Chapter 1 -

Chapter 1 -

A Chapter by Forever Hidden

Enjoy! ^^

“You can never learn from your mistakes, can you?” She circled around me, eyes pinned to mine, an iron rod in her hand.

“I’m sorry! Please forgive me! I won’t do it again. I promise!” There was a river of tears on my cheeks, my hand were tied to the back of a chair along with my feet. I couldn’t move anything but my mouth.

My mistress started swinging the rod around. I knew what she was going to do. My eyes were filled with water. I couldn’t do anything but scream, and even that wouldn’t do any good.

“How dare you talk back to me!” She took the iron rod and slammed it on my stomach, over and over. I spit out blood on the floor, and the crimson drops splattered everywhere. I felt like throwing up, I felt like dying.

‘Oh lord, have mercy on me!’ I thought. Even through all the chaos happening right now, I kept on praying and praying.

“Marla, here take the rod and do exactly what I did, no mistakes about it, got it?! I’m going to the bar for a couple hours. Do exactly what I did, understand?!” Her dark brown eyes stared at Marla. I swear if eyes could kill, she would’ve been dead in an instant.

I really don’t know how you could do such a thing wrong. I mean correct or incorrect, you would still accomplish the same thing.

 “Yes ma’m!” Both her voice and her face showed no sign of hesitation.

“Okay good. I’ll be back in a few more hours.” She glared at me, handed the rod to Marla, and left.

  As soon as we heard the mistress’s car start, Marla locked the house doors, dropped the rod, and ran over to where I was.

“Are you okay? Here, I’m going to get some water. It’ll be alright I know, okay? I have everything planned out. We need to hurry though.” She talked quickly, not stopping once. When Marla had a plan, it was always good.

She hurried over to the kitchen, snatched up a cup of water, and ran back to the living room.

I stared at the floor. Blood stained the carpet. I had no idea what Marla had in plan, but I was willing to do anything to get out of this place.

She came back and started untying the rope. My hands and feet were free at long last. After three weeks, I could actually feel the blood pass through them easily. She put the cup to my mouth and started feeding me. Marla knew I didn’t have enough strength left in me, after all the days our mistress put me through misery.

“Here’s the plan. Mistress trusts me more than anyone else, but I don’t. She did adopt me and give me a roof over my head but all she does is abuse you. I hate her with all my life.” I saw her eyes get watery, but she quickly dried them.

“Last time I went to the creek, I discovered a cave. It took me a few days to find it it, so it’s not in plain sight, that’s for sure. So, for the next few weeks we’ll be living there...” She paused for a moment, gave me a worried look, and went right back to talking.

“It’s pretty close from here. I’m positive you can walk that far.”

I managed a smile and nodded.  She was my life saver.

“We’ll leave in two hours. I’m going to go take everything we need and place them in the cave. You go take a shower upstairs and put on whatever you need from my closet. I got to snag some clothes for you yesterday while I was in town.”

She began speaking again, trying to rush.

“Hm okay. That’s that. Wear clothes that are warm, take a warm shower, and don’t take too long. It’s winter, I don’t want you to pass out from the cold. So if Mom comes back early, hide in my closet. She’ll never look for you there.” Boy, could that girl talk!

I finally had a chance to speak. Better use it wisely.

“Agreed. I’ll go take a shower now. Please be safe!”

She looked at me with eyes full of hope. I knew that was her way of saying ‘I promise’.

Our eyes met for a second, but we both pulled away.

“G’bye!” Marla shut the door, not allowing the chilly winds come in.

I fell when I tried to stand, so I grabbed the rod and used it as a cane. It was pretty handy when it came to walking, never mind climbing the stairs. Each step, I was positive I was going to fall backwards, but I managed.

I found Marla’s room, now searched for the clothes she mentioned earlier. I had to bend over while scavenging through her closet, which hurt like hell. Finally, after a couple long minutes, I also found the clothes and headed to the bathroom. Who knew girl’s closets could be that enormous!?

I also learned one more thing. My mistress had a talent for decorating! I pretty much had a heart attack when I walked into the bathroom. Everything was in place. There were fancy, bright colored soaps on the ends of the sink, towels hung from the rods, a fragrance filled the room, potted plants were everywhere you looked.... I was stunned. Taking into thought on what Marla said on not taking too long, I onned the shower to the warm level, and let the water pour down on me.

© 2014 Forever Hidden

Author's Note

Forever Hidden
Haha okay, strange way to end a chapter, I know XD
My vocabulary was the size of a peanut when I wrote this chapter...
Yes. Yes. Probably lots of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Too lazy to fully edit it.


May or may not be continuing this :)

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What happened to your other book? Nice start :)

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

its not the best, but i think it illustates my point :)
Forever Hidden

11 Years Ago

OHHHH Yesss now I get it!!! Thanks for the tip :3

11 Years Ago

lol no problem :)
Hidden, this. Is. Amazing!!!!! And you said you couldn't write stories????? It was incredible! I loved it! Although, two things that I notcied right off hand. Kayos should be chaos, and you don't have to capitalize winter, unless it is a person's name. But other than that, I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Dark Rider

11 Years Ago

XD Yeah, I don't listen to myself at times either.
Forever Hidden

11 Years Ago

XDDD We are such strange people
Dark Rider

11 Years Ago

yes, yes we are. XD

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Forever Hidden


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