So it’s time for us to see my world than hear yours

So it’s time for us to see my world than hear yours

A Poem by lakki

So it’s time to see my world than hear yours


I envy you…

People !

You seem to know me better

Better than I could know about myself

I lent you an ear

And the other couldn’t resist

So it joined

You had them both for you

You stuffed them with facts I seemed to expose

Some of which were not intentional

I didn’t even know they were mine

I do things

And you seem to get other things instead

My ears as they got used

Refuse to listen to me and admire your sweet talk on me

I show differently and you comprehend differently

My ears don’t seem to get me

Although they are mine

They are supposed to listen to ME!

How did you steal them from me??

Wait a minute!

They are still on me!

Maybe you talk sweet

I talk harsh

Maybe you talk harsh

But I talk sweet

You see what you got me into

I can’t even figure out what I do

What I want!

Let me for once in your lives live, and listen with my own ears!

I see beautiful life, rosy, and nothing can get me wrong

Then they hear you say;

There is no such thing! Life is miserable, and harsh! Be realistic! No place is right for you!

I see an opportunity

And I hear you questioning its failure

I don’t fault you right now

How can that be when you became part of me?

I will not fight you anymore

Because I still got one choice

You can talk but you can’t see

So it’s time for us to see my world than hear yours




© 2018 lakki

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Added on August 24, 2018
Last Updated on August 24, 2018



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