serenity peace and no rest

serenity peace and no rest

A Story by kenwillp

remain in peace


"There is no peace to the wicked," says the Lord.
For no matter the name, rank, calling, religion, or profession of the wicked evil shall pursue them also to death. Evil and evil's power with all its dark perspective, evil insinuation; evil in all cunning and guile - utterly abject lies easily confounds the wicked fool. Evil's perverting falsities, deluding presentations, and misleading half-truths lay low the wisdom of wicked. And with powerful illusion, lust-fulfilling imp...ressions, iniquitous pleasures, and idolatrous recompense evil temptation and desire urges forth to fruition odious inspirations and the vile consent which betrays the wicked from within the wicked itself. By agreement to, by acceptance of, by appointment received, and visitation kept the wicked receives evil as of a poisonous inoculation, truly against all that is beautiful, for it is an intravenous cure-all for and against all forms of holy and right chemical, mental, physical, indeed spiritual cells of virtuous and pious reasoning and discerning of God's will. By it the wicked are far gone from help and deliverance. Hence does the wicked suffer developmentally interminable, acute, evil affection and effects. The wicked are bodily, wholly,, quickly, deeply, chronically in the soul infected.

Against the wicked is evil's innumerable facilities, its mass capabilities, and its unlimited and unceasing development and production of evil inspiring and ensuing products and devices; its unreserved marketing and intense advertising campaign, and evil's manifold and uninterruptible logistics directed at its willful customers and all its would-be consumers is, least to say but easiest to see, without fail. Evil's all-out readiness and preparedness to entice, and, its even more readiness and eagerness to war against and destroy all - friend or foe alike - especially those affiliated with it or those who dare to stand in its path. Evil is such that availing itself, so will it in deceit and deception stand tall or stoop low that it might cleverly draw allied with every prospect living opposed to or in ignorance of holiness; even those that be of, or in, a rebellious state of mind toward loving-kindness, goodness, righteousness, and goodwill. In the patrons of wickedness there is no quality of care or concern not an inkling of attraction to the life of serenity and peace. In the wicked there is no respite from sin and vanity.

© 2016 kenwillp

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Added on February 4, 2016
Last Updated on February 4, 2016
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toledo, OH

I would like to say first that I am a High School "drop-out". I finished the 10th grade and half of the 11th. I received my G.E.D when I paid $10 dollars and took the equivalency test while I was in t.. more..


A Story by kenwillp

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A Story by kenwillp