarters for a while, due to the massive amounts of immigrants coming in. Brian walked into the station, saw all the beautifully placed bricks, the massive clock, he looked up at the tall ceiling, and reached up for it and pretended to touch it. Mary looked back at her brother jumping at the ceiling pretending to touch it "hey come on Brian your going to get left behind" Brian looked at his sis whining "can you just call me when it’s our turn, the lines so long!" She looked at him, and smiled "okay go have fun". She still couldn't believe they were actually here; she waited for what seemed like ages. When she was 2nd to first and line, and called for Brian "Hey Brian come on, it’s almost our turn" she sawed a scene wish made her smile, it was cute. She saw her brother running around with other kids playing tag; he ran over and introduced his friends. "Hey Mary, meet Steven, and jack" she waved at them, and it was there turn now, Brian waved goodbye to his friends. The man asked their names, asked if they were sick, and asked how much they had. They had enough for a small one room apartment in downtown New York; he gave them their papers and 10 dollars, "You are now officially citizens now, I hope you enjoy your new life". Brian and Mary were so excited and ran all the way to their apartment; they were on the top floor room 105. They opened the door full of excitement, but what they saw was only slightly better than there old home. Brian looked at his sister "Hey what’s up, I thought the rooms were post to be filled with the latest sinks, kitchen appliances, beds, bathrooms, and this is crap!" She looked at him "Come on Brian cheer up, we will live like that one day, this is only a start". They decided to go out for dinner, they went to a small dinner and ordered and strange thing called a hamburger, and fries. The steam of the food made them lick their lips, they digged in. They finished so fast that even the server was surprised. "Wow you guys act like your starving!" They looked at the man "We are! Its are first dinner in the U.S ,and its better than what we could of ever imagined!" He smiled and chuckled "well no need for paying, this ones on me, now have a nice day". They walked outside, they heard of the friendliness of the people, and know they encountered it, it was a nice change. They started to discuss the odd names of the food, Mary looked over at her brother kicking rocks "Hamburgers, funny name right?" Brian jumped up "YA! It's not even ham", Mary laughed "what are this Americans thinking, when they come up with food!"

Mary and Brian walked past a Toys R Us, the biggest one in the United States. They even had a Ferris wheel inside the building. Mary and Brian decided to go in, the site of the store their jaws dropped. "Wow! Mary look a Ferris wheel! And look at all of these toys!!!" Brian started to play all of the action figures and took them all of the shelf not knowing he was suppose to buy them first. Mary wondered off to look around, and a worker approached Brian. "Excuse me kid, what is it that you think you're doing ruining these neatly organized shelves? Do you plan on buying all of this merchandise? And judging from your outfit I don't think you could afford to!" The fat old worker put his hands on his hips. Brian stood up a little surprised. "Oh I, I, I just thought. I’m sorry; I didn't know I had to buy them. I’ll clean it up right away sir." Brian hurriedly cleaned up his mess, and went to go find Mary. Mary looked a little hurt emotionally. "Hey Mary, why do you look so sad?" Mary shook her head. "No worries Brian, but apparently I can't work here."

Brian looked at Mari's ragged body; she had dirt all over her, her eyes showed that tears were coming. Brian put his hand on her back "Hey Mary why can't you work here?" She looked at him "Because I’m a girl, they said I should be sewing or something that a woman does, and they said besides I’m a mess!" Brian was shocked he never heard of the Americans being jerks before, and quickly looked for the manager. He saw the tall dark haired man behind a desk, and bragged in "Hey, why did you tell my sister she can't work here!?!? She is just as good as anyone else here!" The man looked at Brian and quickly dialed up security "This is the last time any of you well ever come into my store" 2 security guards walked in, and grabbed them, but Brian pushed the guard away he was angry. The manager pointed at the door, and like that they were kicked out, back into the cold.

Brian and Mary were shivering and began heading back to their small apartment. "Hey Mary maybe that was just bad luck. We should try somewhere else tomorrow, besides who would want to work in a stupid toy store with mean old grumps any ways?" Mary couldn't help but laugh. "You’re right Brian. I just could've believed their rudeness, but I’m sure you're right just some back luck." they both smiled and headed upstairs to their room. Brian tried flicking the lights switch on but nothing was happening. "Hey Mary, the lights won't turn on!" Mary came over, and tried flicking the switch but still nothing happened. "Well Bry, I guess we don't have any electricity. I'll go build a fire." Brian sighed and plopped down on their tore up dusty couch. “I thought things were suppose to get better!" Mary looked over at him. "Brian they are! At least we have no war to worry about; you can't expect a miracle over night!"

Brian woke up the next day to the sound of a siren, he crawled to the window and slowly pulled himself up, it was a police car driving after some thief. He looked and so his sister sleeping on the cold dusty floor, he felt bad for taking the couch all to himself, so he tried to pick her up, and put her on the couch, but he was to weak. So instead he took the couch pillows threw them on the ground and rolled his sister onto them, she was a hard sleeper. The fire his sister made was now nothing but ashes and smoke, he made another to keep his sister warm, he grabbed a dollar and decided to get breakfast for them. He walked down from the iron stair case; he put his hand on the freezing iron bar. He walked outside smoke from the cars everywhere, a boy yelling “NEWS PAPER, GET YOUR PAPER HERE!” He walked across the busy street and nearly got hit by a car; he walked into the same dinner with the friendly man. Sure enough the man was there smiling cleaning some cups with a rag.

"Hello there." the man said putting a glass down already filling it with orange juice. "Thirsty?" Brian smiled and nodded. and took a seat on the spinney stool. "How are things going for you, and your sister, and by the way I never caught your name." Brian sipped the orange juice then started to almost chug it, it was so good, and he never tasted anything quite like it. He finally put the cup down and wiped his mouth with his arm. "We're okay. We're just trying to get by for now. Kind of hard to find a job around here, with the way we look. Oh and my name is Brian." The man nodded and placed a plate with some eggs and bacon down for the boy. "Well i might be of some help Brian, I could offer you and your sister a part time job here if you'd like? one of the waitdresses moved to kentucky and we're short on dish washers." Brian felt a smile break across his face. "okay! i'll have to ask mary first!" the man smiled and gave brian some food to take to her. "let me know what she says."

Brian rushed home, excited to tell his sister of the news, he ran past the cars who had to slam on the breaks, they honked their horn at him, but he ignored it. He was about to run inside the apartment but realized he forgot to get his sister breakfest, and ran to the hot dog stand and bought her a hotdog. He was so happy he over paid and didn't turn around when the man told him he had enough to get 4 more hot dogs. He jumped up the stairs and ran inside their apartment room to find his sister looking out side. She turned around, and laughed "Your acting like a maniac out there, you had me laughing, i watched you run all the way home, whats got you so happy?" Brian gave the hot dog to his sister, she took a bite "I got great news! I could possibly have got you and me a job!" she ran over and hugged brian dropping the hotdog "REALLY WERE?!?!?" Brian looked at her pushing her away "Hey hey a little space, its the dinner across the street!" She rubbed his head and they ran outside to the dinner.

Mary and Brian appeared in the diner but the man was on the phone. they both took a seat on the stools and patiently waited. he finally hung up and looked a little stressed. "hey guys sorry about that. just arguing with the old lady about going to the doctor tomorrow, doctors freak me out stilll kinda." The man was already preparing drinks for them. "I've never been to a doctor before." Brian said drinking this new juice from his last visit. it almost looked like pee. The man began cleaning the countertop. "you're not missing much more than your weight and needles. any ways did your tell your sister about my offer?" Mary warmly smiled at him and she nodded putting her glass down. "He did. and we're both really greatful for this oppurtunity and would love to work here." The man smiled then looked at another server. "see polly if you were as polite as her you might get some more tips." polly faked a laugh and rolled her eyes. "whatever old man." the man chuckled. "okay let me go grab some papers for you guys to sign. mary will have to sign for you brian since you're under 18." they both smiled at eachother and felt oppurtunity in their hands.


Brian and Mary sat there filling out the papers as fast as they could, and once Mary put the finale signature on Brian's paper they were officaly workers. They felt so accomplished and hugged eachother, Mary looked at the man "Thank you so much sir, if you don't mind how much is the pay?" The man looked at them and smiled "It's 5.25 when you start and theres always room for a raise, i'll be right back i have some stuff for you guys" Mary eyes grew wide and she looked at Brian who was spinning around in his chair "5.25! Thats as much as mom and dad made togather! This is amazing, mabye we can pay for mom and dad to visit us one day!" Brian smilled his teeth were yellow, they didn't have a tooth brush "Yes i would love to see mom and dad! They would love this place!" The man walked back with 2 jackets and 2 bags. "here you go guys, each bag has the uniform we wear and a name tag" he gave them a marker to write there names. He handed them each a jacket "This used to be my sons when he was younger it will keep you warm, and this was my wife's before she passed away from cancer" Mary and Brian's mood suddenly went down, they looked down and mary slowly said "Im sorry". The man smiled "Thank you". They took there stuff and ran outside, Mary looked at Brian a face full of joy "Its time to celebrate! How's icecream sound?" Brian looked at her and did a little jig "that would be great".

Brian & Mary entered an ice cream parlor and saw a lot of families laughing and having a good time. They took a booth and browsed the menu. "Hey Mares, I miss mom & dad. I hope they're okay." Mary put down the menu and looked at Brian very seriously. "Brian, I promise as soon as we have enough money saved up we'll send them money to sail here." Brian smiled a little and nodded. The waitress came over. "Hey kiddos, what can i get ya?" Mary smiled and ordered for them. They ate their ice cream and talked about their future to come. Then decided to go explore the big city. Brian actually took Mary's hand which he seldom did. She looked down at him. "it's a big crowd, don't wanna lose you." he said. they continued walking and couldn't believe all of the flashy lights, and funny people, and huge buildings. They decided to go and splurge on some much needed tolietries with the fifty dollars they brought with them. They got toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, toliet paper, etc. Then they began walking home and were stopped by a small group of break dancers. Brian was amazed and couldn't stop staring at them.

Mary kept walking and noticed that Brians hand wasn't in her palm anymore, she turned around to see Brian sitting down on the side walk watching the break dancers. She tugged onto his shirt but he just turned back a waved her away "Hey just give me a sec, this is amazing". Brian got up and looked around, then ran to a near by trash can with carboard and then placed it on the ground. Brian looked at his sister his face had snow on it, his little nose was red "watch this sis". His sister kneeled down and watched as Brian attempted to copy the break dancers moves, he failed badly. Brian got embrassed as the break dancers and other people were laughing at him, he quickly got up cheeks red and ran to his sister. "Lets go, i hate break dancing, its dumb!". They began there descent from a small home, they could see there apartment in sight. Mary looked and saw a newspaper on the ground and decided to look at it, she droped it as she had no clue what it was talking about. They walked passed the dinner, and then across the street. They were about to walk into the apartment but, Brian noticed a dog shivering "Hey sis, look its a stray!" she looked at it and then at Brian " Come on Brian its probably has a owner, besides we don't have the money to take care of it". Brian began to complain "We can't just live him hear! He will die, just imagine if you were the dog, you wouldn't want to die like this!" Mary looked back at Brian and sat on the step of the apartment and sighed "Fine but just for one day, thats it!". Brian began to cheer and ran inside with the dog who he named max.

Once they were inside the dog ran over to the hotdog Mary dropped and began eating it. brian put down a bowl of water for max. Mary began putting everything they bought away and sat down by the window for it was their only source of light and began writing in her parents a letter. "Dear mom and dad how I sincerely wish you were here with Brian and I today. We have made it to New York and it is beautiful here. I hope one day for you both to join us. We have found jobs thankfully, and I'm letting Brian take care of a dog for the night. I hope all is going well over there. Keep safe. Please do mail back, Brian and I miss you dearly. Love Mary." Mary looked over at Brian who was rolling on the floor with the little yorkie he saved from the cold. She smiled and started preparing sandwhiches for dinner. "I think before we can begin saving money for a boat trip for mom and dad, we'll need to save up for electricity first." mary said while handing Brian his sandwhich. "I guess so." Brian complied.

Mary handed Brian the sandwhich made of cold cuts, they had no microwave so they couldn't heat it up. Brian sat crossed leg and tore the sandwich in two and gave half of it to the dog who devoured it. Mary looked at Brian with her hand on her hip, alright thats enough fun time to go to bed, we start our new jobs tommrow. Brian got up and leaned over and clap "Come on boy lets go to sleep" he trew a couch pillow down to his sister who insisted he slept on the couch. Mary then looked out the window, and began to draw. She loved to draw, she had a whole notebook of drawings, she looked out the window and started drawing the scene she saw. There was the newspaper boy, the cars held up in trafic, the hot dog stand, some rich ladies walking there dogs, and the break dancers from ealier. She finished it, and looked at the small clock it was 2:30am, once again she lost track of time, getting lost in her work, she could do it for hours. She looked at Brian who was asleep with the dog rolled up on top of his stomache. She smiled and went to bed, excited to start her new job the next day.

The next morning Brian and Mary got up early and headed to the diner leaving max in the apartment with some food and water. Them man, Frank, was there talking to a regular. Frank caught a glimpse of Mary and Brian who looked they haven't showered in days and were a complete mess. He smiled at them and waved them over. "Hey guys ready to start?" They both nodded a little nervously but were still very excited. Mary was a waitress and Brian was in the back helping out with the dishes. Later in the day when Brian and Mary went out to check on max polly the other server came up to Frank. "Frank I'm a little concerned. Mary she's a great waitress but I'm afraid the customers are a little turned off by the way she looks, and they kind of smell." Polly was always one to be honest. Frank nodded. "I think I know what I can do about this Polly, they don't have electricity where they live, they can barely afford the place they're in." After a long days work Frank called Brian and Mary into his office. Brian whispered to Mary "Do you think we're getting fired?" "I hope not Bry." Frank gestured for them to take a seat which they did with much nervousness. "I have a deal for you guys. Since you're so kindly working here at my diner, I was wondering if you'd like to come and stay at my house, until you have enough rent to afford your own bigger place. I know it's a little foward, but I figure it'll help you save more money to buy a boat ticket for your parnets as well."


Mary and Brian looked at the Frank in confusion, then Mary spoke softly "You sure? Why are you so nice to us?" The man chuckled "Yes im sure, i wouldn't have asked you if i wasn't. And im nice because well its just how i am, now go home and pack up, then meet me back here". Mary and Brian thanked Frank, and rushed home, Brian ran up the stairs to max. "Come on boy, were going to our new home" Mary looked at Brian "Im sorry Bry, but im pretty sure he's going to have his hands full with us". Brian got up shaking his arms "But sis he needs us, he's got no one else!" Mary poured some more food and dog food into max's bowl "Brian look, he'll be fine, now im going to the dinner, come as soon as possible, and please hurry we can't keep the nice man waiting". Brian watched as his sister went down the stair case, finished packing and noticed little max looking into his eyes "Alright max, i can't leave you, its going to be our little secret" Brian put max in a big suitcase, he had to sacrafice the little clothes he had to make room. He ran to the dinner to see his sister and Frank standing next to a trunk. Mary put her hand on Brian's shoulder "you sure you got everything? Theres no turning back now, after today the house is not ours" Brian told her he got everything he needed and got in the trunk. They pulled up to a house just on the out skirts of the city, they walked in and Frank turned back "Now i know its but much but" before he could finish Mary and Brian started running around in joy "THIS IS AMAZING, YOU MUST BE RICH" Mary started looking at a collection of paintings. Frank smiled and watch the scene.

Frank showed them around his mansion, along one of the grand hallways was a wall fulllll of paintings that took Mary's breah away. She gently traced the outlines of a painting with her finger. "These are beautiful. Where did you get them?" Frank smiled and looked at the painting himself. "My wife made those, she use to sell them, people paid big bucks for her work." Mary kindly smiled. "I don't blame them." Brian rushed upstairs to let max out of the suitcase. mary rushed to the end of the staircase and yelled out to brian. "Brian! where are you rushing off to! You don't even know which room is yours!" Mary looked back at Frank. "I'm sorry, he can be so rude sometimes." Frank smiled and waved his hand "No No its fine really. Shall I show you to your room?" Mary nodded and lugged her suitcase upstairs only to have Frank take it the rest of the way. He opened the door to a beautiful room. almost one wall was a huge glass window showing off the landscape of new york with a marvelous terrace. a great place to draw she thought. and the bed! it was huge! she even had her own bathroom, and a marble floor and a miral ceiling. she couldn't believe her eyes. she turned around to Frank. "This is my room! you're to kind!" Mary gave him a huge hug and sprawled across the bed.

Mary walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror, she felt she did not belong in such a beautiful house the way she looked. She turned the shower on, walked inside and relaxed, the hot water felt good against her skin, it was the first shower she took in weeks. She watched the weeks and weeks worth of dirt wash down the drain, she got out of the shower wraped a towel around herslef and dryed her dark straight hair. She noticed a bunch of make up on the counter, she's only seen in behind the glass in stores. She put the red nail polish on, she plucked her eyebrows, and put some perfume on. She looked in the closet and found a dark purple dress and tried it on. She looked in the mirror and smiled, she looked gorgeous for once in her life, she was stunning. She heard and dog barking and laughter and quickly walked downstairs into the living room, she felt the warmth of the fireplace. She saw Max, Brian and Frank all playing "BRIAN WHAT DID I TELL YOU!" She walked over and grabed Max, and then Frank at Mary "Looks like you got aquinted with your room, glad you like it, and no no it's quite like having Max's company, he's a great edition". Brian looked at Mary thinking it wasn't his sister "Hey Mary, you look diffrent" Mary blushed and smiled. Frank got up and signaled them to follow him "you guys must be hungry" they walked into a beautifuly tiled floor, with stainless steel apliances, Frank pointed at a grand oak table "wait there". Mary and Brian sat down, they didn't believe they could be suprised anymore, they were in paradise. Frank walked into the dinning room with 2 bowls of soup, he handed them each a bowl. Mary took a sip of the hot soup, filled with carots, brocolie, beef, the broth was excellent. This was definetly her favorite meal in america.

Frank sat across from them with a bowl of soup "So if you don't mind my asking, and please don't feel pressured to anwser this, but why did you guys leave Germany?" Brian smashed some crackers into his soup and fed one to Max under the table. Mary looked up at Frank. "Well there is a horrible devastating war going on there, and it was just to dangerous to stay, people's houses right next to us were getting bombed. Our parents wanted us to get to safety and have oppurtunities in life, so they gave us all the money they could and sent us here, unfourtantly they didn't have enough money for themselves and had to stay behind." Frank nodded, and just then Mary rememberd the letter she wrote to them the day before and how it had the return address of their old apartment there and she began to panic and jumped up. "The letter!" Brian looked up in confusion. "You okay sis?" Mary started pacing "No! I mailed our parents a letter but how are they going to know to mail it back here!" Frank got up and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Mary, it'll be okay, I'll calllll the post office tomorrow and tell them to send any mail addressed to your old address here." Mary felt immedietly relieved and hugged him. "Thank you so much, you really are to kind." Frank warmly smiled and began walking upstairs. "Anything I can do for my guests." Once he was upstairs Brian approached Mary. "Mary, I accidently heard Frank on the phone earlier and he was talking about cancer, is he going to die?" Mary sat down and began petting max. "I'm sure he was talking about his wife Bry, you remember she passed away from it." Brian nodded then took max in his arms. "oh yeah. me and max are gonna go play in the snow!" Brian ran outside with max chasing behind him. Mary sighed and admired the artistic value of this amazing house.

Brian walked back inside, him and Max both coverd in snow, Mary who was reading a book with one leg over her other looked over to see Brian and Max shaking off the snow. "Brian! I know Max can't help it because he dosen't know better, but you should! This man has welcomed us into his house and your tracking snow all inside". She went up to her bathroom and grabed a towel and trew it to Brian "Here now clean your slef up, and go to bed". Brian did what he was told, and Mary cleaned up the snow he tracked in, and went back to her book. Frank walked in with 2 cups of hot chocolate with wipe cream and marshmellows on top, he smiled "Care for some? Can't drink it all myslef". Mary smiled and grabed the hot cup of Chocolate with a napkin wrapped around it "Thank you once again, your a life savor" she took a sip and continued reading her book. Brian was walking around the enormous house he rememberd he dosen't even know where his room is, then Frank who was walking upstairs heading to bed with another cup of hot chocolate, looked at Brian "Hey Brian, here have some hot chocolate, by the way let me show you your room" Brian took the cup and followed Frank to the only room he didn't check yet. Frank opened the door and held it open for brian "Here you are, your very own room, used to be my sons". Brians eyes grew wide his face grew with joy, he even did another one of his jigs. Brian thanked Frank, who walked out moments later. Brian looked at the toy airplanes hanging from the ceilings, his bed with toys on the blanket, board games, a treasure chest of toys, a closet of clothes, shoes, and even a little bed for max. He looked at max and sat down on his bed patting on it to signal max to come, max sat next to him on the bed. "Were living the life now pal, lets go to bed" Brian went to bed, it had been the best night of his life, and Max crawled into his little bed, like he knew it was his.

The next morning Mary and Briand woke up feeling more rested than they ever have before. Brian let out a big stretch and yawn and went over to pet max. Mary got of bed and couldn't help herself, and started jumping on her bed, she's never had one sturdy enough to jump on and its something she's always wanted to try. At the sound of some one's footsteps though she stopped and began making her bed. There was a knock at her door. "yes? come in." Frank opened the door and handed Mary a steaming glass of coffee. "Ready for a fun day's work at the diner?" Mary smiled, took the coffee and inhaled the refreashing smell and then took in a big sip. "Yes I sure am, thanks for the coffee." They both smiled kindly at eachother and Frank stuffed his hands his pockets. "If you don't mind I'd like to take you and Brian to a musical tonight, my wife use to love them." It took Mary everything she had to not jump up and down and do one of Brians "jigs" but instead she grinned and nodded. "I wouldn't mind at all! I've always always always wanted to see one! Frank, you really are to kind. I wish there were more like you in the universe." Frank smiled back and walked back to her door. "Don't mention it, I enjoy making people happy." When Mary and Brian walked back into the diner Polly couldn't believe at how well groomed they looked.

Polly on break, who was sitting on the bench right outside the diner watched as Frank, Mary, and Brian walked towards the door "What happen to those kids from yesterday? Did they get lost in a shower?" Frank laughed "Thanks polly for your enthusaism". Brian and Mary kindly smiled and walked inside, frank pointed to the menu's then to the dishes "All right guys, lets get to work". Mary had no trouble serving tables on her own, but when noon rolled around and all the workers on there lunch break it took both her and Polly to control the Mob. Brian had piles of dishes next to himm he had been overwhelmed he turned and yelled to Mary "Hey can you stop with your shipments of these dishes! Its to much for me!" Frank looked at Brian, wearing an apron and a little white hat then too Polly "I'll help you Brian, Polly you mind Cooking for a bit?". Mary Signaled Polly to go, as she could handle it on her own know, the herd of workers were now well feed, heading out. Mary was so happy about the amount of tips she was left, she felt really apperciated. Before they knew it, it was closing time, Polly waved good bye as Brian and Mary wipped the sweat from there faces. They let out a sigh in perfect synchronization, then went to the truck with Frank and left to the Broadway. Frank looked at what was playing and smiled back "okay we got two choices, lion king, or phantom of the opera, your choice my treat"

Brian began jumping up and down "Lion King! Lion King! Lion King!" Mary calmed him down. "Alright. alright. Lion King it is!" Frank laughed a little and bought the tickets. They were soon seated front row in this huge room with red velvet seats and huge black shiney stage. Mary read the script and reviews while Brian made a paper airplane out of his brochure. Soon the lights dimmed and the first act of Simba's birth started playing and Brian couldn't tear his eyes away. The musical went on and it was one of the most amazing things Mary and Brian have ever seen. Brian was a little more amazed than Mary though. After the play they all went out to eat in a small italian restaurant. "Thanks for taking us to that musical thing, it was so awesome!" Brian exclaimed. Frank smiled "Any time, I'm so glad you liked it." They all began eating and were laughing and having a good time, which reminded Brian of all the families he saw in the ice cream parlor awhile ago, which also made him wonder where Frank's family was. "Hey Frank you said you had a son right?" Frank nodded. "Yes I do, he's in the army right now, defending foreign countries. The americans hate him for it, but I couldn't be more proud." Mary was a little suprised to hear his son was over defending another country and not the one he came from. "Why isn't he defending America?" Mary asked. "Well Mary, We're orginally from Italy and he's honored that country for as long as I can remember, and he rather be helping Italy than destroying England like the Americans are doing so he says." Mary nodded and a smile came over her face.

They all walked out of the Italian reasturant with a smile on there face, they were full from the wonderful meal they just had, pasta, bread sticks, the traditional Italian meal. Frank look back with a smile "Hey if you guys aren't tired i would love to show you, Central park, and the enermous chirstmas tree they have there. Brian did another one of his little jigs "YES PLEASE! IM NOT TIRED AT ALL I COULD GO ON FOREVER!" Frank laughed "Okay okay, lets go". They walked through central park, the snow coverd trees and kids having snow ball fights was a amazing sight. They reached the enormous tree Brian and Mary both slowly lifted there head to just capture it all. The beautifuly ortinamets, the lights, the fake presents, even a ice ring in front, with a herd of people ice skating on it. Frank looked at Mary and Brian "You guys wanna ice skate?" Mary looked at frank nervous "Uhh we never done it before". Frank put his arms around Mary's and Brians shoulders and moved his head to look at both at them "It will be fun". They all put there ice skates on, Frank was the first to get on the ice he did a lap then slid to a stop "Come on it's fine". Brian and Mary neverously got on, but quickly fell on there butts, Frank couldn't help but laugh "Ahhh guys come on don't give up, trial and error". After a while of fails, Mary and Brian eventualy got situated to this new idea, and were now ice skating with everyone. Marry was holding Brians hand they both had a big smile on there face, after about 2 hours of fun, they were all exhuasted and decided it was time to go home. Frank was carrying Brian who had feel asleep, he little body was curled up into a ball. Frank and Mary climbed in the truck, Frank gently put Brian in the back, the moon light shiining down, they drove off into the horizion.

That night Brian dreamed of his parents back in Germany and had a horrible nightmere of them getting bombed. He jumped up sweating and ran to Mary's room. He crawled into bed next to her shaking. Mary didn't wake though, for she was a heavy sleeper after all. The next morning Brian awoke and went back to his own bed before Mary got up. It was Saturday so they didn't have to work. Mary woke up to the sun beaming into her bedroom and her eyes. she squinted and slowly got herself out of bed. she threw on a robe and walked out to the terrace taking in the whole scene outside. It was beautiful. The sun was big today shining brighter than ever. She looked down to see people hurrying on the streets below shopping bags in hand, dancers, kids laughing and playing, it really was a beautiful sight. She decided to sit down and draw the scene. cameras weren't invented yet. A few minutes into her drawing Brian came outside. "Hey Mare, Frank left a note saying he is at a doctor's appointment, but left us this letter its from mom and dad!!" Mary took it and Brian sat down next to her as she read it aloud. "Dear my precious Mary and Brian, its good to hear you're doing well. I hope the job is going well and you can make enough money to buy a better home. Dad and I are making it threw but are missing you kids terribly. We are both very excited about seeing you again. Germany is winning the war right now, but that could change at any given moment. By the way we recieved your 250 dollars for a boat trip to New York and we can't wait to see your faces! love mom and dad" Mary smiled but was confused because she didn't mail any money. "You mailed them the money?" Brian asked. Mary shook her head and then smiled. "No I didn't, but I guess Frank did. He told me he had a suprise coming in the mail."

Mary and Brian sat there looking at the letter, then she closed it and put it back into the envelope and put it on the counter. Mary got up and started walking toward the door "come on Brian lets do something nice for Frank for a change, its almost christmas too!", Brian smiled "Ya!". Mary grabed some money and walked outside, Mary and Brian felt the Chill of the outside, it was a big diffrence from the warmth of inside. They made there way to Times square and walked into nemerous shops. Brian ran around with a cowboy hat, pretending to ride a horse, Mary couldn't help but laugh "I don't think thats Frank haha". They finaly decided on getting him a nice silver watch, and a get well card that they both signed. They walked home excited to give it to Frank, they reached the Mansion but Frank still wasn't there, so Mary came up with the idea to make diner and desert. She wasn't a bad cook, her mother taught her well. Brian ran upstairs to play with Max and his toys while Mary cooked. Mary opened the fridge grabed some eggs, milk, and then grabed and bowl and mixed it togather for a cake and put it in the oven. Then she got another put began to boil water put a chicken in it, made a salad, and some rice and rolls. She took the Cake out carefully putting icing on it and writing "Thank you" on it. Everything was cooked and ready, she felt acomplished and placed it on the dinning room table, After she was done she was so tired she collasped on the couch, she took a nap, but was awaken to heard foot steps, she could see Franks truck outside, she called for Brian, they both hid, to say suprise.

Frank came home and flicked the lights on then Brian and Mary jumped out yelling "SUPRISE!" Frank looked awfully tired but very happy and very suprised as well. "What is this a suprise party?" Frank laughed. "We thought we'd do something nice for you, since you're way to kind to us. I even prepared dinner and desert." They all smiled and headed into the formal dining room. "Wow you kids really didn't have to do this, this food is amazing by the way." Frank was shoveling it into his mouth. Mary giggled a little. "I'm glad you like it. My mom taught me how to cook." Frank smiled and wiped his beard off with a napkin. "We read the letter from our parents today, and saw you sent them money!" Brian exclaimed. Frank nodded. "I figured you guys would really like to see your parents, I hope thats okay, they can stay here." Mary smiled. "Of course it's okay, it was just really thoughtful, thank you so much." Frank nodded and grabbed some water. "We bought you a present!" Brian said. "You did? for christmas?" Mary nodded. "Figured its the least we could do." Later that night when Frank went to bed he noticed a card sitting on his dresser that said get well from both mary and brian. He smiled then sighed and plopped down on his bed. How was he going to tell these kids he has just 5 months to live?

Frank woke up the next day, looked out the window, and saw the snow falling down outside. He smiled he was a very happy man, for someone who death so near by, he decided to make the best of his life. While walking down the stairs, he realized that Christmas was only a week away and he didn't have his lights out, or even a tree! He ran the rest of the way downstairs to see Mary reading again, and Brian playing with Max, it was such a sweet scene. Frank went into the closet and grabed a jacket and axe "How would you guys like to help me pick out a christmas tree?". Brian jumped up "SURE! Can max come!?!?!". Frank let out a small laugh "Of course max can come, lets go i know the perfect place". Mary, Frank, Brian, and Max all jumped into the truck and drove off into the country away from new york, onto a small dirt rode into the forest, after sevral minutes of venturing off the dirt rode he pulled over "Alright guys this is the place, gots the best tree's ever here!" Brian jumped out full of excitment "I'll pick one!" Brian and Max ran off looking at the trees. Frank slowly walking, following Brian trail "Reminds me when me kid was young, just like him". Mary smiled "Must of been nice". They followed brians snow foot prints to see him pointing at a tree and Max braking "This is it! This is the tree!" Frank smiled "Okay". He cut the tree down, and him, Brian, Mary, and even max bite a tree limb and tugged it into the the back of the truck. They drove off all smiling and laughing, like a perfect family, like they knew eachother all there lives.

They arrived home and carried the big tree into the living room. frank dusted off his hands and took his winter gear off. "Before we start I'll have to put some christmas music on to set the mood." Mary and Brian both smiled at eachother becaue they've always wanted to hear american christmas songs. He put on santa baby and they were all dancing around the living room setting the tree up. Before they knew it the tree was glowing and looked like one you'd find in a martha steward magazine. Brian began one of his usual jiggs which made Frank and Mary laugh and even Max joined in jumping up and down barking. Frank took a sit on the couch and admired their great work, surely the best christmas tree he has ever put up without the help of his wife. Then he got up headed for the kitchen. "I think we should bake some christmas cookies!" Brian ran into the kitchen and slid on his socks "Yeah yeah yeah!" Mary laughed a little and went into the kitchen to help.

Frank open the a cabniet, pulled out two cut outs gingerbread men and christmas trees, and held them out to Mary and Brian. "Alright I got Gingerbread men, and Christmas tree cookies, take your pick" Brian spun around "Gingerbread men! Gingerbread men!". Frank let out a small chuckle "Sounds good tome" he placed the Christmas tree cut out back into the cabniet and closed it. "Now Mary will you be so kind, and reach in the bowl, in that drawer over there" Mary smiled "Sure thing" and reached into it and gabed the bowl. Frank pulled out some hershy kisses, milk, and dough to make cookies. Brian took a spoon and started mixing up all the ingredients, he felt a little michevous and slung some of the dough at Mary. Mary turned around "Brian!" Brian laughed and did it again. Mary then grabed the bowl and started trowing some on Brian, even Frank got in on the fun, there was dough on the fridge, cabniets, counters, doors, appliances. Max started to lick up the dough that landed on the ground, they couldn't help but laugh. They put the cookies in the oven and Mary took a shower while she waited. She walked down the stairs and smelt the freshly baked cookies. Frank put the cookies onto the plate and handed them to the kids "Here you guys go ahead, i'll clean up" Mary looked at Frank "We all contributed to this we should help you". Frank on his knees with a rag wipping up the dough looked back "No it's quite alright". Mary got down next to him "Well im here to help", Frank made a quick smile "thank you". Brian rushed onto the couch with the cookies, and starting eating. He couldn't stop it was just to good, before he knew it he had crumbs all over him, Mary and Frank walked in and saw him and started laughing, Then Frank let out a horrible cough and bent over in pain.

Mary placed a her hand on Frank's back. "Frank are you okay?" He finished coughing and took in a deep breath. "oh yes i'm fine, old men cough sometimes. you know how it goes." Mary nodded even though she didn't know since she was neither a man or old. Frank went into the kitchen and got some water then began heading upstairs. "Thanks for the help cleaning up, and thanks for the good time tonight kids" When Frank was upstairs Mary sat next down to Brian. "That was a little scary Mary." Mary patted Brian on the head "I'm sure he's fine kiddo, now clean up and go to bed. we have to work tomorrow." Brian nodded and hugged Mary then went upstairs with Max following. The next morning, everyone got up and got ready to head to the diner. They all gathered in Frank's truck and made their way there. Polly walked over to Mary and even hugged her. " Thank god you're finally here! I'm dying for a cigarette break!" Mary laughed a little and Polly headed out. Frank immiedietly started serving his regular customers and sparking up conversationa about the holidays. Brian began his dish washing, and Mary was serving up. She came across this couple who were wearing "anti-foreign" shirts and Mary wondered what that could've meant "May i ask what your shirts mean?" The couple looked up at her and noticed her thick german accent. "It means we don't support incoming immigrants hogging up all of our government's money" Mary frowned. "oh." "We're guessing you're an immigrant." Mary placed her hands on her hips. "Why yes i am and--" the couple cut her off and stood up "we thought so, we're not eating here." and like that the couple left the diner without ever ordering their meal.

Mary picked up the menus from the couple that were wearing the anti-foreign shirts, and placed them back on the counter. Mary looked over at Frank who was flipping some eggs "Hey Frank i know its early but can i take my break?". Frank leaned back to see a teary face Mary "Sure, go right ahead" he smiled and continued cooking. Mary walked outside onto the bench right outside the dinner, hunch over and just looked at the ground, she seemed angry and balled her right hand into a fist. About 10 minutes into her break Frank walked out and walked over to the bench "May i take a seat?" Mary just keep looking down and mutterd "Ya". Frank looked foward looking at the crowds of people, the cars honking there horns "I heard what that couple said, im sorry". Mary looked at Frank she sheed a tear "Im just so angry at some people who think they're better than us, who don't realize were even people at times". Frank looked into Marys eyes "I went through the same phase when i first moved here, many people didn't respect us, but they didn't make my dad give up, he worked hard and bought this lot for our diner". Mary looked back at Frank "Ya i know what you mean". Frank afford a solution "Well we can put up a sign that says foreigners work here, and if they don't like that well they don't have to come in". Mary smiled "Ya i would like that". Frank smiled back "Okay lets get back to work then, its still a early day". They walked in smiling.

They finished off their work day and before they left to go home Frank hung up the new foreigner sign on the window. When they walked into the house the phone was ringing, Frank slowly made his way over to anwser it. "Hello? Frank here." Frank smiled then looked at Mary and signaled for her to come over. He handed her the phone. Mary anwsered it "MOM! you're at the boat station? Yes yes we'll come and get you! I know the statue is beautiful! yes we're on our way. we love you too. okay bye." Mary hung up the phone and ran outside to Brian who was building a snowman with Max at his side. "Brian!" Brian jumped a little startled. "What?!" "Mom and dad are at the boat station! we have to go pick them up! come one!" They both smiled and ran to Frank's truck who was already waiting in the driver's seat. "You guys excited to see your parents?" They both nodded not able to stop smiling. Brian patted Max "you're gonna get to meet your grand parents boy!" Frank and Mary laughed a little. Thirty minutes or so later they arrived at the boat station and saw Mr and Mrs Uganda admiring the statue of liberty. Brian and Mary ran out of the truck over to their parents and they all cheered and hugged. Frank smiled and watched near his truck in an offer of privacy.

Frank sat back and watched the scence, it was picture perfect. Brian doing his little jig, introducing max who jumped onto Mrs Uganda and had them all laughing, they all gave eachother a big group hug and then Brian and Mary grabbed their parents arms and ran over to Frank. Mary and Brian cheerfully introduced Frank "This is Frank! He's the man who has been so kind to us, for our entire stay here. He's the man who payed for your trip here, he is a truly amazing person! Mr Uganda shook Franks hand, Mrs. Uganda gave Frank a big hug, they both thanked him. Frank smiled "I think its time for a celebration! How about another one of those amazing plays, on me!" Mrs. Uganda looked over "No no its alright we can pay for oursleves". Frank looked at Mrs Uganda tired body "It's okay, i have plenty of money" but he was lying he was running low on money. They all hoped in the truck, Max sat on Brians lap to make the little needed extra room. And like that they all went to Broadway, saw "The Phantom of the Operha". Mrs Uganda was speechless the whole way through, she even cried, and at the end she was the loudest one there clapping till the very end. They drove to Franks home and Mr. and Mrs. Uganda walked in crying, it was like a fairy tale, a dream come true. Frank offerd his own room to Mr. And Mrs. Uganda but they denied saying he's done enough. It was the happiest day for the Whole Uganda family.

The next morning Frank didn't wake Mary or Brian for work figuring they'd enjoy spening time with their parents instead. Frank went to his doctor's appointment who said his cancer is spreading and though he may appear healthy for the moment towards the end of the five months he has left his condition will get much worse. Mary woke up having the best idea, she knew how much her mom loved the statue of liberty so she thought she'd take everyone to go see it while Frank was gone. She got up early showered and dressed, and even made breakfest. Soon the smell of bacon, and sweet pancakes drew the rest of the Uganda family downstairs. The dad; Paul, rubbed his belly. "Yummm, smells good Mary we've missed your cooking back in Germany." Mary smiled and signaled for them to take a seat at the table where everything was setup. "Pancakes!" Brian exclaimed. Mrs Uganda; Angelika smiled and helped Brian make his plate. "This really is a lovely house, Frank must be an angel." Mary smiled and nodded scooping some eggs onto her plate. "He realyl is mom. I don't know what Brian and I would've possibly done without him." "But I'd like to take you guys somewhere today." Paul dropped some bacon for Max and then looked at his daughter who was beginning to look like a real american. "Where is that?" Mary smiled real big. "The statue of liberty!" Angelika began clapping and smiling "Oh yes sounds lovely! That statue is so beautiful" Brian got up and ran to the closet pulling out everyone's coats. "Come on! Come on! Lets go!" They all laughed and Angelika smiled at him "Well Brian dad and I have to get dressed first, and you need to shower up."

Brian really didn't want to waste time and take a shower, he wanted to leave now! He knew there was arguing and walked up the grand staircase stomping with every step, he was very grumpy. By the time Brian had took a shower and got situtated he ran down the stairs to see the whole family in the living room lounging around waiting for him. Mary got up and laughed "Ha and you can me slow" she did a little face, Brian looked away "shut up". The whole family started laughing, they put on there coats from a chair they placed them in after Brians excitment and pulling them out. They drove past downtown, Mary pointed at the diner, and old apartment, they went under sevral overpasses and eventually made it to the docks, were the ferry took off to Liberty island. They parked the the trunk, and Brian rushed out with Max on his leash jogging to the Ferry "Come on, lets move it people, we don't got all day" he rushed the whole Uganda family. They made it to the ticket booth, Mary purchased 4 tickets, thanked the women smiled and the Uganda family boarded the boat. Brian ran to the consestion stand and but 4 corndogs, he gave one to everybody, they sat there eating them. Angelika was so excited she was shaking her legs up and down.

They finally reached the statue and Angelika ran to the edge of the boat taking in this amazing view. Paul came to stand next to her and smiled up at the beauty, shielding his eyes with his hand from the sun. The boat worker let down the platform on the island and they all got off. Brian ran to catch up to his parents and grabbed his mom's hand. "Mom how long can you stay with us?" She smiled down at Brian then looked at Paul who nodded. "Well Bry, we're going to be here until the day we die, we're not going back Germany. Frank told us we're more than welcome to stay at his place until we can find jobs and buy a place of our own." Mary smiled real big and Brian couldn't help but burst into one of his jigs. "Yipeeee! Yeah! This rocks!" They all laughed and started their descend up the big statue. Paul looked and his family and smiled. "Did you guys know the height of the Statue from her heel to the top of her head is 111 feet, 6 inches?" Brian smiled real big and looked up at the statue "thats like a bajillion more inches than I am!" Paul laughed "Yep sure is son." The Uganda family toured the statue and all had a good time. When they arrived back at Frank's house he still wasn't home.

Brian ran up the stairs as fast as he can, the whole Uganda family watched as he slowly slowed down with each stair he conqured, and then eventualy to a halt and sitting down waiting for the rest of his family to catch up. Angelika looked at Brian huffing and puffing leaning against the satutes interior "Looks like you ran out of steam" they all laighed and pual picked up his boy and carried him the rest of the way. They finally made it to the elegant statue's head, and peered out of it into the vast New York city landscape. Mary and her mother both lost there breath at the sight. Brian jumped out of his fathers arms and quickly starting pointing things out "Thats Franks place, thats the diner! Thats our old apartment". It was a sight truly to behold, they made there way down the iron stair case, Mary looked back at her mom who was still looking up at the statue in amazement, "You guys wanna go to a mesuem, they have a beautiful art Mesuem here in new york" Brian was to fonded of this idea "Eww art, lets go somewhere fun!". They all laughed as Brian did one of his little pitty fits. They all got back on the fairy and watched as the Satute got further and further away, Angelika got off first and looked at her family "be careful there's ice grab the railings" even though Brian got the warning he walked down it without holding on and slid onto his butt, and Max began to lick Brian's face. They all luaghed as brian got crossed his arms looked away and went hmff. They got in the car and made there way to the Art Mesuem.

They approached the Art Museum doors and saw the sign in big bold red letters, "NO PETS ALLOWED," They all looked down and Max who was standing next to Brian wagging his tail and panting. "What are we going to do?" Brian asked. "Well." Angelika said "I guess we're going to have revisit another day without Max." Brian nodded secretly relieved. Mary looked annoyed because she really loved art and was looking foward to this. Angelika saw this on Mary's idea and came up with another idea. "Or how about Paul and Brian go back home and Mary and I will browse the museum?" Paul and Brian nodded and smiled. "We'll call for a cab when we're done." Mary added happy her mom thought of this idea. "Sounds good see you ladies later." Paul called out arleady making his way down the stairs with Brian following. Brian picked Max up and gave him a hug. "You're a life saver Max! That a boy!" Max licked his face. Mary and Angelika looked at all of the wonderful art. Mary really liked one of a small family under a big apple tree near a river. Though it was simple, it looked pure and happy. She looked at the artists name and saw it said Suzanne Rovelli. Frank's wife's name. "hmmmm, I wonder if this was Frank's wife's painting." Mary said turning her gaze towards her mom. Angelika walked over and observed the simple painting. "It sure is nice, did she do all of those paintings in the hallway back home?" Mary nodded and smiled. Back home Brian and Paul walked inside and noticed Frank's truck was still missing. Brian ran into the kitchen for some kind of note but there was none. "Thats weird." Brian said turning to his dad who was hanging his coat in the closet. "What is son?" "Frank isn't home still and he didn't leave a note." Paul nodded "I'm sure he's fine Brian don't let yourself worry to much."

Mary and Angelika then started walking down the main hallway toward the exit, the walked over the red velvet carpet, passing paintings of sadness and sorrow, they seemed to canceal each other out, making a netrul feeling. Angelika walked out snow flew in, falling onto Mary's face, she held it open as Mary took one last glance and smiled. They walked down the stairs holding the railing not to slip onto the frozen steps, Angelika ran to the corner and immediately started singaled for a taxi. Angelika waved her arm around, after 5min a foreign man pulled over, Angelika and Mary opened the door and walked in. The man looked back "were to ladies?" Mary kindly leaned foward "357 old south point please" she had a innocent smile. The man looked back "sure thing" and set the car in motion. The man looked into the mirror and saw the Angelika and Mary looking out the window, he decided to strike a conversation. "Were you guys from?", Angelika looked foward "Germany?". The cab reached a red light and the man looked back smiling "GERMANY!??!?!? Im from Germany!". They talked it up all the way home and kindly gave the man a big tip. They walked into Frank's house and looked at Pual and Brian, "Wheres Frank?" Brian shook his head and moved his shoulders up "I don't know". The phone rang, everyone jumped in the eery silence, Mary reached up the phone slowly "Hello?", a man on the other line spoke "Yes this is doctor Martin".

Mary gave a nervous glance over to the rest of her family and then spoke back the doctor. "Hello Martin. Is Frank with you?" Martin hesitated before anwsering. "I think it'd be best if you and your family came to the hospital, yes he's here and so is his family." Mary could feel as if her heart sank and felt a knot of tears in her throught. She hung up the phone and calmly but shakingly went over to her family. "We need to go to the hospital. Frank is there." Paul's and Angelika's draws dropped. Brian dropped max. "What! Is he okay?! Come on what are we waiting for lets go!" Brian ran outside without his coat or even his shoes. Angelika grabbed Brian's shoes and coat and followed him outside. As Paul and Mary walked out to join Paul placed his arm around Mary's shoulders. "I'm sure he'll be fine, he seems strong." paul said. Mary nodded but couldn't seem to manage a smile. They all arrived at the hosptial and Brian ran past other incoming patients and rushing doctors. "Brian! Brian! slow down hun!" Angelika yelled trying to catch up to him. They all gathered in the waiting room where Frank's son Alan and his wife Keiko were standing. They all introduced themselves and sat down to wait for Martin. 15 minutes or so later Martin appeared and everyone jumped up. Alan rushed towards the doctor. "Is he okay?!" Martin looked everyone in the face and let out a deep breath. "Well folks he's awake now, but his cancer has spread severley, and he's not expected to make it through the night." Everyone's head dropped and all turned their faces towards Brian who let out a very soft but concernng whine. Mary wrapped her arms around him and got face level with him. "Brian it's going to be okay, lets go see him." Brian nodded then sniffled and whipped his tears away with his sleeve. After letting Alan and Keiko go in first, Mary and Brian rushed to his room. He looked 30 years older if that was even possible. Frank looked strained and tired and as if keeping his own eyes open was equivlent to the struggle of lifting a 50 pound box. Mary ran over there and placed her hand over Franks. "Oh Frank, I'm so sorry. So so so sorry." Mary was crying now. Frank slowly looked up at mary and grasped her hand. "Don't be sorry for me now Mary, I'm only headed to the gates above where I'll get to see my wife again." Mary let out a huge smile even when faced with disaster Frank was with no complaints. Brian came over and gave a hug to Frank "You're our hero Frank, I don't know what we would have done without you." Frank smiled and then closed his eyes he opened his mouth slowly then took both their hands. "No. I don't know what I would have done without the both of you." Frank held their hands until he was gone and his clutch softened. He almost looked at peace. That week his funeral was held where Mary and Brian gave a heart felt speech on how he was nothing but an angel. they celebrated his life rather than mourn his absence for they knew in one way or another he was still with them. Every onnce and awhile they'd be watching tv and the lights would flicker, or the radio would turn on to one of Frank's favorite songs, they'd slip fate and catch themselves when falling or catch something before it falls knowing Frank was the one filling in the space around them. One winter day a year later The wholde Uganda family were driving out to the big christmas tree that they visited every annaverisary of Frank's passing. Mary was the driver. It was snowstorming and many airports were closed and many roads were closed off. They blasted the song santa baby and were singing along when Mary skidded past a red light where an oncoming semi was surging foward. Brian can only remember the bright light from the truck he saw right before the truck smashed mary, angelika, and paul to death. Brian was the only survivor. He ended spending the rest of his teenage years in New Jersey with Alan who legally adopted him. Brian was never the same again but was more detirmed than ever to grow up successful. 20 years later Brian graduated from New York University and became the proud owner of the Diner where he met Frank, renamed Frank's Diner. He had pictures of Frank all over the walls along with ones of Mary. In Mary's honor he submitted some of her paintings to an art museum where they now hang. and He had his parents named engraved in a rest in peace wall by the statue of liberty. It was any other ordinary morning at the diner when two young girls no older than 15 walked in with matching shirts with Germany's flag on it. He smiled at them and set down two cups filled with apple juice and met their gaze. "You two hungry, meal's on me." Brian said putting two plates with eggs and bacon and pancakes on them down. The girls sat and ate while explaining how they were new to America and technically orphans. "Well I'd be more than happy to offer you two a job here, and if you need a place to stay my house is always open."


© 2010 greatestever

Author's Note

I didn't finish editing all the grammar errors, just tell me if you like the story thanks! :D

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