Teardrops of a Bleeding Heart

Teardrops of a Bleeding Heart

A Poem by jrPaperheart

The Beauty of Nature ; Redefined.


Teardrops Of A Bleeding Heart 

The Beauty of Nature Redefined



The morning sun rises majestically with the early skies

As the flag of a nation waves drearily once again

A new air is upon us

Contending with the seasons

With every breath I feel the rebirth of myself

Slowly taking effect through the footsteps of the color coated paths I walk

An ease of simplicity amplifies the scenery overhead

I do not feel it nor see it, yet I can sense its presence

Sitting in the beauty of it all, I realize that this is bigger than myself

It is a frightening, yet glorious concept

With every drop of a leaf, time seems to stand still

The silence is numbing, but a comforting aura entails it

And it is here, in the center of it all, where I feel at peace

I walk upon the remnants of a fallen folio and feel connection

Our anatomies are as one

Two sets of veins transport life throughout the surface of our fingertips

Rendering us to live together in a harmonious manner

And still yet the blood line flows further

Looking towards the trees, I unlock the secret of our bonds

As the leaves float from atop the tree, they begin their everlasting cycle of rebirth

Sometimes we must brave the pain to cleanse the soul

Nature teaches many lessons unheard to the ear of mankind

© 2010 jrPaperheart

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now this is a very complex theme...but is executed with a very delicate eloquency...the theme is a bit on the abstract side and can be interpreted in various ways....
there is so much more to us and the universe around us than we think we know so very vast and all encompassing...our ignorance makes us confine ourself to tour paltry deeds and a trivial ego...only if we can rise beyond it all with a deeper conciousness.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Fantastic concluding line!! By far the best of a few really good ones. What I like about this is -although you may have your own specific idea of what the poem means- that it can be interpreted on many levels, like a kind of open metaphor.

A high standard of work again. Powerful.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Good job. I am not much of a nature dude but good write and good description.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on April 27, 2010
Last Updated on April 30, 2010
Tags: seasons, nature, connection



Westerly, RI