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I walk into an empty movie theatre and sit down on one of the plush velvet seats. I am waiting for someone, but I don’t know whom. In fact I don’t even know why I am here.  I sit and stare around at the completely deserted room. All was quiet and in place with the house lights on. It appears to be a regular theatre, except that it is very clean. There’s no spilled popcorn littering the ground and no spots of spilled pop. Just as I am about to wander off simply for the sake of having something to do, the house lights dim and sconces along the wall provide the only light. I hear a reel start rotating and a movie flickers on. It starts right off with the movie title appearing in white words on the black background:



The Life and Death of Margaret Jennyfyr Hennisen


I gasped. That was me! Was this some kind of a joke? If so, it wasn’t funny.

Then it started to play my entire life. I laughed and cried through out the entire production and a box of tissues conveniently appeared at my elbow. I started to watch the last day of my life. My poor granddaughter was watching me as my breath left my body. Then, the movie shuts off and the house lights turn on.

                “Wait!” I yell to the completely empty theatre. “What happened to my granddaughter, Aryannah? Where is she? Is she okay?” I jump up and start to run around looking for someone to who could tell me.

                Eventually, I calm down enough to realize that shouting at a blank screen was a sure sign that I was going nuts; I decide that I need to splash some water on my face and chill out.

                As I walk out into the empty lobby I notice how deserted it is, but it isn’t spooky. Still, I cautiously enter the bathroom. The white and pink tiled floors are spotless. Now, I am starting to freak out a little. I have never walked into a public bathroom that didn’t have dirt in the grout and a full garbage can.

                After splashing some water on my face, I stride out of the bathroom with the intention of entering theatre again and investigating the room where the movie is projected from. I walk in and the house lights are still on which allows me to see a man nicely dressed in black slacks and a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I was so startled that I jumped backwards and shrieked �"just a little though. I guess I didn’t really think that I would find anyone. Then, I felt ashamed. This man gave off the appearance of complete integrity and his eyes… They were soulful, filled in equal measures with sadness and joy.

                “Jennet,” he said calling me by my childhood nickname. His voice was saturated with joy, as if I was coming home after a long exile. He continued speaking a rich, mellifluous voice. “You lived such a wonderful life. I am so proud of you, sister.” As he said those words my heart overflowed with gladness and my eyes overflowed with tears. I knew who this man was. This was my Savior.

                I ran up to him and threw my arms around him eagerly and he firmly returned the hug with an equal amount of enthusiasm. As he held me I began to weep.

                “What makes you cry, sister?” he inquired gently. I sniffed a couple of times and pulled myself together. I stepped back to see his face and noticed that I was still holding his calloused hands. I looked down and saw a large circular scar in the middle of his hand and an identical one in wrist.

                “I was just thinking of my life and how much sorrow I must have caused you. Then, I thought of my family. I wondered how they were doing, especially Rya. Then I wa-“ He cut me off in the middle of my sentence with an upraised hand.

                “Jennet! You lived an honorable life, a good life. Your sins are forgiven you.” He smiled his tan face wrinkling and his eyes sparkling. Then, his smile drooped at the corners. “However, your family is in need of some help. Everyone has the opportunity to watch their families and they can help them in limited ways. Healing, supporting small children, leading people from danger, etc. However, due to Rya’s unique situation I am going to give you a chance to have more direct contact with her. May I tell you what I have in mind?”














© 2013 هل كيندل

Author's Note

هل كيندل
I would love your thoughts, and if anyone has any suggestions for a better title I am open. This is an interesting story so I would appreciate any feedback you gave me.

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هل كيندل
هل كيندل

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