A Poem by Jules

began long ago and left unfinished ever since.


huddled in my corner

squeezing every ounce of flesh that i have

my mind breaks

and everything around me looks dull and drab


pressed up against hard walls

I sustain my balance

ready to run at the exact moment

i wait for this chance


when all of this nothing goes away

what is left?

watching eyes twitching

he notices my shift


the deaf cat takes notice

and begins its cry

she walks in small circles

as if to try


I wriggle to free my dirty hands

of all this filth

I have been here countless days

nothing matters now, not even the wealth


soft warm blood

oozes down to my fingertips

spilling upon the floor

each drip by slow drip


the pendulum continues

its carefree swing

another hour has passed

with no clue what the next will bring


my heavy eyelids seem to exist

along with the rest of my drooping body

not wanting them to close

I look down to stare at my feet so muddy


crumpled and mangled

my left hand has now gone numb

I rest my mind and listen

my beating heart like a soft slow drum


the rhythm soothes me

into a gentle slumber

to stay here forever peaceful

this I have to ponder


a sudden WHACK!

alerts me out of my state

and I find myself back into this world

in which I have come to hate


his gap toothed grin

sends herds of chills up my spine

as I sit here helpless on the floor

I begin once more my useless whine


the air about him, clouded

is thickened as he speaks

--------------------------------------------to be continued someday?  :)

© 2008 Jules

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Added on July 27, 2008
Last Updated on July 27, 2008



Coloma, MI

I am... a mother, a giver, a lover, a sinner, a friend, sometimes broken...but always there. I am human. I love poetry, but I love writing it even more. more..

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