The garden cage

The garden cage

A Poem by JRB

Misleading thoughts of freedom


In a forsaken garden
Sat a young woman
Questioning why
She was
Locked in to this small cage
Of limited expectations
Bounded by obedience


Was just out of her sight
On the other side of life
Hanging in the tree of death
That was holding
The knowledge within
Her existence
The understanding
Inside her


In the Awaiting
Was her innocence
Slowly crawling
Towards her awareness
What was believed
To be
Those misinformed
Thoughts of freedom


Her choice
Was for her future
Found for the moment
The inner freedom
Of womanhood
Its internal pleasures
The outer peace
In enlightenment
Through equality
Only to be driven out
Of her garden of clarification
Into the valley of his despair


Done by the one
That stood beside her side
In the beginning
Sending her back
Into that diminutive cage
Of obedience
Her freedom
Stood the man of her time
The keeper of her locks
The guardian of her cage
But not of her soul


Within her being
There was
An inner spiritual strength
Setting man’s
Soul burning
With interest
A newfound passion
Within her
There was
An intellectual power
Illumination and guidance


From within
Her very essence
She taught man
To think
Within his choice
To hold
A new vision
By his reality
To exist
Within that


Inside her
There was
Also an emotional power
An intuition
That shattered
Those mental walls
Which man
In his foolishness
Of acceptance
Had manufactured
Around his awareness
But not her consciousness


Yet she was, sent back
When she was
Leading forward
Now that the cage
Has rusted
The lock
Has dissolved
The man
Who stood once
Before her
Is no longer
Her keeper


Why does she
Still sit there
Her leaving
Wondering upon
Her choice
When her essence
Is liberated
She can now
Lead forward
Once again
Not in blinded faith


In the clarity of sight
An inner awakening
Her travels
Her being
Of self-worth
As a woman restless
Yet content
She still sits there
With confusion
Shadowing regrets


Copyrights Reserved
The garden cage

© 2012 JRB

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I can't describe what I felt. Something awakened within. I shall read again, the beauty of what hangs in the darkness of our soul.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is wonderfully written. Thank you for sharing it.

Posted 9 Years Ago

love the format , it is easy to read. These words are very profound as other have pointed out. All of us waver at times but at others we must do what is best for us in the end.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I really like emily burns review because it denotes that she will do what she needs to do for herself in the end....she will see past confusion an expectations from others and do what intuitively feels right......step by step, even if they are wobbly at times.

Posted 9 Years Ago

very profound

Posted 9 Years Ago

I really likd this. The flow and the format are great, and the abstract language make for a beautiful poem. Thank you.

Posted 9 Years Ago

i felt frustrated by this poem-- it felt misogynistic. perhaps that 's what you intended since you describe it as "misleading liberty"

Posted 9 Years Ago

step by step she will venture ahead

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow, this is deeoly profound,
I really enjoyed this.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Grantville, PA

To my writes, I have been told that my writings, relate to the poetic styles of, John Donne, George Herbert, and many other early 17th-century English poets. By believing that enlightenment c.. more..

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A Poem by JRB

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