My fantasy

My fantasy

A Poem by Paul

A more depth look into my use of imagery.


I see myself walking on a cliff where there's an invisible force beneath my very feet. I can walk on this force and below it, I see the violent sea that are crashing on the mossy stones protruding the innocence of the water. I looked up and gazed at the sky, red crimson with a blue cotton candy horizon. I could raise my arm up and grab the clouds in my fingertips and they would melt in my hands. I see myself like a high power walking on this unseen, levitating force. Underneath this force is the blue ocean, the force holing me up above the ocean is just for me to feel free and relaxed.  I feel the cool breeze comfortably caressing my skin. Is my body deceiving me, or am I just dreaming? My eyes become watery at the sight, smell, and beauty of these thoughts, this isn't real, this is an escape into my deep, deep imagination. It's amazing what you can conceive when you're pensive. When this dream is over, I'll be awake again, in my world, with a smile on my face. I will remember this divine dream; I'll remember every detail and I'll be sure that the clouds will stay cold in the sky for the time being, the sea will always be a beautiful sight to see, the invisible force carrying my feet will always hold it's power. Everything is so surreal, but it holds great beauty. As I've said before, it's amazing what you're mind can conceive when you're pensive. I believe it's astounding what you can dream about and write every detail that come pouring out of your mind. What can you conceive through your thoughts. Listen to your mind, listen to your dreams. This is my escape.

You have an escape too.

What is yours?

© 2010 Paul

Author's Note

There may be some grammar and some paraphrasing may be necessary.

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Added on December 23, 2010
Last Updated on December 23, 2010



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