Chapter 3- The Plan

Chapter 3- The Plan

A Chapter by Julie Estes

This is the third rough draft chapter of the novel I am working on.


Later that morning my friend Julie Downey called to invite me over to her house for a swim. I was relieved when my mother said I could go, because the urging to tell someone what had happened this morning was almost too much to bare. We laid out on our beach towels beside the pool in her back yard, and I told her everything.

“Oh’ my gosh Laney I can’t believe you did that! I would expect that from me, but not from your shy self.” Julie stated, with a grin from ear to ear. “I know, I don’t know what came over me… I just had to kiss him, I couldn’t wait anymore.” I replied, embarrassed on the reflection of my actions. “You two are so cute together! I always knew there was something between you two… kind of like with me and Cooper. I think he likes me, but he never makes a move. Maybe when he’s sixteen he’ll wake up and see what right in front of him.” Julie rambled, as I rolled over onto my stomach.

Julie followed my change in position as she talked. Her long brunette hair swooped to the side. She was the kind of girl, most girls envied. The naturally tan skin, and her model physique could be intimidating. She was right, my brother Cooper would wake up one day in a year or two and wish he would have paid more attention. As much as I tried to listen, my thoughts drifted back to Danny.

“So what do you think he meant when he said that will have to get us both through until tonight?” Julie asked, bringing me back out of my day dream. That thought hadn’t occurred to me. “I don’t know… maybe he’ll try to kiss me again?” I suggested questioning myself. “Maybe he’ll come in your room after everyone is asleep…” Julie suggested, to which I quickly interrupted. “No! He knows how my Dad is Julie. It’s not like he’s new to the family. My dad has let all of my brothers friends know my room is off limits period! I don’t think he’d try that, I mean he didn’t try to climb through my window this morning… he just stood there and talked to me.” I explained, with nervousness in my voice.

“So, are you guys a couple now… or what?” Julie questioned, I thought to myself for a minute before answering. “I don’t know Julie… I mean, how do you become a couple when my Dad won’t allow me to date until I’m sixteen?” I asked in frustration. Julie chuckled to herself. “What about filling your mom out about them making an exception?” Julie suggested, as she raised up to sit Indian style on her towel. I turned on my side to face her, and put hand under my head for support. “That’s funny! You know my Dad there is no such thing as an exception.” I stated, as a sad feeling began to overwhelm me.

What was I going to do? I thought to myself. Danny would be sixteen, have his own truck, and want to start dating soon. I would be fourteen in a couple of months, but that would leave him two years until I was old enough to go out on a date with him. “What should I do Julie?” I asked, as tears welted up in my eyes. “Oh’ Laney really. Don’t freak out! I’m willing to bet Danny already has a plan. You should ask him tonight.” Julie suggested, as she stood up to jump in the pool. “Now come on, stop being moppy! Jump in and have some fun. You’ll see, it will all work itself out!” Julie reassured me, as she jumped in the water herself. Ask him tonight I thought, this is Danny were talking about. Julie was right, surely he would know what to do.

Sure enough evening came. I helped my mom prepare supper as I always did. The guys would be home shortly. I sat the table, and made a quick stop by my room to check my hair and make-up one more time. Cooper walked in my room. “Hey you want to go out and play a game of HORSE before supper?” He asked, as he tossed the basketball from one hand to the other. “Not tonight Coop’.” I replied, as I looked over my outfit in the mirror. “What’s your deal? Why don’t you have sweat pants and a shirt on like you always do?” He inquired, making me nervous. “because I want to wear jeans and this shirt tonight, okay?” I asked with sarcasm, as I turned to look at my brother, who had made himself comfortable on the edge of my bed.

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with Danny staying the night would it?” He replied, still tossing the ball. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I replied nervously. “Delaney, you're a terrible liar!” He stated, as he began to laugh. “You’re being ridiculous Cooper. I took a shower after swimming at Julie’s house, she did my hair and make-up before I left. It’s a girl thing, I wouldn’t expect you to understand.” I replied, trying to cover the obvious. “Did Julie have anything to say about me?” Cooper asked, the change of subject was a relief to me. “Are you ever going to make a move Coop’? I’m sick of you asking about her, and her asking about you. You’re going to be sad one day when another guy comes along and beats you to it.” I explained, as he stood to follow me out of the room. “No other guy is going to beat me, she’s crazy about me… you just said it yourself.” He replied with conceit.

“She asked about you, that doesn’t mean she’s crazy about you! I think she’s about to move on to greener pastures personally.” I replied, as I walked out into the hallway. “What? With who?” He was quick to question, as we walked through the house. “I don’t know… any guy who won’t waste her time like you!” I replied, as I rounded the corner into the kitchen. There my mother stood putting the final touches on a green salad.

“What are you two talking about now?” My mother inquired. “Julie.” I answered quickly. “She’s a sweet girl Cooper, you should do nice things for her if you want to keep her.” My mother advised, as she wiped her hands on a dish towel. “He doesn’t have her mom, how can he keep her?” I asked with sarcasm, as I took the bowl of salad and placed it on the table. “Oh’ I think all she sees is Cooper when he’s in the room.” My mother replied, as she handed me the bowl of mashed potatoes to carry out next.

“See, it obvious to everyone Delaney… I’m a babe magnet!” Cooper stated, as he turned slowly in a circle so we could examine his body. “Now, Cooper that’s not attractive son. You keep acting like that, and she is going to find interest in someone else.” My mother explained, as she handed me the rolls next. “Yes Mam’.” Cooper replied, as he turned his head toward the sound of the front door opening. The men were home from a hard days work.

The three of them walked around the corner into the kitchen. “Uh’  boys do not even think about it! Go to the bathroom and wash up, Cooper you too your hand are filthy too I assume.” My mother rambled orders, as she turned to grab the fried chicken off the stove. My father came up behind her, patted her rear and gave her a kiss on the lips as he always did nearly every night when he returned home. I stood there waiting for my mother to hand me the platter of chicken.

“Now, you go wash up too!” My mother ordered, after their greeting to each other was over. My father turned to see me standing there, waiting on the chicken. “Hey sweetie, what’s with the make-up?” My father inquired. “Julie did it.” I replied, as I looked down in embarrassment. “James, I think it looks nice.” My mother stepped in to defend, as she handed me the chicken to put on the table. “It seems a little thicker than normal.” My father replied, adding to my embarrassment. I turned to place the chicken on the table, and sit in my place.

“James, it is not! Can’t you pay your daughter a compliment every once in a while?” My mother asked, as he washed his hands in the kitchen sink much to her disapproval. “I pay her compliments, I’m just not complimenting that!” He replied, as I began to feel like standing up and running to my room. “Dad, it wouldn’t matter if mother Theresa did her make-up you still wouldn’t like it!” Jackson stated, as he and Danny made there way to the table. Everyone laughed at the comment, and made there way to the table.

Once all the food was on the table, the rest of us set down to join the group in eating. Danny sat across from me next to Jackson, and I sat next to Cooper. I didn’t know why Danny made me feel unbelievably nervous now. Before we had kissed I fought the butterflies in my stomach, but now I didn’t know how I should act. It was hard sitting across the table from him like this, I had so many things I wanted to say and ask. Pretending that I had no feelings for him was difficult. It made me wonder if he struggled the same, or even felt the same as I did.

On occasion our eyes met, and Danny smiled. I would quickly look back down at my plate, not wanting to blush and draw attention to myself. Conversation continued all around me, but I was in my own world. Longing for a moment alone with Danny. I didn’t know if that moment would ever come, as many other people who were pining for his attention. Cooper had challenged him to a basketball game, Jackson wanted to just put a movie on in their room and relax from the hard days work. The more they talked, the more I realized getting time alone with Danny was going to be a challenge.

        That night after dinner, I helped my mother with the dishes while all the boys went outside for the Basketball game Cooper had been waiting for all afternoon. My father sat in the living room watching his Sports on television as always. After finishing up dishes, I made my way to my room to get dressed for bed. As I grabbed my favorite pink and white pajamas out of the dresser drawer, I saw something lying on my pillow through the mirror. I turned to see what it was, it looked like some kind of paper. It was Danny’s Napkin from supper. He had saved it to write a note to me that read:

Meet me at the trampoline around 10 pm.



        My heart began to race. I had been so worried I wouldn’t get to talk to him anymore tonight with my family around. Maybe Julie was right? I thought, maybe Danny did have a plan. I finished dressing, and combing my wet hair. I wished now I hadn’t taken a shower, and that my make-up was still on. If I tried to put some on now, it would be obvious to everyone something was up. I went out to the living room to tell my parents good night. My father had fallen asleep in his recliner, which was not unusual after a hard days work. I made me way back to my room, and waited for everyone to make there way to their beds.

        I laid in my bed pretending to sleep, with the lights out. It was only nine O’clock but I couldn’t help but to be anxious. I heard the guys come in from outside, and make their way talking down the hallway. Shortly after, I heard the footstep of one of them come back down the hallway into the bathroom. Then I heard the sound of the water running in the shower. My mind began to think of what I would say to him, or what he would have to say to me.

        It seemed like time was standing still. Ten O’clock adventually arrived, along with the nervousness in my stomach. I heard the last person leave the bathroom after the third shower I had counted in my head. I heard the sound of the ten o’clock news theme music coming from the living room.

 Then I heard my mother say, “James, get up and let’s go to bed.” As the television turned off. “Are all the kids in bed?” My father asked, as I heard his chair make noise. “Yep, they’ve all showered and are in their rooms.” My mother replied, as I heard them walk past my room down the hallway.

        I didn’t want to get up right away, I feared someone might hear me. I laid in my bed, and waited to hear the sound of Danny going past my room. I had decided I didn’t want to be the first one out there. A few minutes past, and all in the house was quiet. Maybe he fell asleep waiting, I thought. All of the sudden my door cracked open. I quickly closed my eyes, and played asleep. I heard Danny whisper, “Laney…” from the doorway. I raised up, and put one finger over my mouth to signal him to be quiet. I climbed out of bed, and made my way to the door.

        Danny placed one hand on each side of my face, and pulled me to him for a gentle kiss on the forehead. “Come on, let’s go…” He whispered, as he embraced my hand and led me through the living room to the back door. I slid the back door open slowly, trying to be as quiet as possible. Once through the door, I sighed in relief. “I know, what an adrenaline rush huh?” Danny asked, as he held my hand and we walked to the trampoline. We climbed up, and laid on the mat side by side still holding hands.

        “I thought you had fell asleep waiting for everyone to go to bed.” I stated, as we looked up at the stars. “I thought the same thing about you… that’s why I stopped by your room before coming out here. I just knew I’d get out here, and the sun would be up before you’d make your way out here.” Danny explained jokingly. “Are you tired?” I asked. “Yeah, a little bit! This is like the never ending day, I didn’t get to sleep in like you.” Danny replied, as I turned my head to see his face. I could see the smile on his face in the moonlight.

        “I’m sorry, we can go in if you want to.” I replied, desperately hoping he would say no. “No, I’m fine Laney. This is worth it!” He replied, as he turned to face me letting go of my hand. His hand now caressed my cheek, as his face moved closer to mine. Our lips met, and I felt a wave of heat all over my body. His lips moved against mine, and the tingling in my stomach got so strong I had to pull away. “Sorry…” I stated in a whisper trying to catch my breath.

        “I love that I have that effect on you Laney.” Danny replied, as he combed the hair back out of my face. “What effect?” I asked with a smile, as I felt my cheeks heat up even more. “That effect right there! I can make you nervous, and blush anytime I want to.” He replied with a chuckle. I slapped at his chest that was tight against me. “It’s not fair, I don’t do you that way at all. Everyone can notice the effect you have on me.” I replied, as I looked down in embarrassment. “I promise Laney, you have more of an effect on me than you realize. Every time I see you all I want to do is pull you to me and kiss you. I just do a better job at hiding it than you.” Danny explained, as he lifted my chin with his fingers.

        He kissed me gently on the lips and then on my cheek. “Danny I can’t keep doing this… It’s just not right.” I tried to explain, as Danny pulled away to look me in the eyes. “What? This has been a long time comin’!” Danny exclaimed, as it was obvious my statement had hurt him somehow. “I know… it’s just this isn’t fair. My father won’t allow us to date, and you’ll get sick of all this sneaking around… I just don’t want to be hurt…” I tried to further explain.

I felt Danny loosen his grasp around me. “Is that what you think?” Danny asked in disbelief, I tried to think of what I had said that was so wrong. “I would never do that to you Laney! I don’t care if I spend the rest of my life sneaking around to be with you, I would never hurt you! I can’t believe you could even think that I would do you that way?” Danny explained. I looked up into his eyes, and saw the hurt I had caused. “I’m sorry Danny, I don’t think you’d hurt me intentionally! I just worry about my father making us wait two more years to be together, I don’t want to put you through that…” I tried to explain again, as Danny interrupted me.

“I knew what I was getting into when I started all this Laney! I knew since the day we first saw each other again that I could wait any longer for you to be old enough for everyone else’s stamp of approval! I want you, and that’s it! Have I ever done anything to make you not trust me? I’m not playing some game with you…” Danny defended himself. “Shh…” I said, as I placed a finger over his mouth. “Danny, I’ve wanted to be with you since I was five years old. I’ve never thought of anyone but you, I’m just afraid this is going to go away… I don’t want to be with out you now, that’s all I’m trying to say.” I finally was able to explain. Danny pulled me to him, and kissed me again.

Our lips moved together, and I found myself not wanting him to stop. This time he pulled away and smiled as he tried to catch his breath. “It will all work out Laney! I’ll have my license soon, and I’m sure I can talk your Dad into letting me take you out…” Danny said in a whisper, as I interrupted him with laughter. “I’m glad to see you’re so sure of yourself Danny!” I said, as his hand moved along the curve of my waist. “He Will Laney, you just hide and watch.” Danny said, as he stood up to get off the trampoline.

“Where are you going?” I asked, wanting this time alone to never end. “We are going back in the house before we get caught! I don’t want any black marks against me when it comes time to ask your Dad if I can take you out.” Danny explained, standing at the side of the trampoline with his hand extended towards me. “Oh’…” I whined, hoping he would change his mind. “Delaney Callaway, I think I have created a monster!” He replied with a chuckle, as I placed my hand in his. He assisted me off the trampoline like a perfect gentlemen. We snuck our way back into the house.

No one was awake, we had been successful to our relief. He followed me in my room much to my surprise. “I just want one more little kiss that’s all!” He protested, as he saw the fear on my face. “Okay…” I said, as he pulled me to him. He walked me backward towards the bed, as he kissed me. “Alright Danny Daniels, no black marks remember.” I said, as I laid back on to my bed. “Yeah, that’s coming back to me…” He replied, as he kissed my forehead and lifted the covers over me. “Goodnight.” I said, as he made his way out of my room. “Goodnight.” He whispered back, as he slowly shut my door behind him. I knew that I would have sweet dreams, after the night I had just experienced.



© 2010 Julie Estes

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Julie Estes
Please ignore grammar problems, it's far from having all the finishing touches. If you read it, please post a comment or review either way telling me what you think? Thanks!

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Julie Estes

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