First Contact

First Contact

A Story by H

a part from a story i am working on(:


First contact

Altha raged on, pushing the crude subject into this mans mind, wanting it to be an everlasting tumor on his heart.

"If you had the chance to ask for her hand i bet she would have rejected! Thank god that fire took her life before that akaward  situation popped up!"

Something fierce was flashing in Uri's eyes, a hurricane of fury was forming in the ocean of his pupils.  The red was draining being replaced by a sea of black.  Warning signals sounded in Altha's brain to stop, she was making him reach his limit, did she not realize how dangerous this man was? But it was a curse, she could not stop.

"All you did was kill her! You blew her cover by prancing around with her everywhere like a sick little puppy in love! All you can do is kill and destroy isn't it!?"

Sweat curved on his brow, his tightly bounded fist made the wooden chair creaked with the force of his grip, Uri was angry, Altha knew that, but he had to know who he was, what he could do, and see if he could control the beast.

"I bet you would just love to see her right now! And your little family too, huh? Well guess what? YOU CANT! Because they died by my brilliant father's ha-"

It was a flash, all at once, Altha couldn't speak, her mouth at the whim of someone elses uninvited bidding.  Panic crept up her spin, being trapped was not one of her favorite pass times every since Uri had been ordered to toture her back at the headquarters.  Her pupils dilated at the sight before her, darted around at every direction to remain calm.  Uri had stood, towering over the young girls petite figure, after all he was twenty two and her only fourteen.  His face hid nothing now, only seething rage, so much in fact every vein was particually twitching.  The silky hands Uri pocessed too were morphed, now long blades twisted out of his palms in a rude fashion that had Altha gagging on the inside.  The once red irises were now swimming in a newly designed pool of black.  

"Never say a word about something you don't understand.." He spoke very softly but with strong hints of distaste almost growling at the sight of her.  Alta noted that the new blades altered from side to side as if Uri were distracting himself from piercing her in half any second.  Huffs of air started to be ingested, she was having a panic attack, what if he killed her? Would it hurt? Would he regret it? That would be highly skeptical.  

"Death is quick, Nullan, did you know? I could perform it right now on behalf of you and your animi contentio, and you would not be missed, a puero oblitus." Altha shifted, she despised when he spoke latin to her, nothing made sense then but it was highly suspected what he said was not sweet.

A wave of relief flooded in to her mid section, and soon spread throughout her entire form, Uri's eyes were returning to the same demonic red as a look of utter pain and confusion sketched on his everlasting downing face.  

Everything cleared, it seemed Uri had let go of the trance he had on her.  Altha curled her fingers around the sides of her arms, tears bristling in her eyes.  The panic evaporated by bits with some remaining as she watched Uri mumble to himself in Latin.

"Malum culpae, non occidendum, socium caliginoso inferiori statim relinquere tutum longe ante freo diaboli habet theloneu, Uri."

His eyes peered her way as he repeated the same sentence over and over trying to convince himself, or so Altha thought, that he was not a monster.  The fear in Uri's eyes didn't make him look like the murderous, unforgiving psychopath she first met while tied to a chair.  Even if she could not understand latin she knew a song her mother would sing to her every night.  The song represented a loving sprirt someone who cares.

Altha looked up at the flustered boy, thats what he was a little boy, and softly began to hum the rhythm.

"Tene te in brachiis meis, fletu super pium manus transferam vos trans flumen traducere possumus, una aeternitas, nec vale dicens, quia ego morior et erit veinies fruere meo carissime amare."

She kept the sound at a nice pace, keeping a locked expression with Uri, who had fallen silent during her tune.  The mans mouth hung slightly ajar as he watched her with curious eyes, ones she had never seen before considering he was always looking at her a pile of dead weight.  The glance made her flushed a bit, red tinge sprinkled her cheeks as Altha sang the song over again intensifying her stare at him. 

Once the last verse was done both stood in silence staring at each other wearing signs of shock and terror. Altha subconsciously leaned toward the paling boy, pressing a hand against his chest.  Tears streamed down her sunken cheeks.

"Im sorry Uri." The words came in a raspy tone, still the red pupils widened at both her contact and his name.

"I shouldn't have said what i did about her, she meant a lot to you and i went to far…. I know you wont forgive me but i would still like to help you find your place in this war."  Doe eyes locked with Demon ones,  it was as if someone has switched a light on in the underworld, like God and the Devil were having tea.  Uri was speechless, making Altha uneasy at the way his eyes particually shot through her.

It was an act of comfort, many had done it before as Altha had seen while taking walks with her fiance on the beach or with her mom shopping.  People in the capitol would talk of it too, some even performing it.  Either way to Altha it meant nothing more than just an act of friendship, a way to help Uri escape from this hell he was committed to.  Her hand traced from his chest up to the back of his neck, Altha had to use her tip toes Uri was a full grown man after all.  

Her premature body slightly pressed against his chest causing Uri to hiss slightly, his eyes becoming wild and black again.  Altha ignored that face and played with the curls that fell on the back of his neck, wrapping them around her fingers and letting them fall in place again.  Her eyebrows knitted in concentration as she pushed her knees up against his to create more balance.  Uri appeared petrified, gripping her waist attempting to prevent the oncoming attack, if it could be called that.  

Altha noticed his stiff posture and looked up at him, frowning at his expression, the people she had seen never appeared like that when performing this act of comfort. She shook the feeling of her idea being wrong off her mind and cupped Uri's face, he grimaced but remained silent.  Altha leaned forward, her nose brushing slightly with his, Uri's breathing sped up blowing a few stray strands from his admirers forehead away.  The closer Altha got the more Uri tensed up, until she stop nearly centimeters from his mouth.   Her mind was in a whirlpool, this temptation had grown on her way to Uri's now flushed face, he was nervous.  Something in his posture was off but nothing could stop her it was like a drug she hadn't taken yet needed it regardless, her former totouter was her medicine.

Altha's mouth collided on Uri's, the control she had vanished at the first sensation of his lips rubbing against hers, it was so forgein, he was too strange to top.   Uri, didn't respond to her act instead he stood like a stone wall that was secretly crumpling inside its interior.  Altha shifted lifting her head up slightly and bring her lips back down on his, now Uri couldn't take the butterflies in his stomach.  He caught her mouth in surprise passionately holding his lips with his while his arms encircled her body.  Everything about her was amazing, she was a poison he had to have.  

The two of them kissed, they kissed until both of their lips ached from the constant passion emitted, kissed until they needed a long overdue breath, kissed until they realized it had been to long.  Altha broke of, blushing uncontrabally, Uri looked at her, his eyes clouded with growing lust.  Both of the two fugitives breathed wildly, holding each other in their arms from the dangers of the outside.  But paradise had to end, Uri returned his arms to his sides, the look in his eyes fading and returning to the same hatred.  Altha felt a pang of hurt inside.

"Make dinner ill be down in three hours, it better be ready or your out of this house." Uri swept away to his upstairs headquarters, slamming the door behind him leaving Altha standing starstruck.  Slowly her brain began to function again but her emotions did not.  Uri had kissed her , she had kissed Uri, and yet he still bottled himself away from others.

Altha began to boil water for the tomato soup adding her own tears as a special ingertiant. 

*If you wanna know what they are saying in latin just go to google translate and copy and paste it 

© 2011 H

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