The Dreaming Wager

The Dreaming Wager

A Story by Joseph D. Smith

Have you ever wagered with your subconscious mind?

I was once faced with my truest form, the one who keeps me alive while I sleep, but it was no mere dream... I have always wanted to know who I really am, and I knew that there was only one option to finding out, I had to wager with my subconscious mind!

The night was as every night goes, the room was silent and dimly lit. I never remember how I go into dream land, so I will get right to the point; I fell asleep. I found myself face to face with a martial-arts master, mid-aged, and every bit of a man.

I thought to myself, “Who could that be?” and the man had given me an answer, which strangely coincided with my question. I looked at him and I asked him out-loud, “How did you know the answer when I didn't even ask?”, then he smirked.

“You are clever.”, he remarked. I then became lucid, this was a dream. I found my confidence, and so I toyed with my dream character. “I know who you are.”, a grin came across my face. “So you do?”, he hastily expressed.

I had to think fast; “I'd like to make a little wager with you!”, this stopped him dead in his tracks. “What kind of wager?”, he replied. “I want to battle you in a match of mixed martial arts, and if I win, then you must tell me who you are, in every little detail!”, my adversary grinned, as he knew he had an unimaginable advantage, inside of this dream world!

“I accept!”, he then proceeded to prepare. He signals; “Bring it on!”, and the battle was on! I made my first move with a punch, which he was able to prepare, where he then tried to grapple and throw me, but to no avail; although he did manage to knock me down with a deathly punch. I got back up, then I proceeded to kick, which he also blocked. He landed another one, right in my jaw!

“You know you can't win!”, he was almost right, but I quickly took control! I shape-shifted into a blob, surrounding him! He was fighting me something fierce, who then almost broke free, but then I consumed the whole dream world!

“Alright! I quit! I give! I give!”, he pleaded. I let him go, as now he had some explaining to do. “You wanna know who I am?”, he scornfully conceited. “Tell me every little detail.”, I neutrally replied.

His fading voice echoed, “” ...

© 2011 Joseph D. Smith

Author's Note

Joseph D. Smith
I am on a quest to find out what my subconscious mind really is, but if I had to imagine, this is the scenario that I think would unfold. I rated this as Teen since some parents may find this content objectionable, since it makes references towards God.

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interesting, it's like a reverse jacob's wrestling match. Though I completely disagree philosophically(not that you care probably) it's a neat idea. The pace is a bit strange and it's not as much fun to read as it could be, but I think you should work on it and make the fight a little less rushed (abrupt is fine I think, but not rushed.)

re the author's note: some forms of religion make a point of not proselytizing children.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on June 21, 2011
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