I wish you won't miss me.

I wish you won't miss me.

A Poem by Hiraeth

For anyone who has ever been in love and is now lost.

There are a lot of memories I've always treasured, but the best memory is 
Us, just lying in the comfort of the bed, tangled in sheets.
You, within my arms reach.
Me, just listening to you talk till the roosters start crowing, letting us know that the sun is almost rising.
We would talk about our childhood, how it was when we were still two souls separated.
We would talk about our struggles, how it has been when we still don't have one another to hold us when things got rough.
We would talk about our weaknesses, how it felt to be loved despite everything that makes us imperfect.
We would talk about our present, how happy we are that we've found one another in this world full of unfamiliar faces and full of broken promises.
We would talk about our future, how we wish that tomorrow when we wake up, this will not be just another beautiful dream.

But all of these memories are in the past now.
You decided I wasn't worth the shot anymore.
You decided to find perfection in someone else.
You decided to just leave me here, drowning in my own tears every night trying to figure out the reason why it never worked out between the two of us.

It's been a month since I last heard your annoying voice.
I miss being around you.

I miss your body.
I miss the warmth of your skin and mouth,
the taste of your lips,
the smell of your hair,
the crevices of your body only I, was allowed to trace my fingers and lips.

I missed our conversations,
the way your nose would flare up when you got carried away with the topic,
the way I would always interrupt your talking with a kiss,
followed by you faking mad at me,
and me just kissing you again,
urging you to continue where you left off.

I miss the feeling of having you here with me during these cold lonely nights.
It still hurts me to think of you in someone else's arms tonight.
Do you still think of me?
I wish you won't miss me the way that I miss you,
because I know how much it will hurt.

© 2017 Hiraeth

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i can feel the emotion come through this poem. i can really relate to it and i think it's great how you took your pain and created something so beautifully sad. really enjoyed this, good job

Posted 6 Years Ago

That pain will make you stronger; unfortunately, you'll never forget. I'm proud of you. Good job conveying emotion through your piece and connecting your reader to your work. One day, your heart will be made whole again and you'll look back at this life changing event and see how much better you are because of it. Hold your head up high. Keep loving and pressing on. Good job

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on May 29, 2017
Last Updated on May 29, 2017
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