Strength II

Strength II

A Story by Paul

A continuation of "My definition of strength" in a way..

    For far too long I've been holding on. For far to long these vile thoughts invade my thought. For far to long I've been longing to let go. Why have I not let go before? Simple, because I didn't know how to let go.

    I'm posting a reflection on your actions, all of your actions that are analyzed by me. Thank you for allowing me to learn more about our own species. It's good that we're all different from one another, right? My positives overpower my negatives, indeed, but I still see some negatives in you and I.

    I'm proud of that, these imperfections, these faults that you and I bare.

    This is the start of what makes EVERYONE of us the same, different problems, different situations and a solution. Who has the confidence in them to discover the solution though?

    Some just let the problem tear at their psyche. I, for one, try to search for a way to cope, a solution.

    Days are much brighter with an optimistic mood and the absence of pessimism. Positive energy, you make me shine bright. Let me hear your drama, my ears are pealed, my mouth is sealed, my brain is awake and alive. Talk to me, give me your power, society, I'm not begging you for this your drama, your energy. You're actions, my actions, your words, my thoughts, make all a difference to my well-being .

    It's a great treat to endorse them and learn. Either way, you're making me a better person. I shall not dwell nor shall I drown. I will forever be close to the shore and I shall bathe in these emotions, and become the stronger swimmer. Thank you, each and every one of you. Thank you for allowing your negative and positive energy fuel my strength.

© 2010 Paul

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Added on December 27, 2010
Last Updated on December 27, 2010



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