The awakening

The awakening

A Chapter by greenie447

When one journey ends, another one takes its place.

The light shafts through the tree branches were the only things to light the path through the everlasting forest. Shiori kept walking, not thinking about where she was going, just walking. The wind blew around her, seeming as if it would make a howling sound or at least stir the leaves on the forest floor but never did. The sound of her feet hitting the ground never came, not even the sound of her breath. It was a silent world, all accept the occasional whisper in Shiori's ear. All of a sudden she stopped in her tracks, making sense of the words, Why, pointless, never ending, journey.

Shiori thought. She thought hard about the words, but could not find a meaning. What could those words have to do with me? Shiori hadn't thought ever since she started walking in this lonesome forest. Actually, she didn't even remember when she started to walk but only that she was walking. For how long? It could have been minutes or even hours. Maybe days. Can I... talk? Shiori tested out her voice. 'Hello?' She attempted to say, but in a world of no sound, she also made no sound. If she had to stand in this silence any longer, she would go crazy.

*    *    *    *

 Walking, walking to find a person. Anyone, I would be glad to find someone to explain what's happening, actually, I wouldn't mind if a talking nightmarish creature told me what was happening!  I tripped silently over a root protruding from the ground and silently fell. The forest had grown thicker and darker since I had first gained consciousness. Not because the moonlight was disappearing, apparently the sky always remained dark, but because the forest was growing thicker with more vines crawling up the trees and weaving a barrier between me and the sky. The nightmare creatures live in the dark side of the forest, luckily some weak light was still forcing itself through the vines. But if I kept walking, I wouldn't be safe anymore. Shadows fully engulfed me and I was in pitch black darkness. Something that felt like a branch scraped my leg. Don't change direction and run! I'll just get lost if I do... although, I didn't know where I was in the first place... Another branch scraped against my leg and I suddenly heard a thought in my head, but it wasn't my own. Fear the darkness. I was knocked over by a invisable attacker and dragged over the brush on the forest floor.

© 2010 greenie447

Author's Note

As I have said before, I am not planning to put in paragraphs any time soon so please don't say anything about that. This chapter will be short because I am just starting this book (my first book ever).

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Added on May 17, 2010
Last Updated on May 17, 2010
Tags: darkness, soundless, journey, why, never, ending, pointless, monsters, nightmare
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