Hold My Heart

Hold My Heart

A Poem by LlamaLord


The beautiful night holds many things to be grateful for.
The stars in sky put my eyes in a trance, but they always end up facing the floor.
I'll keep my head up knowing what I have and what I don't.
But baby, listen to me and tell me something about what I wrote.
Care for me and ask me to love you.
The feeling of being unwanted is no longer new.
You act as if I'm the perfect person and I'm always going to be there to please you.
But please, at least turn yourself around and see all of the things I do.
You see yourself as imperfect but you're so perfect for me.
You're the the perfect girl with the perfect world that I want so badly to see.
But hang on to me and act like I really am the guy you want forever.
The feeling of not being cared for grows old by any measure.
I'd do anything and give everything to you right now if you asked for it.
I'm left with doubt, however, that you would appreciate my gift.
The night has an endless supply of comfort for the soul to embrace.
When the time comes and I need you, will you show your face?
Will you hold your baby and tell me every thing is going okay?
Or will I lose value to you and have to watch you walk away?
Maybe I do too much or I try to hard.
But in the end, you'll be the one holding my heart.

© 2012 LlamaLord

Author's Note

Wrote a while back, not too sure when

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Added on March 30, 2012
Last Updated on March 30, 2012



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