A Book on a shelf.

A Book on a shelf.

A Poem by Blessed_Author

Simple, but true, and raw. A rose that was stomped on, made me pause and write this . :) this isn't about me,. >_/ I thought about many girls who seem invisible, and feel that way as well.

Vent is what you tell me to do
For some odd reason i do.
I sit here and tell you whats the matter
you help me not to shatter.

Your there when i need a friend
i just met you and your all already to defend.
A girl who holds everything inside
usually i just cry.

Life may have brought you ups and downs
Now in your pictures i don't want to see a frown.
Just smile once, its good for the heart.
A little curl at the corner is a start.

Your an aw-some guy.
don't let the world pass you by.
get out there and show them what you can do.
and don't say you cant do anything, it isn't true.

I said i would write you a poem when it came to me.
Well as your reading this, i guess you can see.
That the idea sparked in my mind.
Your poem helped me, your so kind.

Well stop putting yourself down you hear.
And I'll learn to shed a tear.
One so my friends can see.
How much they hurt me.

Just be happy and well.
Be yourself and time will tell.
Show you where your going and where you've been.
Just look at what you have defend.

A stupid girl from another state.
You helped her at this rate.
Just hope you can help yourself.
Don't be like me...a book on a shelf.

© 2013 Blessed_Author

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feedback greatly appreciated

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I agree with the below comment, the small things count a lot when it comes to poetry. I see a who world of "Poe-tential" in your work, keep the writes coming practice make perfect.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Not bad. Check your spelling and grammar and, I think, this could do with a bit more vivid imagery in the right places. You have a good story but your narrative is essentially a narrative at heart, and there's still some window dressing needed, I think. I think you could also get rid of the ellipses in the last line and replace them with a colon or a hyphen - makes it feel more smooth. Good work.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on April 23, 2013
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