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Sometimes doing the right is completely wrong



Judy Haven wondered where she was as she looked around the small room. She tried to remember how she got here, but her memories were nothing but confusing blurs. Judy was trying to clear her mind when she saw a ghostly figure coming towards her and began screaming

"Please don’t scream Judy, I’m not going to hurt you I’m only here to help you"

Who are you? Judy asked, in a nervous tone of voice. The ghostly figure smiled

"I’m Hope, your guardian angel"

"My who?" Can you please tell me what’s going on here?" Judy frowned

"Well for starters. I’m sorry Judy, but you’re no longer living," Hope began to explain

"What do you mean I’m no longer living? You don’t mean that I’m dead do you?" Judy cried

"Yes, I’m afraid so. You committed suicide with all the stress building up inside of you. You couldn’t take it anymore and well there’s really no need to continue," I think you understand" Hope stated

"How could I be so stupid," Judy muttered to herself. It was suddenly all coming back to her first her boyfriend of two years broke up with her. And if that wasn’t bad enough her parents announced that they were getting a divorce. Her mother wanted to move to another city as soon as possible. All those things were just too much for her to handle so she just decided that the best way was to end it all

"Sorry Judy, but you can’t go back what’s done is done," Hope whispered. "However, I’m here to offer you a very special deal because of your perfect record. "We’ve decided to give you a second chance at life. You’ve the opportunity to enter the body of another girl your age." Whose thinking about doing the same thing you did but her soul belongs in heaven. So we’re allowing her to enter heaven without death that’s if you agree of course," She added

"Hey wait a minute! Why didn’t I get to go straight to heaven if my record is so great?" Judy frowned "What makes her so special?"

"Umm, that’s my fault. You see a soul transfer was going to be reacted on you." But the girl who was going to do it changed her mind at the last minute" I’m so sorry," Hope explained

"Its okay I guess," Judy shrugged who I’ll be replacing?"

"Do you know Amy Matthew? I believe she was in some of your classes,"

"Yah! I know her don’t tell she’s the�"," Judy began

"I’m afraid so," Hope nodded

"No way! She’s about the sweetest person who ever lived! Judy cried out

"You’re right Amy’s a very sweet and caring innocent girl that’s why we believe that she should be with us," Hope smiled

"Well I’m still not going to do it. Hey maybe she’ll change her mind like that other girl did," Judy stated

"But you’ve to! Hope pleaded.

"If you don’t and please don’t ask me how I know Amy’s not going to change her mind she’s still going to die,"

"In other words," Judy interrupted. "I’m to save her soul or she might be sent someplace else,"

"Yah, something like that," Hope answered

"Okay, I’ll do it but only for Amy’s sakes what do I’ve do? Judy asked

"Well in order to have her join us you’ll have to prepare her for what’s going to happen to her," Hope started to explain

"Oh yah right! And how am I supposed to do that? Judy smirked

"Oh, I’m sorry Judy. But that’s something you’ll have to figure out yourself," Hope smiled as she began to fade away

"Oh terrific! And how the hell oops sorry! Judy cried out. "But how am I suppose to prepare someone for heaven especially when I never been there myself." Okay Judy think," And then it hit her

"That’s it! She exclaimed snapping her fingers together "I can visit Amy through her dreams and tell her what’s going to happen. I just hope I don’t screw this up." Judy floated in search for someone to show her the best way to get into someone’s dreams. An hour later she was on her way to Amy’s house when she finally arrived it was midnight Amy was fast asleep. She was a little scared at first but as Amy slept Judy explained all that was waiting for her on the other side. Amy seemed skeptical at first but was willing to accept the fact that soon she’d be among the angels that await her. Shortly afterwards Judy went to look for Hope to tell her

"I was just looking for you"

"I know and in the future, whenever you need me just call me with your thoughts and I’ll appear as soon as I can," Hope smiled

A couple days later Judy asked for Hope to appear

You rang! Hope laughed

"Very funny! Judy smirked. "Anyway I think Amy’s finally ready,"

That’s great Judy! Congratulations! You’ve completed your mission it’s now time for you to return to earth," Hope replied hugging her

"Oh umm, I wasn’t expecting to return so soon," Judy mumbled

"Why not? You’ve completed your mission so there isn’t any reason to keep you here any longer." Is there anything that you’d like to know before you return? Hope asked. Judy thought for a moment before she answered

"Could I see Amy one last time before I go back?

"Sure, but there’s one last thing before you go when you enter Amy’s body you’ll feel sick for a day or two," Hope answered her

And before Judy could ask her why someone called out her name. She turned around and smiled when she saw Amy walking towards her

Judy! I thought you were dead!

"I am, but I won’t be here for much longer," Judy replied smiling

"I’m so happy to see you for the past couple of days I’ve been having weird dreams about you? Amy told her

I know

"You do? Wait is it really true then? I’m really going to heaven? Amy asked in a confused tone of voice. Judy just nodded her head yes

"I’m sorry to break this up but it’s time for you to go Judy," Hope interrupted. She then turned to Amy and continued. "I know this is all

seems strange. But Judy has to leave before the body that once belonged to you remains in a permeated state of death,"

"Don’t look so sad Amy, I’ll see you again someday," Judy added giving her a good-bye hug

Chapter 1

Judy opened her eyes and was amazed

"Wow! It really worked I’m Amy, now,"

She slowly tried to get out of her new bed. But as soon as she stood up she felt dizzy and decided to lie back down

Whoa! This is going to take some getting use to Judy thought to herself

"And how is my little girl feeling today? A strange voice asked walking into her new bedroom

"Umm, not so great mom," Judy muttered listening to the sound of her new voice. Hope warned me that I’d feel sick but she never said that I’d feel like a truck just ran over me she thought to herself. Amy’s mom reached forward and gently touched her new daughter’s forehead

"Well you do feel warm maybe you should stay home today now get some rest," She smiled as she kissed Judy on the cheek. Judy soon fell back into a deep sleep filled with mysterious dreams. When she woke up several hours later she was still feeling a bit funny. Judy lay on her new bed wondering why she was feeling so weird

Maybe it’s because of the soul transfusion no it’s gotta be more then that something to do with Amy but what? Then it hit her Amy was going to commit suicide but why?

Two days later as Judy prepared herself to go back to school she was still completely baffled

"Well at least I’m going back to school tomorrow. "Maybe I can get some clue on why she wanted to end her life." Judy had spent the last two days studying everything she could of Amy’s. She read through all of hers journeys, poetry searching for any clues to help her understand. But couldn’t find anything her only hope was to hopefully find out what was wrong through Amy’s friends. The day passed quickly much too quick for Judy and even though she was happy to see all her old friends again. She couldn’t forget that it was Amy and not her that they were talking to. Still she couldn’t find any reason why Amy had been so serious considering killing herself. Everything seemed fine in Amy’s life as far as Judy could tell she had a great boyfriend she did well in school and most important Amy had tons of good friends. A week later and Judy still had no clue on why Amy was going to kill herself until one day. When she was cleaning out Amy’s closet and found an old crumple up piece of paper hidden behind some boxes

What’s this? Judy thought to herself as she unfolded it and was shocked

Oh my god! Amy was HIV positive!

Chapter 2

"Hurry up Amy! You’ve been in there for almost an hour! "Other people live here too," Judy’s new little sister yelled. Judy washed her tear stained face and combed her hair

"God! Why did I ever agree to do this! She mumbled to herself before opening the bathroom door

"Well it’s about time what’s wrong with you anyway? You’ve been acting strange all week," Her sister asked

"Like I’m not really your sister? Judy mumbled


"Nothing," She sighed as she walked passed her and into her room slamming the door behind her

"God! This is a nightmare what the hell I’m going to do now? She asked herself. The ringing of her phone caused Judy to jump. She sighed and leaned across the bed to answer it


"Okay, what’s wrong? Kelly Huston, Amy’s old and Judy’s new best friend asked

"It’s a long story," Judy sighed

"Well I’ve the time if you do? Kelly answered her

Judy was about to answer when her mom knocked on her door

"Amy! Leo’s here to see you!"

"Oh great, just what I needed," Judy thought to herself. "Tell him to come up mom!’

"Well are you going to tell me or what?" Kelly asked

"Yah, but not over the phone come over in five minutes" And I’ll tell you everything,"

"Okay I’ll see you in five later then," Kelly replied

Chapter 3

"You haven’t told anybody have you?" Leo demanded as he closed her door behind him

"Well hello Leo, it’s nice to see you too!" Judy smirked

"Yah right, whatever just answer the question." Did you tell anyone or not," He repeated sounding annoyed

"No, I haven’t happy now?

"Good, I don’t think that we should, we should just forget all about it okay?" Leo sneered

"And how am I supposed to do that?" Judy asked angrily

"You’re not listening to me!" He interrupted "What if your new boyfriend finds out what’s his name,

Oh yah! Frankie, what do you think he’d say? Or your mom I bet she’d be thrilled if she ever found out,"

Judy was about to answer him but Leo didn’t give her a chance. He quickly left as Kelly was walking into her room

"What was he doing here? Kelly frowned

"Oh, he just wanted to make sure that I didn’t tell anyone about our little secret," Judy sighed

Little secret? Kelly asked frowning

Judy took a deep breath and replied "Do you remember a couple week ago when Frank and I got into a big fight." Because he thought I wanted to get back with Leo?

"Yah" Kelly shrugged

"Well that weekend I went to a party and I bumped into of all people Leo." I don’t remember exactly how it happened but I think that he must’ve spilled me something to help me relax." All I remember is blacking out and when I came to I was completely naked lying next to Leo, who was stilled passed out."

Kelly’s mouth dropped open

"Leo raped you?

"I don’t know! He said that he didn’t," Judy sobbed

"Holy crap! That big a*****e! Kelly cried out

"It gets worst about a month ago he had to take a blood test for the football team." And the results came back that he was HIV positive and so am I! Judy sobbed

What! Please tell me that you’re kidding? Kelly cried out

"I wish I could"

"Oh my god! Have you told your mom? Frank? What are you going to do?" Kelly asked

"I don’t know! I can’t tell my mom it’d break her heart, and if I tell Frank he’s going to hate me forever!" What do you think I should do?" She asked

"I can’t tell you what to do. But I’d tell Frank, yah he’s going to be more then pissed and probably want to kill Leo. "But if he really loves you he’ll

get over it, but whatever you decide I just want you to know that I’m here for you no matter what," Kelly answered her

Judy gave her a big hug and asked

"What would I do without you?

"Probably have a normal life! Kelly laughed

"Oh yah right what’s that?

"Umm that’s a good question? Kelly started rubbing her chain. "Sorry can’t help you there I never had one." The ringing of the phone cut her off

Hello? "Amy’s madhouse, this is Kelly speaking how may I help you? She asked tossing Judy’s tear bear in the air "I believe so do you wish to speak to her?" You’d? "Well then, you’ll have to ask me nicely and remember to say please, thank you please holds." Judy laughed as she took the phone away from Kelly


"What’s that goof doing at your house? Heather Black, Judy other new best friend asked

"Well right now she’s playing with teddy" Judy answered

"Oh goody, she finally found someone who she could relate to anyway did you talk to Leo yet?" Heather asked

"Yah, he just left a few minutes ago," Judy sighed


"And exactly what you thought he’d say to forget about the whole thing. I can’t believe that jerk! Judy frowned

A car horn interrupted

"Oh Mark’s here, I’ve to go but I’ll call you later," Heather replied

Okay later

"I still can’t believe that a*****e is walking around like nothing is wrong, "I could care less if he doesn’t want to take care of himself." But to put you and god only knows how many more in risk now that’s murder! Kelly said as she checked her watch

"Oh damn! I’m late for my mother and daughter quality time together. And don’t worry about it okay everything is going to work out fine," you’ll see. Now I better get out of here before I start crying," Kelly said as she gave Judy a good bye hug then walked out the door

Chapter 4

After Kelly left Judy popped down on her bed

"What am I going to do? I wish that I could talk to Hope, I know she’ll know what to do," She said yawning. A few minutes later Judy was fast asleep

"Things aren’t going so great huh kid?" Hope asked

"Hope! If I wasn’t so mad I’d be so happy to see you, how could you not tell me what Amy was going through! No wonder she was thinking about killing herself," Whatever made you think that I could handle this!

"Would you still have done it if you knew?" Hope asked

"You’re kidding right?" Judy smirked "That’s not even the point you talked me into changing places with her. And now she’s god knows where without a care in the world, while I’m stuck here to clean up her mess!"

Hope just sighed and answered "you still don’t get it,"

"Get what?" Judy frowned

"I know that you’re upset and feel betrayed by Amy and myself, but the truth is." That you were chosen not only for Amy’s sakes but also for yours," Hope started to explain


"You killed yourself because you thought nobody cared about you but that wasn’t the case. Your parents are still morning your loss if you only opened up and talked about your feelings." They’d have gotten you the help that you needed. But instead you just threw your life away without giving anyone a chance to show you that they cared," Hope continued

Judy was now crying "I’m sorry I didn’t know but what does that have anything to do with what’s going on. "I don’t understand!

"It’s against the rules but I’m going to give you a clue that might help you don’t allow Leo, to ruin your second chance�"," Hope began

"Leo?" Whoa, wait a minute! He didn’t plan this whole thing did he?" Judy cried out

"We’ll never know why or understand what made Leo, do the things that he did. Let’s just say that people like him are going to have a very hot future." "Well I’ve to go now I’ve told you all that you need to know for now good luck," Hope smiled as she began to slowly fade away

"Hope, no wait! I still don’t understand! Judy cried out but it was too late Hope had already left. A second later she was wide awake

"That’s settles it the next time I see Frank, I’m going to tell him the whole story. "I just hope that I can get through this," Judy suddenly felt a cold

breeze rush inside her room and could’ve sworn that she heard Amy’s voice whisper "You will"

Chapter 5

The next day Judy looked for Frank inside the cafeteria

"Hey looking for me?"

Judy turned around to see Frank standing behind her smiling

"Sorry, I’m late I had to go to the office to pick up some papers," He explained. He put his arm around her shoulder and walked over to their regular table

"Hey guys!" They said in unison as they sat down

"What are you doing later on tonight?" Judy asked Frank

"Nothing, much why?" Frank shrugged

"Because I need to talk to you about something important and�"," Judy began

"Important like what?" Leo interrupted frowning

"I wasn’t talking to you Leo," Judy replied angrily

"Whatever, but I need to talk to you outside now!" Leo snorted

"Relax Frankie, this is between me and your girlfriend," Leo added smirking as he stood up and grabbed Judy’s arm and lead her outside

"I wouldn’t tell him if I were you!" He threatened. Once they were outside the cafeteria

"And what are you going to do if I do!" Nothing that’s what!" And besides it’s my decision to make not yours!" Judy yelled back. She then tried to walk away from him but Leo grabbed her by the arm and repeated

"You better not tell him!"

"Please let go Leo, you’re hurting my arm! She cried out. But Leo just stood there staring at her. Judy pushed him as hard as she could and yelled

"I said let go!"

Leo was surprised by her reaction and let her go

"What was that all about?" Frank asked as he touched her arm


"Oh, I’m sorry did I hurt you?" He softly asked

"No, it’s just a little sore," Judy muttered. As she pulled her sleeve up and rub the big red spot underneath it

"What happened to your arm? Did Leo, do that?" Frank asked angrily. And before Judy could answer him the late bell rang

"Do you want me to walk you to your next class?" He asked noticing that Leo was staring at them

"No, that’s okay I need to go to my locker first. But I’ll see tonight can you come over around seven?"


Judy gave him a big kiss good bye then hurried to her locker she was about to go to her first class. When Heather came up to her

"Okay what happened? I saw the look Leo, gave you guys as you walked passed him," She asked

"Leo, pulled me outside then threatened me that if I knew what was good for me. "I wouldn’t tell Frank the truth," Judy sighed

"What an a*****e!’ Who’s he to threaten you have you told Frank yet?" Heather cried out angrily

"No, I’m going to tell him tonight when he comes over," Judy sighed

"Good, be sure to call me the moment that he leaves good luck!" Heather yelled as she hurried to her next class

Chapter 6

"So what did you want to talk about?" Frank asked

"There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just tell you the whole story from the beginning," Judy mumbled. Frank nodded

"Okay here it goes remember that big fight we had a couple weeks ago?" She asked

"Yah, I wanted to make sure that you were completely over Leo," Frank answered

"Well that night I bumped into him at a party he tried to kiss me and when I told him no." He got pissed later on he brought me something to drink I knew that I shouldn’t have took it. But how would I know that he put something in it. I must of have passed out or something cause I don’t remember the rest. I only remember waking up naked in Leo’s bed." Judy started to explain

Frank took a deep breath

"A couple weeks ago Leo, had to take a blood test and when the results came back it said that he was HIV positive." I freaked out and got tested myself and my results were the same as Leo’s," Judy started crying "I was going to tell you as soon as I found out but I was to scared that you’d hate me"

"I’m going to kill that b*****d!" Frank interrupted "And you! I don’t understand why you just didn’t tell me as soon as you found out!"

"I told you I was scared that you wouldn’t love me anymore. I’m so sorry please forgive me!" Judy pleaded. Frank walked over to the window and stood there silently looking outside for what seemed like hours

"Why Amy?" Why did you’ve to sleep with him?"

"I didn’t sleep with him he put something in my drink he raped me! I know that it sounds like I’m making up an excuse, "But that’s what happened I swear!" Judy yelled

Frank ran his fingers through his hair angrily "How do I know that you’re telling the truth?"


"You heard me why should I believe anything that you say!" You’re nothing but a little lying�"," Forget it you’re not even worth it I’m out of here!" He yelled

"Frank, please don’t go I love you!" Judy cried

"You love me?" Do you really or is that just another lie?" Frank asked sarcastically

"It’s not! I really do love you please Frank, you’ve to believe that I’m so sorry I never meant to hurt you!" Judy pleaded as he walked towards the front door "You can’t leave we’ve to talk about this!"

"Don’t make me laugh Amy, we’ve talked enough! Why don’t you call your pal Leo, I’m sure he’d be thrilled to make you another drink!" He smirked before he slammed the door in her face

Chapter 5

A week later Judy was sitting in her bedroom trying to do her homework when the phone rang

"Why can’t everyone just leave me alone?" She muttered to herself. But the phone kept ringing


"Judy, please don’t hang up okay? I know that I’ve been acting like a real jerk lately." And I wouldn’t blame you if you slammed the phone in my ear, but please just hear me out first okay." I missed you and I’m sorry that I walked out on you but I just needed some time to figure out so things for myself." So to make it up to you I’d like for you to meet me in an hour inside the school gym," He explained

"I missed you too, I’m just so happy that you called I’ve been so miserable without you!’ But why don’t we�","

"Amy, just meet there okay?’ He laughed "I love you bye,"

"He loves me?" Judy smiled "Hope was right, but I wonder why he wants to meet at school of all places?

Judy took a deep breath before she opened the gym she slowly opened the big steel door and was surprised to see Frank who was standing in the middle of the floor speaking to half the school. Their eyes met as she was about to take a seat near the door

"And now I’d like all of you to meet the girl who gave me the courage and love for me, to stand here and tell you our story." I hope that by me telling you guys this story it will encourage all of you to be careful of whom you date or sleep with. "Amy will you please join me,"

They all stood up and began to clap as Judy slowly started to make her way towards him

"Wow! That was great!" Kelly exclaimed as Frank and Judy walked hand in hand with her outside

"I just wish that Leo would’ve been there I’d have loved to see that stupid smirked. "He always has on his face be wiped off when Frank told everyone what he did," To Amy and only god knows who else?" She added

"Yah, I bet you’re not the only one who would love to talk to him right now," Frank began

"Well I can tell you where he’s," Heather smiled

"Where? And where were you? You missed the whole thing," Kelly asked frowning

"I was on my way here when I got a flat tire, I was waiting for the tow truck to come. "When the news of Leo’s murder came over the radio," Heather started to explain

"Wait what! Judy frowned

"He was murdered. The guy on the radio said that his mom found him this morning." He shot in the head," Heather answered her

"Oh my god!" Kelly cried out "Do the cops know who did it?"

"Nope, but who cares!" Come on let’s grab a pizza I’m starving!" Heather laughed

"Heather! How could you think about food at a time like this?" Judy yelled at her

"Yah Heather! What the hell is wrong with you anyway?" Kelly added

"Hey relax! What’s the big deal?" Heather asked rolling her eyes at them

"The big deal is that I just finished telling about half the school how much I wanted to kill the guy." For what he did to Amy, but instead of ripping his throat out. I decided it would be better if I just told everyone what a real a*****e he really is!" Frank exclaimed

"Was" Heather smiled


"You said what an a*****e he’s but not that he was," She began

"You’ve a very sick sense of humor you know that?" Kelly frowned

"Whatever! So you told everybody that you wanted to kill him so did a lot of people," Heather shrugged

"But the police are going to think that I did it!" Frank cried

"And did you?" Heather asked


"So don’t worry about it. Now can we please get something to eat before I starve to death!" Heather pleaded

Chapter 9


"So is Frank, still worried about the cops?" Heather asked grabbing two diet cokes

"Yah, he keeps saying that the police are going to blame him instead of looking for the real killer," Judy answered taking the soda Heather handed her "Who do you think did it?"

"Don’t know maybe he was doing drugs," Heather shrugged

"Leo? No he’d never risk being thrown off the football team he lived for the team," Judy answered

"Well maybe you weren’t the only girl that he inflected," Heather replied. Judy gave her a confused look and asked

"What’s that supposed to mean?"

"Look Amy, maybe you weren’t the first or the last girl that scumbag attacked. "And if he did rape somebody else then maybe she wasn’t as forgiving as you were." It wouldn’t surprise me if they took matters into their own hands and just killed him," Heather explained "I know I’d have," She added

"You would?" Judy cried out surprised

"Well they say that revenge is a b***h," Heather smirked

"I guess you’re right," Judy shrugged uncertainly "Hey maybe it was just a burglar and Leo caught whoever it was in the act,"

"Nah! He was shot while he was sleeping he never knew what hit him anyway Leo, got what deserved,"

"Nobody deserves to be murdered Heather, not even someone like Leo," Judy answered her sadly

"Well he sure deserved something," Heather mumbled. She then got up from the sofa and walked into the kitchen "Hey! you want a sandwich?"

"No thanks; I’ve to go I promised Frank, that I’d meet him at the mall. I’ll call you later okay?" Judy answered. She quickly grabbed her things and walked out the front door

Judy walked inside her house threw her book bag on the sofa and walked into the kitchen to grab a coke

"Heather couldn’t have killed Leo could she?" Well if she did at least I know why she did it. God, I just wish that this nightmare were over." Judy walked outside to her back porch and looked up at the night stars

"Hope, if you could hear me I just want you to know that I finally understand what you were trying to tell me." The doorbell pulled her out of her trance she went back inside and even though she knew it was. She still looked through the peephole

"Who is it?" She yelled

"It’s Officer Grant, Miss, may I come in?" I’d like to ask you a few questions about a Leo Davis." Judy leaned against the doorframe and started crying not only for Amy but also for Heather and herself

"Miss, is everything okay?" The officer asked. Judy wiped her eyes before she opened the door

"I’m sorry to keep you waiting please come in; I already know why you’re here. "And I think I know who killed Leo and why," She answered back softly

Copyrights © belongs to Jackie 2006

© 2013 jo

Author's Note

working on the grammar problems feed back are appreciated

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