Life of a "Loser" - Chapter 1

Life of a "Loser" - Chapter 1

A Chapter by Kat








 "Nothin I say comes out right

i cant love without a fight

No one ever knows my name

when i pray for sun it rains


          Im so sick of wasting time

But nothings moving in my mind

Ispiration cant be found

I get up and fall but


          IM ALIVE!



I slammed my hand down onto my alarm clock grumpily. Don't get me wrong, i love that song, but i am NOT a morning person. The fact that i have school today dosn't help.

 "Ugh" i grumbled, rolling over in my warm lime green and black blankets. Suddenly, there was no more bed, and... THUMP!!!

"Owch!" as i got up, wondering how bad a morning could possibly be, a black shape raced passed me and up onto the bed so fast, all i saw was a blur of black fur.

"Nadia! Whats up with you this morning?" I asked my normally calm cat, looking into her sparkly blue eyes. She just looked up at me, tipping her head to the side as she always did when i talked to her. I looked over at the time and sighed. 6:34. No chance of sneaking back to bed now. As i walked over to the shiny black dresser in the corner of my room, Nadia rubbed her head on my leg. I pet her and grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans and a paramore tee.



I grabbed an apple off the table and ran outside with my gir messenger bag over my shoulder. Running my fingers through my annoyingly long light brown hair, i threw a "by mom" over my shoulder as i ran down the street towards school, knowing i wouldn't get a reply.


          I got to the point where i was wondering if the eyeliner around my luminecent ice blue eyes was smudged, when i realised where i was going. School. The place where people are judged at the first day, and nothing else. The place where "populars" rule all. The place where popularity was decided on how nasty mean and hoe- ish you are. EWWWW..... Suddenly, i spotted the only person who can un-depress me.

"GEM!!!!" i screamed at her.

 "WHAT?!?!?!?!" she screamed back, even though we were now only about 10 feet away from eachother.

"HII!!!!!!!!" i screamed again.

 "WHY ARE WE YELLING?!!?!??!" Gem screeched, her voice cracking at the effort.

 "I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!".

"ok, ok, headache." Gem said, making me stop.

 "Uggh!" i complained, not even bothering to explain why i was. "i don't wanna go either." She said. She knows me so well. Sometimes it's scary. We walked the rest of the way in silence.



BRIIIIIINNNG!!!!!  The sound of the bell left our ears ringing as we started to run to homeroom, trying desperately not to be late again. Stepping into the main hallway we were swept away by the sea of people running off to their own classes.

 Gem and i headed off to the bathrooms. Now, i know what your thinking, 'going to the bathroom when 2 seconds ago you were running to class?!' but it's not what you think.

We stumbled over to the end of the room, behind the last stall, there was a small door, between being painted white like the rest of the bathroom, and being in a shadowy corner, nobody had ever noticed it before. Nobody exept me. I found it in 1st grade, when i was looking for somewhere to hide.


RUNNNN!!! That was the only thing going through my mind. I had to go, had to hide, before- "YOU CAN'T RUN FROM ME, LOSER GIRL!" Crap. He still sees me! It was the first day of 1st grade, and i was running for my life. Joey McCarther was the school bully. But he was no normal bully, he almost killed a little 3rd grader last year. He was a 10th grader, but he didn't care if you were older or younger than him, he would beat you till you black out for no reason. People have tried to get him out of here many times, but his dad it a lawyer, and he fights dirty. Not to mention there are rumors of his mom being an assasin, rumors wich are only fuelled by the mysterious dissapearences of anyone who dosn't bow to the McCarthers.... "KAT!" He yelled angrily, angry that i was just that tiny bit faster than his fat butt. Then i had some inspiration. The girl's bathroom! maybe he won't go in there? Maybe there is someone there that could save me? I thought desperatly. Clinging to that bit of hope, i ran faster and jumped into the bathroom and was behind the last stall just a second before the door flung open. "Kat, come here kitty kitty kitty, come out and play!" He said tauntingly. I was doomed. I was sliding backward slowly and silenty in hopes of blending in with the shadows. It was when i hit the wall, when i felt a tiny, almost not there, line, i looked over, and there it was! A door, blending perfectly in with the wall. Not wasting any time i immediatly opened it, thanking whoever it is up there in the sky (im not religious, so i just don't know...) that it made no sound. I jumped in and closed the door behind me. There in front of me was a long tunnel, a hidden world nobody knew about. There was a first floor, that led to every hallway in the school, and a second, third, and fourth floor, all leading to the hallways of the school, all exept the fourth, wich led out onto the roof. There was also a floor below the first. It led to the schools basement, and another floor below that! in that floor it was just a storage- looking room. I explored it for a long time, it was after school and my parents wouldn't be home until 5pm. After a while, i left back to the first floor, and found an exit that led out of the back of the school's wall, perfectly blending with the bricks, it was then i met Gem. We were best friends from the moment we met eachother. I showed her the first and upper floors of my safe- haven, along with the basement, but i kept the last one as my secret.


We emerged from the wall of a side hall next to our homeroom, nobody saw, because we timed it. Time for school. Yay. We walked into homeroom and i was almost decapitated by the 2- billion paper airplanes flying around. People were laughing and yelling anf throwing things around. the goths sat in the back along with the delinquents, and the normal people next, then before them, the jocks and cheerleaders, making out in the middle of the room. jeesh. and in the very front of the room, the nerds. completly sterotypical. it annoys the hell outta me. i mean can NOBODY be origional? We sat down with the normal people. while gem chatted and socialized away, like the social butterfly that she is, i put my knees up and took out my drawing pad. I'd started to sketch a picture of a waterfall, next to a clearing, with a girl sitting in a beautiful tree, somewhere i'd much rather be, when all of a sudden my sketch book was up in the air, held byy a strong hand, leading to a buff guy wearing a jersy. jock. this couldn't be good. They usually don't bother me unless their bored. "well, what do we have here?" he said, sneering at me. he looked at my paper, and looked actually suprized i could draw well. he quickly covered it up and threw it in the recycling bin. "i think you need to be taught where things belong." he said. crap, he was coming toward me. by this time the class was silent, watching. nobody was jumping up to help me, and i was doomed considering gem, the only one who would stand up for me, was in the bathroom. well, it's a good thing that after the Joey inciedent all those years ago, i goined a taikwan do class and many other self- defence classes, even though he moved. i was pretty good, lets see if i'm good enough... a circle formed, he stepped toward me, and i looked around for some sort of escape, nope. i settled into a defensive stance, and waited, looking like a caged animal, im sure. he made the first move. like i figured, it wwas a simple upper- cut. guys like him were all the same. i grabbed his arm before he could hit me, and he seemed suprised that i was so fast, but he suprise was quickly wiped off his face and morphed into anger and pain when i twisted it behind his back and forced him onto his knees, threatening to break the arm i was holding. "lemme go!" he yelled at me. i leand down next to his ear, and said clamly, "now, why would i do that?" "because, i, i wont bother you anymore! i promise!" he said back. "and i should take the word of a guy like you? yea right." i said "im no idiot." he paused, not expecting my words. " what do you mean a guy like me?" he asked stupidly. i took pity on him and answered, "a guy who takes pleasure in other peoples suffering, a selfish stupid sadistic guy. the list could go on for miles." "please!" he begged under the pain. i let him go, and he dropped to the floor, holding his arm, wich im sure was at the very least sprained, but not quite broken. walking to the edge of the circle closest to the recycling bin, the crowd parted for me, and i walked through, my head held high, retrieved my drawing pad, and went back to my seat, putting the finishing touches on my drawing. everyone was silent for a moment, then exploding into noise as they talked about what had just happened, going back to normal. the jock went back to his seat, glaring at me, and sat down like nothing happened. the next moment gem walked in followed by the teacher, who was always late. she took attendance an then dissmissed us to our first period classes. hooray.

© 2011 Kat

Author's Note

yay! i finished the first chappy! ^^ what? ok! now its time for you to yell at me for how weird it is!!! BRING IT OWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 XD

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chapter 1 chapter 1

A Chapter by Kat

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