A Chapter by shadow night

A man fights with an unknown being and every thing that night changes for one little kid

Stepping out of the planetarium the cold spring breeze hit me chilling me to the bone as it did. Zipping my jacket I quickly made my way down the steps and onto the sidewalk of the busy night life of New York.
Slowly making my way down the street it seemed bare for a Saturday night, with all the clubs that lined the road none seemed to have lines like they normally did. In fact looking closer there was hardly even any stray animals or prostitutes.
Dismissing it all I turned down an alley keeping my usual pace I made several turns and twist. As I had the drone of the few lamps placed here and there seemed to flicker in and out. As the buzzing from the lights seemed to slowly whisper out of existence. That’s when it hit me some one was following.
Snickering to my self I began to pick up pace to a light jog, making my movements more random and scattered turning down random alleys and roads. As I hurried through more and more alleys I continued to hear the steps follow me. Accelerating to a quick run the steps as well picked up pace keeping up with me not falling behind one inch.
With one final turn I halted to a dead stop two colossal buildings towered over me, the path ahead blocked by a brick wall to high to jump over. Turning I smirked as the shadow of the figure came into view.
The next few seconds seem to drag on. The lights began to flicker until they became dim and at that point a hand began to reach around the corner its fingers longer than a humans its nails curved, thick and stained red. The first hand grasped the corner of the wall and the other laid flat onto the ground its hand several time bigger than a bears paw and its skin a pale grey with tears and rips randomly along its hand and what I could see of its arm.
Sliding my left foot I place it a few inches in front of me turning sideways I raise my left arm up chest level hand held flat and out all the way and the right I hold back next to my face balled into a fist. Slowing my breathing the being moves around the corner.
Its head elongated like a combination of a crocodiles and dogs, rows of sharp teeth lined its snarling mouth. It had two sets of eyes as black as a midnight. Its arms and legs long and bent at an angle like that of a spiders legs its skin torn and shredded patches of missing skin revealed what looked like muscle. To top it off it had a tail several feet long with a pincer with something that looked green oozing out of the top half.
Letting out a defining howl it lunged its tail at me. Spinning to the right the tail crashed into the wall. Facing the tail a red energy fills my left hand and with a quick movement I sever the tail from its pincer. The creature roars and howls in a rage. It begins to charge at me with astounding speed. Jumping into the air and preforming a flip as I land on its back.
“Lets finish this now!” I exclaimed to my self. Placing my legs together and my hands just a few inches apart I lower my head and close my eyes. “That which binds us, bears fertile and feeds us. That which shakes yet never budges swirl up engulf and collapse Gaea.” A green and brown energy swirls around me as I raise my head and open my eyes. I jump up high into the air. “Eternal Tomb!” suddenly the earth around the creature begins to shake and rise to engulf it and begins to shrink smaller and smaller till it fits perfectly and outlines the creature.
“Bear down upon this dark land shine bright for eternity and smite the darkness within shine bright forever Aether.” Pointing my index and pointer finger towards the creature a ball of light forms at the end. “Piercing Light!” a beam shot forward from the ball, shattering the creature entombed in earth.
As it crumbled I floated back down landing in front of it, nothing remained of it but chunks of rock. Turning away a person jumped down from one of the buildings cloaked in black with a hood up covering their face. Blocking my path they let down their hood revealing a face with short red hair and glasses.
With a loud exaggerated breath Artemis Grandfather Victor stood up and placed the book he had been reading under his arm. He hugged Artemis before tucking him in.
“But Grandpa what happens next you cant just leave it off there?” exclaimed Artemis in protest. “Who was that guy why was he there?”
“Now Artemis you know the rules one chapter a night. Besides your mom would have my head if I kept you up late on a school night.” Victor turned and smiled “On another note your parents will be returning tomorrow.” And with that he turned the lights off and shut the door as he left Artemis to sleep.
Little did Artemis know what would transpire that night nor the truth of every thing going on. The seven year old would awaken into a world that no longer shined bright

© 2016 shadow night

Author's Note

shadow night
Please excuse any miss spelled words or bad grammar. Im hoping this is a good prologue. Let me know what you all think about the last part of it please

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I know its a ruff draft but im going to use this part as an example "And with the rest of my strength and shaking I turned over as fast as i could.
When i was finally able to roll on my back she was walking towards me. " Try shortening parts like this to make it flow better for the reader (also you have this in past tense where as in the story this is the present) this is an example of how you could do that "With the last of my strength, shaking I try to quickly turn upon my back. Finally I'm able to push myself over only to see her walking towards me." Also this can allow you to take out other parts where you describe yourself shaking again. I'm not trying to be rude i just feel it would flow better for you other than that i love the story line so far lol cant wait to read the rest

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 7 Years Ago

shadow night

7 Years Ago

Well technically it is the past but future it's him telling the events but it's also important to kn.. read more
Kiari Sabon

7 Years Ago

Alright and i can understand that
shadow night

7 Years Ago

i am fixing parts of it but i see your point im actually gonna make it all present tense

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shadow night
shadow night

mansfield, OH

i'm 18 and so young yet i am disgusted with humanity. i hope that future generations can make the world better. i belive we should treat the earth better and not kill each othere for the dumbest thing.. more..

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