A Poem by Paul

This is seriously a dream that I had several months ago. Global warming what is happening. But how long will the Earth withstand the destruction? Well, that's just up for Motherearth to decide...


I've seen the life that beholds us far into the future. The dust is yet to be settled and the storm is yet to start. The apoculypse is at the tip of the worlds finger tips. Motherearth will rage war against us all. Time will go slow for a long while, then it will be back to normal. All life that we know of can end in just a click of our fingers, we have to be careful of what we are doing. This is my dream, I've had the same dream as yesterday and now I had it today. I see people running for their lives, grabbing their children and carrying them along with a back pack full of luggage on their shoulders filled with all the necessities they needed. I see the rain crashing on the ground. I see the muddy foot prints on the pavement. I see the sky turning gray, purple, blue, then black. I see the sea crashing on the rocks and the avalanche of rocks falling into the ocean, murdering the innocense of the lives of the people, the people, who their soul to be one with the ocean. I see homes being torn up from their hinges and thrown violently around in the volatile wind. I see the heads of flowers being popped off of their now dead bodies. I see people seeking shelter from the horror of doomsday. I see the grassy fields blowing back and forth, side to side. I see the earth cracking open and spew hot molten lava. I see the blood dripping of the dead bodies while the living sat beside them, mourning over their life departed bodies, risking their lives because they refuse to leave. The angered motherearth swept us all away like a Tornado. So emotional, so surreal. I've learned now that my dreams overpower my thoughts. Simple as that. I woke up this morning, crying. Because the people whom were in my dream are who I know in real life. I seen so many others though. I've seen people who I don't even know. People who I carelessly walk past in the hallways of school. People who I don't know but sit next to in classroom. People who I walk past in the grocery store or when I'm taking my walks. It's those little details that made my dream so real. I think my dreams feel so real because it seems so possible. Soon, motherearth will get her revenge due to humanities abuse. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, next week, month, year, generation, century or millenia. But it will happen unless we stop the destruction.

© 2010 Paul

Author's Note

There may be a few pronoun errors,grammar errors, etc,etc.

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Added on December 25, 2010
Last Updated on December 25, 2010



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