A Poem by jex

Part 4 of the new Colors series. I owe the ending to Victoria PoetryBunny. Check her writing out, it's pretty amazing :)

She never knew life like others did,
Never felt like she had a home or a family,
Never even felt like she was a human

She was taken far far away from her home,
Away from the trees and beautiful green grass
And placed in a city of concrete giants,

Days went by when she was alienated by those her age as well as her peers,
Other days would occur when she became the target of their name calling and hurtful words,
Where she withdrew and faded away into her loneliness

Her pain and suffering would never cease,
Until the day she took it all away

In his last days,
Her dad always remarked that she had the most beautiful eyes,
"The most gorgeous use of a shade of Nickel as he had ever seen"

Taking that literally more than figuratively,
She disappeared,
No trace and no note left

One day,
As the sun slowly rose over an empty home,
A hiker discovered her body

Resting peacefully,
She made the long and perilous journey home
Her refuge during her last days alive

Her peers would say she died the same way she was born,
Alone and unloved

Though anyone who read her diary knew the truth,
They knew who she meant, by "the one with fire in his eyes"
And they knew that she died in suffering the same pain that her parents did
A curse that ended with her death

© 2012 jex

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Oh I feel honored :) haha, thank you for that. From the beginning stanza I love the emotion. The imagery in the second stanza is a bit heartbreaking, you really gave a good picture to the feeling there. The third stanza shows actions that are behind her pain filled emotions.
I love this quote here:
" "The most gorgeous use of a shade of Nickel as he had ever seen" "
Love how you fit the title into that.
Stanza seven, that discovery is such a image you have placed into this poem.
Such a touching part in this poem:
"Her peers would say she died the same way she was born,
Alone and unloved"
Such a unique ending, powerful with emotion and mystery. I really like the quote you added in the last stanza as well "the one with fire in his eyes".
Really nice write, filled with emotion and great imagery.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on March 22, 2012
Last Updated on March 22, 2012




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