Another strike

Another strike

A Poem by Katarzyna Slade

I scream shrilly and still I am unheard, 
I feel trapped and consumed, like a caged bird.
And like a caged bird I have lost my song.
Anything I say these days seems to be wrong.
Another night sat in the dark, soon you'll be home,
And as I await your return, the fear comes in,
I feel completely helpless and alone.
I know what mood you'll be in,
I know it won't be pleasant,
My confidence and fight you've taken from me,
Like feathers plucked from a pheasant.
I hear the key turn in the door.
I know in a few minutes time,
I will be begging you, "no more".
You enter the room now with a rage covered face.
Slowly and angrily you begin to pace.
You turn to me, I know what's coming.
Hands trembling my heart begins to race.
I look down and face the floor.
I can not challenge you, in strength I'm poor.
Then comes that expectant strike.
It lands heavy and comes from the usual right.
I'm too exhausted, against you I can not fight.
These days I don't raise my hands to protect,
I figured long ago there's no point, I let the hits connect.
I know it'll be over soon, your fury will be fed.
Then after you'll tell me your sorry and skulk off to bed.
I tell myself you can break my bones and bruise my skin,
But you will never break these walls built deep within.
And when tomorrow comes I shall brave another day,
For my soul, hope and heart is something you'll never break.

© 2013 Katarzyna Slade

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And when tomorrow comes I shall brave another day,
For my soul, hope and heart is something you'll never break.

This is beautiful and a courageous write! Excellent poem:))

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Such a tragically moving piece, narrated so well Miss Slade :D

I really hate people who beat on those who cannot help themselves, i agree that it is in the nature of humanity and the world in general that the "strongest survive", but i've inferred that the strongest connotates more than the brawn over one's shoulder. The strength i've come to see comes from "within" (as you've so wonderfully put it). The stronger mind will withstand the harshest of conditions and emerge stronger...the body is empowered by the mind and thus without mental fortitude the body, be it big and brawny, will crumble without the mental support of the mind...

I'm yapping now so i think i'll wind up with:

Fantastic my dear! Good stuff right here!


Posted 9 Years Ago

The last 4 lines are my favorite, great poem!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

great work...such a good poem.
well done

Posted 9 Years Ago

unfortunately domestic abuse is an all too familiar story. There are organisations ready and willing to help if you can pluck up the courage to act. Such "men" dare not face a real man.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I think many people can relate to this. Even when it's not physical it can be an inward battle, sometimes against even yourself. Or an emotional battle. It speaks the broken realism the world is in. And then the end... it just it's so beautiful. I love how you speak of the walls within. It's like you're saying, I may be broken, but I'll never let you steal my soul.

Just an idea, sometimes I feel as writers we all make the mistake of overusing certain words. Like I. If you cut some out you have a smoother flow. Just an idea!

Either way, very well done! When you have that kind of passion, you can move once unmoveable mountains. And sometimes those mountains are hearts. You've moved mine. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

A very real issue - always effective when writing (although I do hope there aren't too many people who can relate to this). Some very intricately placed words and constructed rhymes. I would consider keeping the same rhyme structure throughout (i.e. aabb or abab), or separate the stanzas, as I feel it would flow better. However, this may be purposely done - an allusion to the fragmented relationship?

Posted 9 Years Ago

the entire poem speaks of the acceptance and resilience that it is about. I think the last few words drive home the fact that, even though I'm here I'm not, and certainly not for you.
one edit I'd suggest: "You enter the room now with a rage covered face" bring it into the present tense by switching 'covered with 'covering' IE: "You enter the room now with rage covering your face" makes it feel more of the the moment.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Well written piece on a subject matter far too many have to endure. I like how you don't describe the person putting you through this abuse. It leaves interpretation open for the reader, and allows them to place themselves in your shoes.

Posted 9 Years Ago

A wonderful Prose Poem, Enchanting and deep. The hidden symbolism, speaks volumes.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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