Rules for dating fangirls...part five

Rules for dating fangirls...part five

A Story by Joshua Lobdell

at the end of the day fangirls can be a little weird, and there are some thing you just have to live with if you get involved with one of them...this is the most important one

Urban Dictionary defines fangirl as- A rabid breed of human female who is obsessed with either a fictional character or an actor. For our purposes we also include fandoms into the definition.

Let me start the fifth installment of my public service manifesto...using that word makes it sound all sinister and stuff, but on a real note I have irrational hatred for one Jon Snow. I hate Jon Snow not only because he knows nothing...but because the fangirl in my life is in love with him...IT is not even a for real irrational hatred (even though it totally is) but this leads us to the fifth rule of dating a fangirl...fangirls crush on and fall in love with fictional characters...and you cannot get jealous over that fact.


So when I say I have irrational hatred for Jon Snow (and if you do not know who that is for the love of god log off the internet and go read a book already) it is more of a cute way for me to say hey I know the fangirl in my life loves him and I am respecting that love, that attraction, her feelings towards this fictional being. No one said dating a fangirl was gonna be easy.


My best piece of advice to anyone involved with or thinking about getting involved with a fangirl is this...get very use to her saying 'my baby' and have that not mean you. She may even go as far as to call some fictional character her boo...or whatever the hip slang word we see all over Facebook is at the time (fudge you I'm old, lol).


That is not always an easy thing for someone with male parts to accept, but the thing to remember here is this. If your fangirl is telling you about her fangirl crushes....that means you have earned a special place in that fangirl's heart...and of course you can then go on social media and say who you hate...and I will like that status...cause I have felt that weirdness....I hate you Jon Snow, I hate you!!

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Added on November 3, 2014
Last Updated on November 3, 2014
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Joshua Lobdell
Joshua Lobdell

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