A Story by jo

Some secrets come out in all the wrong ways



(Part 2)

Cindy Adams couldn’t be happier to be home after spending four hours. At her part time job at the mall, she threw her bag on her bed. And decided to check her email before starting on her homework

"What’s this? She asked herself aloud. While opening an email form the legend master

Which only read


"Oh, I’ll play with you alright! She smirked as she deleted the email. She was about to log off when she received an instant message. From the person who had sent her the email

"So do you want to play or not?

"It depends? Cindy typed back. "On what kind of game and who’s this?

"I’m the legend master and the name of the game is hide and seek"

"Oh please, give me a break Peter, is this you?

"Who’s Peter, I told you I’m the legend master!

"Look, whoever you’re I don’t know how you got my email address. But I don’t want to play any stupid game with you!

"So why don’t you just bother someone else! Cindy typed

"Oh, you’re no fun!"

"Whatever! I am getting off now you’ve wasted enough of my time"

"I won’t do that if I were you!

"Oh, really and why not? Cindy typed back frowning

"You’ll find out soon enough"

And with that the person logged off

Still feeling confused Cindy turned off her computer and went downstairs. To grab something to eat she was about to grab a soda when her phone rang


"So are you hiding yet? A whispery voice asked

"Listen jackass! If you’re trying to scare me, it’s not working! "Now who the hell is this? Cindy yelled into the phone

"Okay, okay so you don’t want to play hide and seek. No problem, we’ll just play something else then"

"Like look who’s about to die! The voice laughed. "And I were you, I wouldn’t worry so much about who I am but where"

"Oh, let me guess you’re hiding somewhere inside my house right? Cindy frowned

"That’s right! By the way, isn’t it a bit embracing having your baby pictures hanging over the fireplace like that? The voice asked. Before the line went dead in her ear

"Oh s**t! There really is someone inside my house!

Cindy ran to the knife drawer was and opened it. A noise coming from her living room caused her to drop the drawer onto the floor. She slowly went to have a look and bumped into a person wearing a black coat, and ski mask. He went to grab her arm but Cindy fled up the stairs and into her bedroom. Slamming the door behind her

She pulled opened her top dresser drawer and took out. A small can of mace then hid behind the door and waited. A few seconds later, her door slowly opened and a shadowy figure walked into the room

"You can’t hide from me! I know that you’re hiding in here!

Cindy angrily cried out as she jumped out from behind the door. And jumped on top of the figure and sprayed the mace directly into his eyes

"Oh, nice Cin, you just blow the whole scene! Peter Jones, her boyfriend best friend cried out. As he walked out from his hiding spot holding a tiny video camera


Cindy reached up and yanked the ski mask off her assailant Joel Patterson

"Joel? What is going on!

"I needed an opening for the movie that I’m making" Peter smiled

"What! You two losers just scared the hell out of me. Cause of some stupid movie? Cindy cried out

"Yeah, something like that" Peter shrugged

"Unbelievable! Cindy yelled before stormed into her bathroom. She came out a second later holding a wet cloth in her hands

"Wow! Joel, you really have to see this she really kicked your a*s! Peter laughed. As he looked through the lens of the tiny camera

"Not as hard as I’m going to kick yours! Joel sneered

"Well you got what you deserved and stop rubbing your eyes. You’re only making it worst" Cindy snapped then wiped the cloth over his face

"How did you idiots get in anyway? She added

"Umm, you know Cin; you really should keep your back door locked. Because you never know, what kind of jerks could just walk in! Peter laughed

"Gee, thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. Come on let’s go downstairs and I’ll make you idiots a frozen pizza" Cindy smirked

An hour later the boys were helping Cindy clean up. When a loud noise caused them all to jump

"Now what? Cindy thought to herself. "I’m coming and whoever its better have to use the bathroom. That’s why you’re knocking down my door! She yelled

She opened the door and was shocked

"Jill, what’s the matter? Cindy asked her pulling her inside

"Oh my god! Cindy, you’re never going to believe what just happened!

Behold the gossip queen has arrived! Joel laughed

"She’s more like the drama queen," Peter added

"Very funny! Cin, what is wrong with your phone I’ve been trying to call you for hours! Jill frowned


"Never mind! Jill interrupted combing her hands through her already messed up hair

"Alley Wilson was found murdered last night in her room!

"Oh yeah right" Peter smirked

"No, I’m serious the cops even asked me a whole bunch of questions" She answered him

"Like what? Joel asked

"They wanted to know who her friends were stuff like that," She answered." However, that’s not the worst part!

"God, Jill! What could be worst then having one of your friends be murdered? Cindy frowned

"Well the cops also said that they found some weird message, written in her blood" That said she should’ve been more careful for what she wished for" Jill answered her

"And what does that mean? Peter asked frowning

"How the hell should I know I didn’t write it! Jill frowned back

"Hey maybe whoever did it, it out of jealousy after all she did do half the school! Peter laughed

"Peter, do us all a big favor and shut the hell up! Cindy smirked

The next day Cindy, Joel and Michael Hunter were inside the school gym. Getting it ready for the year book morning sale

"I was thinking that after what happened to Ali, Peter should conceal making his movie," Cindy was telling them

"Yah, I still can’t believe that she’---

"She what? Joel asked. Michael couldn’t find the words to finish, he just pointed to the scoreboard that was next to the gym’s clock. Which in big bold letters showed a weird message



Then the message disappeared. For a few seconds none of them spoke, they just kept staring at the scoreboard. With horrified and confused looks on their faces, and just as Michael was about to say something. Jill ran inside the gym

"You’re never going to believe�"

"That there has been another murder," Joel mumbled

"No, why’d you say that? Jill frowned

"No, reason it was just a guess" He shrugged

"Well you guessed wrong the cops just found Peter’s car plunged into the swamp. Just behind the old Whistler place, there was a dummy hanging from a tree next to it"

"With a note pinned to it chest that said, soon they’ll all pay! Jill explained

Later that night they were all gathered inside of Peter’s room discussing what was happening to them

"I can’t believe Ed; every time I lend him anything he ruins it! First it was my favorite shirt now my car�"

"Really nice jackass! There’s some psycho out there and you’re cracking jokes! Can’t you be serious for once in your life" Joel scowled him

"And speaking of Ed, where’s he anyway? Shouldn’t he be here? Jill added

"He’s at work, and sorry you know how I get when I’m freaked out" Peter answered

"Then I guess you’re always freaked out? Jill laughed

"Funny, but what’s really freaking me out is that this idiot’s really going out of their way. In trying to make these stupid legends real" Peter shrugged

"Legends? Cindy asked in a confused tone of voice

"An urban legend, this dumbass is really going out their way in trying to make them real. Even though they keep messing them up," He answered her

"Messing them up how? Michael asked

"Okay, first with Ali, I’m guessing that they try to do aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the lights" Peter shrugged

"Oh, I know that one" Jill interrupted. "Isn’t that the one in where a girl goes to bed thinking that her roommate is having sex? So she doesn’t turn on the lights." And in the morning she finds her roommate murdered and a message on the wall that reads"

"Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the lights? Or something like that? She added

"Bingo! That’s why I don’t get this creep if they’re so much in trying to make these stupid legends real" Then why keep messing them up? And what’s up with the weird messages attached to them? He added

"Maybe they don’t have your expertise on the subject" Michael smirked

"In a weird way it makes you wonder if maybe Toby," Cindy began

"Anderson? Peter frowned. "What about him? And before anyone decides to open their mouths about what happened to old toast boy." It was just an accident nothing else and besides we all agreed a long time ago"

"Never to talk about what happed ever again"

"You’re such a jerk Peter! I can’t believe that you had the balls to say what you just said! "If I remember it was your dumbass to play that stupid prank on him! Jill screamed at him

"Stop it! Michael yelled. "We should be trying to figure out what’s going on before something else happens" Instead of blaming each other on who did what to who back them"

"So what were you going to say about Anderson? Joel asked

"Look, I don’t know what’s going on. But don’t you guys; find it a bit weird that whoever is doing this"

"Are not just coming after us but they’re doing it. By using these stupid legends," Cindy explained

"And you think that Toby’s, the one behind all of this? Peter frowned

"Maybe? Cindy shrugged

"Toby the killer ghost! There’s no way that he could’ve survived. The damn room collapsed on him! Peter cried out

"Whatever, like I said I just find it strange that’s all. That we used a so called prank to freak him out"

"And now someone’s doing the same thing to us. Only they’re not doing it for the laughs," Cindy answered him

"Okay, what if he did somehow survived. Why go after you now? Why not done it sooner? Joel asked

"Or maybe someone’s just bored" Peter added

"Bored! Both Cindy and Jill yelled out in disbelief

"Ali was murdered in cold blood and you think they’re bored? Jill added

"Nope, I was only trying to make a point" Peter frowned

"Oh, really and what would that be? Jill smirked

"That we could spend the rest of the night. Going on and on whether he’s alive or not"

"But that still isn’t bringing us any closer. In what really going on around here," Peter stated

"Maybe, we should just go to the cops and tell them what we know" Cindy sighed

"Oh that’s a great idea! Peter laughed. "We end up in jail and whoever did this gets away with it" Now that’s fair"

"Relax Peter, it was just a suggestion" Cindy answered him

"I’ll just as soon as you guys get out of here. And let me get some beauty sleep, I’ll talk you all tomorrow" Peter answered

"I don’t know why we’re even giving out these dumb things out" Michael was telling them

"Hey, did they get here yet? Peter asked. Once he and his brother Ed, walked into the yearbook office

"Yah, the new order just came in" Cindy answered him. Pointing to a big stack of yearbooks, that was leaning against the wall

"Great! Peter grabbed one and held it up to his nose

"You’re supposed to look at it not try to inhale it! Ed laughed

"Funny, I can’t help it I just like the way new books smell" Peter shrugged

"You’re totally disturbed! Joel laughed

"Hey guys, guess what! Jill exclaimed slamming the door open

"That the more toilet paper you stuff down you shirt. The bigger they become" Peter smiled

"Peter, drop dead okay? Jill smirked

"Umm, no offense Jill, but I wish you’d stop asking us that question" Joel whined

"Just ignore them what happened now? Cindy laughed

"This! Jill answered, then handing her an envelope. Inside there was a thick piece of paper with a picture of the old Whistler place

Beneath the picture it read









"Oh wow! Did she give this to you? Cindy asked. Breaking the silence between them

"No, it was taped to my locker I checked we all got one" Jill answered her

"Who’s Mary Crow? Ed asked frowning

"She’s that strange girl from study hall. Who doesn’t talk to anybody all she does is reads" Jill shrugged

"Just because she likes to read Jill, doesn’t make her strange. Maybe she’s just shy" Cindy scowled her

"I’ll be shy too can you imagine living there? Jill began

"Oh give it a break already! So does it say if we tell her we’re going or just show up? Peter interrupted

"Showing up where? There’s no way in hell that I’m going to that stupid party" Jill frowned

"Oh, what’s the matter is the little girl to scare? Peter teased

"Damn, right I’m what if Cindy’s right about Toby still being alive. That would be the perfect place for him to be hiding" Jill answered him

© 2013 jo

Author's Note

working on the grammar problems

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