The Lost Honeymoon...

The Lost Honeymoon...

A Story by Jennifer Webster

A couple who does not even know each other gets stranded on an island-And you won't believe what happens next!

(Canva art by Jenn Webster) 
Once upon a time, there was a wedding of a couple who have been together for three years; a man and a woman, who go by the name of Julie and Ron and who are the wedding attendants, were at the ceremony.
Afterward, there was a huge wedding reception at sea; the newlyweds began to have their first dance, and just when everyone was having a good time, soon there was an alarm, telling them that a storm was coming, and that everyone needed to get to safety right away…
And then, a storm came up; it raged so fast and hard that the entire luxury liner boat began to tip over, thus beginning to sink. Julie and Ron were the only ones who managed to escape from that wreck. They swam and swam right to an island, and they hardly know each other; not only that, how would they ever survive on that island?

It is now six months later; Ron and Julie have been on that island for that long a time, and what’s more, they happen to be the only survivors. Meanwhile, they see a bird building a nest, and was about to lay eggs. They began to think about how to hunt for the bird, since they had been so very hungry since they have been shipwrecked and have been surviving on nothing but fruit.
Then, the bird began to lay eggs, and was about to fly off when Ron struck an arrow at the heart of the bird, killing it. Then, he and Julie began to roast the bird that night, after having plucked its feathers. And then, something strange was about to happen…
Julie and Ron began to see each other, and just when you think they were about to fall in love, well, guess what? You are wrong: They look at each other, and then they began to sprout feathers on their skin! How unbelievable!
And then, they began to squawk like birds; in fact, they are turning into birds, and then they start to peck at each other and fly away, and…

And then, Ron woke up from his dream; he woke up with a sigh of relief, and told all about his dream to his wife, Julie…” Oh, you just never believe the bad dream that I had…” and Julie replied, “Oh, that’s it! No more fried chicken for you, bub!”  

© 2021 Jennifer Webster

Author's Note

Jennifer Webster
Tell me what you think of my short-short story with a twist ending; any feedback I get would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Fun stuff. I enjoyed the surrealistic style and fable narrative. A little brief, and needs some tucking in, but original and fresh, keep the stories coming.

Posted 5 Months Ago

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Added on February 16, 2021
Last Updated on February 16, 2021
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Jennifer Webster
Jennifer Webster

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