My definition of Strength.

My definition of Strength.

A Poem by Paul

This is just my definition of strength and how pain developes it and solutions to pain.




 I feel that strength is gathered with expierience. The more troubles that happen and the more pain you feel and you get makes you a stronger indivisual. In this case, I've gone through a lot of bad in my life, therefore, making me a stronger person. This is an example of mental strength. We go on with our everyday lives sometimes unguarded by our security. When we're not secure, then obviously we're insecure. When we're insecure then we are more vulnerable to pain. My connotation of the word pain is someone falling down, bleeding, swelling up and crying. But the denotation has a variety of meanings. For instance, when a person falls down and feels 'pain' of the body then that is physical pain. Another example of pain is mental pain: The feeling you get when you loose someone you love, things that are troubling you, etc,etc. Pain to me is both a negative and positive thing. I say this because in the moment you feel pain then you obviously want to cry and want the pain to go away, you dislike the feeling, you wish you could feel better. But on the postive not, once you feel the pain, you begin developing your strength. Your strength developes your strategies on coping with pain. When you have solutions to easing that pain and keep using those options then you're allowing yourself to be more secure. Keep in mind everybody, you're always in reach with these options. But it's your choice to choose them, don't be to focused on the pain. Stand up from your moist puddle of blood, choose an option, move on. In conclusion, it's your option to be strong or weak. It's your choice to feel pain. All you need to do to make the right choice is to have the smarts and experience. Strength.. is what everyone needs nowadays so don't cry about it, do something about it, act when it happens. Tears are a way of coping with your pain, but your mental strength is the solution to the suffering.

© 2010 Paul

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Added on December 26, 2010
Last Updated on December 26, 2010



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