Waking Up to You

Waking Up to You

A Poem by LlamaLord

Poem about how powerful love can be, both good and bad

I wake up and realize my dream wasn't real.
A relationship taken from me, I've nothing left to feel.
The face of a girl turns to a blur and so does the touch of her waist.

No more kissing, no more caring, no more seeing your face. Im lost in the place.

God get me out. Ive lost control of my emotions.
I am left only to scream and shout drowing in the ocean.

No one notices, wave after wave. The water drowns me, there is no one left to save.

I am an empty vessel, a crab without a shell. Wondering the beach,
hoping someone, any one, could help.

I have a love of my life and she is out there waiting.
No patience for the young, I am left here contemplating.

Where is she? Why must I wait? I am ready for love now, there is no time to waste.

What will she think of the things I have done? She is kind and understanding, but there is more to it hun.

I am a criminal, a killer, a theif and a lier. I am changing my ways, please, lets reconcile.

You have left me, not the first or the last. The hatred in me causes my heart to beat fast.

Im not sure why and Im not sure how. I love her and hate her, but it does not matter now.

Im gone like the wind, no more dancing in the rain.
The two of us were perfect. Now, it is only I that remain.

I do not know who he is or what he's done. I do not know if you are happy, or if he is the one.

There is no way he could be like me. Similarities but never the same things.

I have sinned and you have ridiculed me for it. The lord forgives but you know nothing of it.

I am user, a dealer and a drug abuser. I can see why you left, but why did I choose her?

What it is her eyes? Or was it the way she saw me?
She had found me and now she has lost me.

Please do not forget me. Im lost without a heart.
Sitting in the ocean, waiting, for someone to play my part.

He is perfect, he is the one. Im glad you're happy. Hell for me has begun.

I am your lover and I am your soul. I can tell what your thinking before you even know.

I am smart, but we both can be foolish. I see him in your bed right now, I am dying. I cannot do this.

Im gone and Im never coming back. These feelings of pain are giving me a heart attack.

No longer will I love and no longer will I care. She has taken it all from me. I am left in dispair.

I want to disappear. I want to forget you and forget this. But I wake up remembering your face and ask myself, how could it be her that I miss?

© 2014 LlamaLord

Author's Note

Have not written much lately, this is what has been in my head for a long time. Let
me know what you think! Thanks

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Added on September 21, 2014
Last Updated on September 21, 2014
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