Chapter 10: Change

Chapter 10: Change

A Chapter by Janeece

Scarlet prepares for her first outing.


As I've said before, I've never really had any friends. Besides Skye, Fredrick is my first. I guess for that reason I'm not exactly sure what actions are appropriate for a boy and a girl who are just friends in contrast to a boy and a girl who are in a relationship.

I try to stay as distant as possible from Fredrick during training--Ben caught up with me, unfortunately-- which probably reads as me being cross with him. He doesn't seem to dwell much on that though, seeing that there are much more important things than my feelings towards him.

"These are defense suits," Ben begins, waving up and down his attire. I see nothing but the black pants and shirt he was wearing earlier. "they are clear and therefore appear to be non existent to your opponents. They allow your body to take very hard hits, absorbing most of the impact. In return they also give your strength a heavy boost. Unfortunately, they don't make you invincible. You can still be shot, or stabbed. But they are very useful during weapon free combat." I cringe, shivers shaking my upper body. Fredrick steps forward. Something catches my eye on his lower calve and I notice the reflection off of his own defense suit.

Fredrick starts with the basics, showing us a few defense tricks on Ben. We both know I don't need the help, but Ben doesn't. And it's not something either of us feel qualified to recall. How weird would it be, for everyone to have to grasp the concept of me being some sort of super human. I am already considered some kind of virus to this world; I don't need any other titles.

Ben is a suitable opponent when they first begin the demonstrations. It is obvious he has had training, as well. The first time Ben pins Fredrick, flipping him off his feet, palm pressed firm on Fredrick's sternum. Fredrick huffs a rugged "lucky try" and gracefully gets to his feet.

He tries a surprise sharp kick into Ben's shin. Ben skillfully skips out of the danger zone, as though he was expecting this and slams Fredrick's shoulder with a hand that seems to weigh a million pounds. Fredrick's body flops down roughly, as though he is a dead fish, creating a thunderous thwack that makes the ground beneath the small audience's bottoms, tremble.  Rae looks at me, her dark eyes widening. I reassure her that he's fine, just stunned. Fredrick let's out a wheezing laugh, this time taking a little bit more time- and lots more stumbling- to get to his feet.

"So that's enough defense for today." Fredrick says, glaring at Ben as he staggers towards a large boulder, using it as support.

"But what about-" I shoot Rae a look that tells her to shut up. She does.

"Guns." Ben speaks lightly, as though talking about the weather. He picks out the biggest, heftiest gun from the bag he'd acquired from the armory. He directs his words to Fredrick, telling him to take something out of the bag and set it up.

There are three low benches, constructed conveniently. Allowing you to crouch behind them and practice taking aim upon their surface. Now here's something I actually need to practice. Ben displays the right actions we must execute. He sets up several rocks 20 feet away in a perfect line, paper targets attached to their faces.

"Soundless bullets," he exclaims brightly, a little bit too much pride to his tone. "invented them myself. They don't make any noise, which means they draw no attention. But they create a small red spot whenever they hit a hard surface." He gives us each as many as our guns can hold, which for Fredrick's gun, is a lot. I don't ask for the name of the gun I hold, it's significantly smaller than Fredrick's monster but about two times the size of Rae's. The weapon I hold is similar to the gun Griffin had back at The Head. I try not to study it too hard, just getting the shape familiar with the curve of my hand.

Fredrick takes aim first, knowing exactly what to do with the long butt of his weapon and squinting just over top of it. He pulls the trigger and there's a whistle of air as the bullet races out. In less than a second there's a dull pop in the distance and Ben jogs out to retrieve the target. He slaps on a new one and comes back, results extended in his hand.

"Right on target." He says, impressed. "You're better with a gun than you are with your hands." Fredrick knows this as well as I, but one compliment will do. He smiles triumphantly, snatching the page from Ben's hand, ready to add it to his secret scrapbook. "Now you." Ben juts his chin out at me and I swallow the lump in my throat, nodding. I attempt to take the same position as Fredrick, but my gun is much smaller so it feels odd. I hear his cocky chuckle as he bends to help me, extending my arms and pushing my hunched shoulders down. I mutter an annoyed thanks and he backs away, in front of the bench and to the side. I take aim, pull the trigger and-

"OW!" Fredrick erupts, in pain. I don't remember pulling the trigger! I turn to see his body lean backward and hit the ground with a loud thud and he grabs his leg, pulling it in. "She SHOT me." He points an accusing finger at Rae, who sits there innocently, glock in her hand. She slowly puts it down, eyes darting around, focusing nowhere in specific.

"Sorry..." She says through tight lips, embarrassed. Ben laughs, amused. My eyes round in terror.

"They're just rubber bullets." Ben seems to be trying to convince me more than Fredrick. "One at a time though." He remarks, more serious now. He goes to collect my target. There's no red spot on it. "You hit the rock." He advises, disappointed. But I'm not. I'm surprised I even managed to hit the rock never mind the target.

We continue to do target shooting. Eventually my shots make their way to the target sheet, but never quite hit the bullseye. Raeleigh hits the rock several times-Fredrick sitting 20 feet away at the minimum- huffing and puffing at her defeat. Before we know it the sky is a blue-ish black and Ben is herding up the supplies, telling us to head back. We pretend to be helping the limping Fredrick, who is faking his injury a little too much and leaning on an exhausted Rae more than me. She whines in protest and I quickly shut her up, Ben eying us skeptically.

 "Don't worry," I pretend to huff, as we help Fredrick along as a human crutch. His bruised leg is bent back as he hops. "you go ahead. We'll be fine." Ben shrugs, in no mood to help us support Fredrick. He walks on, moving much faster than we are, muttering something about dinner.

 We move very slowly, only picking up the pace when Ben throws a glance over his shoulder. He does this a few times until we see him disappear through the main door. About 30 feet away we stop, lowering Fredrick to the ground and settling down beside him.

"What are we really doing out here?" Rae ponders, playing with a small rock within arms reach. "I mean all this time travel nonsense, you aren't going to need all this training." She pauses, thinking about something. "In fact, you don't need it at all. Must've escaped The Head somehow." Fredrick and I exchange a look, Rae notices. "I'm not an idiot."

 "No one ever said-"

"So what do you plan on doing? Running away again?" She interrupts, still rolling the pebble back and forth in her hand.

"She knows we don't need training. But she also has no good reason to say no. We don't even have a good plan anyways. There's no way to stop them."

 "We need to slow them down somehow. Buy us some time to figure this out."

 "We could break it." Fredrick finishes. Rae laughs to herself.

 "We could make it look like an accident." I suggest stupidly, earning a stern look from the both of them.

 "Why would we need to be near it in the first place? We know we're not allowed in those corridors. We'd be breaking rules, too." Raeleigh lets the rock roll from her fingertips as she talks.

"Kids!" Ben calls from the door. "Your dinner is going to get cold."

"Just a minute! We needed a break." He slips back inside before he can hear my bad excuse. We all get to our feet, preparing to help Fredrick again. His arm slithers across my shoulder and around my neck, settling on the other side. He places his other hand on Rae's shoulder gingerly, not to keen on the idea of touching her.

We hobble along, Fredrick wincing every so often. Eventually he shakes off our support and begins to limp on his own, waving my persistent assistance away.

"I'm fine." He says through clenched teeth, sending a glare in Rae's direction. She trembles from the ferocity of the look for a moment, and then realizes I’ve noticed. She huffs at me, fixing her eyes on something else.

 We eat in the dining chamber. White pasta that even by appearance, I can tell lacks all nutrition my body strives for. A bland coating on it providing little to no flavor, and probably of no value to me. It only satisfies my hunger, gives me the little push I need to get through the rest of the day without collapsing in exhaustion. It satisfies nothing else though. Not my craving for vitamins or minerals or all the omegas and organic intake my body is used to.

I finally work up the courage one day to ask Raeleigh about all the gross food down here. She tells me its easier for them to obtain the food no one really wants, because that way no one will notice large masses of food gone missing. Leafy greens filled with antioxidants are nice, but those can be grown and apparently, they're not ready yet. I wonder where they could possibly get the materials required to produce their own crops but don't bother asking. It may get me on a spot on the gardening team, and getting my hands dirty is something I don't want to do. Unless I'm working in the kitchen. Which is something I do a lot. Serving food, stirring soup and chopping whatever needs to be chopped. The last one wasn't my job for very long after I almost hacked my own finger off.

 Fredrick is usually off somewhere else. Doing jobs that require more muscle. Something I'm sure I'd be just fine at, but Kara knows my hands need to be busy doing something else. Nothing to make me stronger. At least, that's my theory. But I don't tell anyone that, not even Fredrick.

 There's something going on between us. I don't know if I like it, but I can tell he doesn't. He strays from me unless I take the initiative to engage in conversation with him, or some of his friends bring him over to the table I sit at with Seb and Marka. Blazer, Sensor, Erik; just a few of the names I am able to remember, the guys I see him talk to the most.

Sometimes we walk side by side, Fredrick and I. Maybe he's unwilling to do so, but he's always been so good at hiding his true feelings. Sometimes our hands brush and I consider the thought of weaving my fingers through his own, pressing our palms together. That could be a friendly gesture, right? Maybe. But even if that were the case, I don't think he even wants to pursue friendly gestures with me. He's also refrained from calling me Red, doesn't really address me at all anymore.

"Scarlet," My eyes shoot up from the gun I'd be reloading, a smile stretching across my face. Finally! "can you move? You're in my way." I drop my head before he can see how quickly the happiness drains from my face, along with all colour. It beats red and I glance upwards to see I'm crouched in between his training bench and the target rock. I whisper a fast 'okay, sorry' and scurry out of his way.

I wonder if he's mad at me. If I had done something to really make him cross. But there's nothing I can remember. I figure it's best not to bring it up. Especially right now, while he has a gun in his hand.

"Go ahead." Ben directs his words to me. Standing off to the side, in the safe zone, hands across his chest.

"Oh." Fredrick mumbles, leaning up from the bench. We're supposed to go one at a time, observe others problems and the next person's suggested solutions. He thought it was his turn. "Alright then." He stands, taking a few foot falls backward and gesturing for me to go ahead, with a sarcastic bow at the waist. What did I do wrong?

I get in his previous position, which earns me a snort. I don't dare glance back at him, the look on his face will only upset me.

Upset? No, this isn't upset. This is beyond upset. My face is red, I can feel that. Some sort of red emotion courses through me. Could this be anger? Probably. Why is he treating me so?

I kneel down, fighting back the urge to swerve on the hinge of my knees and snap his femur with one fluid motion. I could never actually do it. But the way I'm feeling suggests otherwise. My own thoughts frighten me so I try to focus on the task at hand. Just hit the target Scarlet. Nothing to worry about. Shoulders dropped, tendons loosening, finger ready by the trigger. Pop! There's a whistle from the direction Ben is in before he jogs out to get the results.

Rae had to bail on us tonight, having had promised Adelaide to do something important. I didn't ask, we don't have much interest in each other anyway. It'd be nice to have her here now though, someone to brag to. Fredrick seems the least bit interested, picking at his nails, leaning against that rock like he owns the place.

 "Bullseye!" Ben holds the sheet out from his body, extended in his hand. A smile creeps onto his face, like he's accomplished a goal himself.

 "Thanks." I grumble, not able to enjoy this special moment. Fredrick squats down as though nothing has happened, more than ready to take his turn.

Three more pops settle in the air, clinging onto the desert sand and ringing in my ears. Though I know they shouldn't, these bullets are silent. My sense of defeat seems to be screeching at me. Without so much as a second look I force an excuse about being tired and then turn on my heel, not waiting for an answer. I see Fredrick shrug in my peripherals, Ben not concerned at all. He laughs at something Fredrick says, and then runs out to get the targets.

I go straight to bed, no appetite tonight. No need to do anything, actually. No one cares anymore, so why should I? No one really needs me here. I'm just a symbol; all they need is my name to stick around. Not even my face.

`           I had walked past Seb in the hall, he didn't even say hi. Didn't even take in my existence. Am I a ghost? Did I die at some point so quickly I didn't even realize it? Now I'm hovering around looking down on those I care about?

No, that doesn't make sense. It's not possible. Plus, the look Fredrick gave me when I took his turn proves I am no ghost.

 I try very hard to sweep my mind clear of conflict, put the cobwebs into a trunk somewhere deep in my sub conscious flow of thoughts and settle into a deep sleep. Too deep to dream.


When I wake up I am not disoriented or in question of where I am. I know exactly where I am and would do almost anything to get out of here. But I also don't want to be out there. Is there no place for me anymore? I wouldn't doubt it, that's how it's always been.

But where do I belong, and who am I? The only facts I had were on that nurse's file tablet. Maybe it had been waterproof, but the vast ocean wasn't searching for the metal reader; it didn't plan on spitting it out at my feet. I'd have to go looking for it, and the chances of that happening, never mind finding it, are slim to none.

I wearily climb out of bed. Sadness has seeped into my bones while I slept and now it demands every ounce of energy I have managed to store up during my power nap.

 Stumbling around the halls, I realize it's past curfew. Weird. Rae hadn't woken up to lecture me about every rule in this hellhole. Without the men on an outing, that means I could run into anyone in these halls. Shoot now, ask questions later. I remember when Kara told me that the first time I was caught.

I had snuck out, really having to pee. At first I wished it had been anyone other than Kara, to catch me out after curfew. But after she told me that familiar slogan, I decided maybe her keen eye to point people out from a distance, was a good thing. After all, some people don't know me very well. A lot of the men fit under that category.

I stay close to the wall so that if one of the hall watchers rounds a corner, there's a good chance they won't get their beam of light focused on me for a few moments and by the time they do, I'll had already bolted in another direction. Hugging the rocky divider, I scale it slowly, listening out for the scuff of lazy shoes or bored feet, pushing small rocks around. The walk straightens my sore limbs out. The muscles feel as though they're going limp, loosing their flexibility and core. I really need to do some more weight lifting around here. Stirring soup isn't doing enough for me.

I draw in the less humid air in long, confident breaths. It still settles weirdly in my lungs, as it always does, a musky tinge to the oxygen around me. But my airways thank me in response, a noticeable change from the suffocating substance back in my room. I absentmindedly begin to hum, thrumming my fingers against the wall I cling too. I stomp on the ground, creating my own beat.

"Scarlet," a voice groans. I instantly stop my one-man-band, internally cursing myself for getting out of hand. My heart beats painfully inside my chest, are these the last words I will hear? "what're you doing out of bed... past curfew... again?" The voice is tired, annoyed and painfully fighting the urge to curl up on the ground right there at my feet.

"I have to pee-" I don't say anything else. I don't even know who this is!

 The light sweeps up to my face, illuminating their own as well, as though they heard my past thought.

"Seb," I breathe, my heart slowing down to a fairly steady rhythm.

 "You're gonna get me in trouble, you know." His hair has flopped down since the time we've both arrived.  The blue flames have been extinguished, wilting awkwardly onto his forehead and down his back. It's still short, but growing out. The blue has faded to a murky brown, the colour of dirty water. He notices me staring and locks his jaw, then unlocks it. "I know, I know! It's terrible!" I have to laugh.

"It's not too bad. This girl next door got a yellow job once. She looked like a giant banana." He doesn't even blink at my attempt to cheer him up.

"And a dirty blueberry is any better?" I hadn't thought of that one.

"You'll get used to it." I reassure him, patting his shoulder softly and taking a few steps away.

 "I guess." he mutters, eyes drifting downwards. "Hey! Where are you going?" my feet stop moving on their own accord, I twist at the waist to answer him.

 "Uh..." I've really got to find a book on how to lie.

"I really can't let you walk around Scar! They'll get so mad at me. You can't kno-" he almost shoves the base of the torch into his mouth to shut himself up.

"I can't know what, Seb?" He shrugs, muttering ‘I don't know’ through clenched teeth, and then turning around. "I'm going to find out eventually. You might as well just tell me." I express in a soothing voice, closing the distance between us.

"I really can't, Scar. Look, I really would but-"

"What if I get Fredrick to get you some blue hair dye while he's out on an outing?" I see the possibility of the solution to all his problems--well the ones he really cares about--shining behind his excited, grey eyes. It melts away slowly, the corners of his mouth twitching in conflict.

 "You'd never actually ask him." I take a step back, surprised.

 "Why not?"

 "You think he's mad at you."

"How'd you know that?" Seb shrugs again, mindlessly sweeping the torch back and forth down the length of the hallway. "You can't hide that from me too, Seb! That's not fair." I can see my words effect on him. The erosion they're causing on this brick wall he's put up. He bites his lip, consulting his inner demons on what to do.

"She told everyone to ignore you." I know exactly who the She, is.

"What? Why?"

 "Well, that's not exactly what she said. But basically. They're going on a huge outing. We didn't get any details as to what for, but we all know you can't go, no matter what the reason is. And if you knew about it you would. So we all avoid you so you don't ask questions and-" I suppose the look on my face tells him to stop talking.

"When?" he knows he's said too much, but won't disappoint me now, my facial expression doesn't allow him too.

 "Tomorrow." It's a sigh of relief, he's told me everything he knows and there's nothing left to hold back anymore.

  I won't tell anyone he's told me because it's not like I can tell them they're all wrong. Of course, I want to go. So I will.

 I crawl back into my bed, straight under the covers. I had nothing else to say to Seb so I nodded, somehow said goodnight and found my way back here. Seb didn't protest, he let me go.

I guess I feel relieved. Fredrick doesn't hate me, after all. He is trying to protect me, I guess. But in the wrong way. I'm sure he knows most of all, the fight I have in my heart. Of course, I'm going to find out. Haven't these people learned anything?

The next morning I'm not sure what to do with myself. I shouldn't act any different, but now that I know what the truth is behind their acting, I can't seem to get a grip onto how I was before.

Fredrick ignores me just as he did days previous to this one, only this time I'm able to smile at him, slightly smug. He notices this and pulls his eyebrows up in amusement. I walk on, pretending not to notice. My chores today are not the usual. The list seems to have doubled. And not to my surprise. They have to keep me busy, or I'll interfere with their plans.

I set off towards my first chore; shower cleaning. We climb atop the roof in the bathing room and pull whatever remains seem to have lodged themselves within the small cracks and ridges in the ceiling, straining the usual steady flow of ocean water. Fredrick holds the ladder as I work, the old rickety thing provides little to no stability, and stability is what I'm used to. I ask if they have anything more up to date. He faces me with an annoyed snort, as if to call me a brat. I brush it off and continue, in no hurry. I need to figure out a way to get on this outing! If I keep Fredrick busy, it'll only lengthen the time they have to wait before they leave.

 I ask him to fetch me more of the seeds and grains I need for the bread, knowing he can't say no or I'll be suspicious. He rolls his eyes before speed walking from the room. Only two people work by my side. Two older women. The salt and pepper haired lady Fredrick likes to talk to and another one with dark black hair and midnight eyes. She doesn't tell me her name, working silently.  She rolls the dough through her fingers as though it is an art. Molding its texture into the perfect roll. I try to mimic her actions, ending up with a tough, dried out lump of garbage.

Fredrick laughs, halfway done stocking the shelves. I shoot him a look and he backs off, his hands yearning to finish the job and get out of here. It must be happening soon.

I end up on laundry duty afterward. Putting stranger’s clothing  through the cleaning box because for some 'unknown' reason, they can't do it themselves. I notice most of the metal baskets contents are men's clothing. But down here, you can't be sure, everything is considered unisex.

Fredrick whistles in the dark around me, creating his own tune. I listen as I wash, a soothing soundtrack for my restless heart in the black room.

"Why are you following me everywhere?" The whistling stops, then starts up again, as though he'd hiccupped then quickly recovered.

 "I'm not. I was stocking shelves. Now I figure you just want some company." I consider this. Nice one, Fredrick. I'll have to borrow his book of tricks one day.

 "Now you're being nice?" The whistling never stops. Unless he has to speak, he picks up from the same spot as swiftly as the conductor of a train that is never tardy.

"What're you talking about?" The innocence in his voice is unmistakable. I can picture the look on his face. Ice blue eyes trying to wear me down, lips drawn onto a confused face.

 "Nevermind." I mutter, working my fingers into the fine fabric. I can feel him shrugging in the dark. This actor deserves an award.

He eats dinner with me. Eyes set on my face almost the entire time, never straying to glance around the room. That'd make me suspicious too. The eating corridor is too empty, too quiet. There should be a buzz of human activity. Hungry kids and adults scarfing down hardly inedible substances. But not noticing the difference, perfectly content with what they're given. Fredrick acts the same. Really, though, he should be in films. This show is phenomenal. I paid the ultimate price for a ticket, I deserve this much.

After the hardly satisfying meal of bread and some sort of meat with a side of strawberries, Fredrick and I head back to my room, where I plan on changing.

 The halls are deserted, and it will be dark soon. This must be the time then. He'll lose me during my next chore and run off to find the rest. Well, not if I find them first!

I'm probably moving too fast. Fredrick can see the urgency in my face, the need to be somewhere.

"Got a hot date?" He laughs to himself. I encourage my legs to cut the distance in half, swiftly and efficiently. Fredrick struggles to keep up, not wanting to run, but his casual walk not quick enough.

 I dash inside and close the door in his face before he has the chance to protest. I slide my bed away from the wall, kick all the junk out from under it and do the same to Rae's. There's got to be something. A hole, a nook, a cranny, anything! There are small holes everywhere in these caves, why would my room be an exception?

 When I see the slender crevice I practically launch myself at it. The edges have been smoothed by some present technology; I can see the past existence of sharp ridges on the surrounding surface. Apparently this room still has to be lined with the over used titanium, but they haven't gotten around to it yet. Lucky me.

The hole is hardly wide enough for me to fit sideways, and I have to get down onto my stomach to fit through, height wise. I slither through, catching my shirt on jagged rock and slicing my skin slightly in the same places. By the time my feet begin to enter the small space, my hands are reaching out through to the other side. I use them as an anchor to hold my weight down on the wall, and slide the rest of my body out. I brush the fine dust off of myself, as well as the stinging pain of all the new, little scratches. I get to my feet and take a quick look around. I'm in the hallway that connects to the one Fredrick is standing in, at the outside of my door, waiting for me to come out. I can hear his echoed voice, bouncing off the walls, probably calling my name. The sound is indistinct. I take off towards the outing storage hall, the place where all the stacked boxes had been a few weeks ago. It doesn't take me very long, and when I get there the hall is vacant. Of boxes, of people, of anything. Just the same fine dust settled on the ground.

I race towards the ladder and climb my way up, skipping rungs but never slowing down. I peak my head out over the lip of the exit from the tube, looking around for any signs of people preparing for an outing. I see a small crowd by the same bush Fredrick had brought me to, during our picnic. The stashed emergency pack, circle of lanterns, recalling recent events...

A hovercraft is settled down not too far away, the entrance facing away from them. If I can just get over there without anyone noticing, I can get inside. I sit here, perched and waiting for the right time to sprint. The sun still has some time before it sets, and I know they will not leave before dark.

“Going somewhere?" I almost lose my grip on the bar above my head, my feet slip from their place but I catch myself. That same laugh reaches me at the top of the narrow tunnel. "How'd you get away from me?"

"It wasn't very hard." I say through my teeth, irritated.

"Right, well. Let's go, then. We'll get a snack and then-"

 "I'm going with them. With you." A sigh. I hear him put a foot on the lowest bar, sending a weak shake throughout the ladder.

He climbs until we're face to face, inches apart, breathing on each other. His breath smells of nothing significant, but I can't say the same about myself. I try not to blow air in his direction. But he seems to be everywhere, bracing himself on the walls of the small tunnel, feet placed just under my own, so our heads are at the same level.

"Red. You have to understand why you can't. Your face is everywhere. If one person sees you, we're all screwed."

 "As if your face isn't."

"True. But I'm less...impulsive than you are. I don't make bad decisions in the moment. Every decision I make, makes sense in that moment, and in the future." These words strike me, I almost lose my grip.

 "Well, thanks." I grumble, my voice a deep thunder. He sighs again and then tells me to stay still, in his low, serious voice. I don't move, squeezing my eyes shut, I feel him climb up past me, his body brushing heavily against my own. I draw in a sharp breath, trying desperately not to breathe in his potent scent.

"Come on." I see his hand fall through the top of the tunnel, reaching towards me. I grab it and kick off the wall, finding my way up and out. He easily lifts my weight, as though it's nothing. "I'm going to create a distraction for as long as I can. Just get on that hovercraft. There's a hatch at the very back that opens. Turn it counterclockwise and then go down there and just stay quiet." I nod, too surprised to form any words. Fredrick, my only friend, he is helping me!

I lay flat on the ground, trying so badly not to exist, stirring up the sand to hide my unmoving form. Fredrick runs towards them, not calling for their attention until he's a safe distance away from me. I can see there aren't too many people going on this Outing, but enough to carry me back inside, kicking and screaming.

He seems to get them into a deep conversation, using his arms to tell some elaborate story, no doubt with eloquent words and flawless transitions. I spring upwards, keeping my body low to the ground, in case I need to drop again. Though that problem doesn't arise. Once Fredrick has your attention, he's keeping it. There's no way to ignore him when he talks, no way to look anywhere else for escaping captives.

I run through the entrance of the hovercraft, searching desperately for the 'hatch' he had been talking about. What's a hatch anyway? I look for anything hatch-like and begin to panic when I hear their voices drawing near. Fredrick's is the loudest of all, a clear warning sign for me to get wherever I need to be, and fast.

Between my legs is a circular bar, willing to spin. I grab it between my fists, hopping off its surface and spin it fast, counterclockwise. It opens swiftly and I jump inside, not bothering to use the ladder, and pull its lid down on top of me.


© 2013 Janeece

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