Right out that door

Right out that door

A Poem by Jasmine

This is a song about a man whom comes home after being out all night cheating

You walked through the door at a quarter pasted four, Thinking, I didn't know what .
you've been doing. The smell of shame and wickedness waves off you. (Ohhhh) (ohhh baby) Don't even look at me with such repugnance There is no sense in you coming here to be begging and pleading It will not get you very far. (Oh no baby) As far as all them tears you are crying, Baby they don't mean s**t to me anymore. I will not be your fool. What you have done is unforgivable There is no longer a "you and me" That heart has stopped beating.The moment you started cheating.(Oh no ohhh) How could you, How could you do this to me. I can't Believe you would stoop so low. Well I got some advice for you. Get your s**t and walk back out that door. I no longer have anymore use for you. (Oh sweet heart) You done made your bed, so best you get back and lay in it. (Soooo)(ooohh) Walk your a*s back out that door. Go back from where you came from. I have no use for a cheater like you.

© 2016 Jasmine

Author's Note

I wrote this to the beat of john Newman's cheating. Not really a song writer but it was fun to try.

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Added on June 2, 2016
Last Updated on September 10, 2016
Tags: for women, ladies, hurt, cheating, lied, lies, relationship, creative writing, song, leave



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