Chapter I

Chapter I

A Chapter by Blessed_Author

Chapter I to my novel!

I sighed as I watched my mother stand at the stove stirring the pot of soup the smells overpowering my nostrils. Nearby my sister Jade is laying on the floor playing with her barbies and little Cece is mumbling her ABC's to her teddy bear named Nugget.
They were in their own world. "Hazel will you set the table? we'll be eating soon." My mother said glancing at me. I stood, stretching, my legs cramped from resting on the light blue loveseat. I crossed the cold wood floor and opened the cabinet and grabbed a 3 flowered plates. my eyes scanned our glasses selection, flowers or seahorses for the girls? I knew they would throw a fit if they didn't get their favorites. I was about to get Cece's seahorses sippy cup when there was a knock at the door.

    I blinked looking at the clock it was 6:30. Who would be coming at this hour? when everyone was having dinner. Something was wrong, I turned walking to the door "Hazel!" my mother snapped. I slowed and let her past as she took a deep breath and opened the door. A scary, tall uniformed man stood before us. My eyes widened. "Do you have any men in your home?" he asked his accent thick. My mother shook her head and I found myself shaking it with her. "No sir, my husband is already serving in the war," she said the man paused studying her. "Only daughters." she added opening the door a little wider allowing them to see my sisters. The uniformed stranger nodded. "Thank you , and good day ma'am." he nodded to her and his gaze flickered to me. He held his gaze and I looked away.
   My mother closed the door and sighed deeply. She placed her hand on her heart as if reassuring herself she was still in a steady heartbeat.  "Mother?" I said biting my lip "Are they still recruiting?" She nodded grimly "I guessing." I sighed the war against us between Old York and our enemy Richhills was still going strong. It was the town gossip, the rumor was Richhills had no business coming to attack us, and our allies Rougetown, Queenstines was backing out. My throat hurt just thinking about it. It was all so scary, I didn't even know why were were fighting. It just seemed like a dream.

  "Hazel?" my little sister tugged at my leg, I bent down and scooped her up and kissed her forehead. "I miss daddy." she said her lip trembling. I sighed "Me too Ce, me too." I walked to the window next to our small sofa and glanced outside, the soldiers were standing at the corners of the street, with their weapons in their hands, funny how a bullet doesn't seem scary when your holding it in your hand, but terrifying when its going at top speed right at you. I sighed and kept looking, down at the street.

   "Did you hear me?" my mother shook me out of my day dream.


  I sat in my bedroom working on a biology  paper. The words swirled around me, and I sighed and covered my face, this was pure torture, "Noel!" my mom called from downstairs "Yeah?" I yelled back. Weaving in some more research into my paper. She came up the stairs and entered my room. "Sweetheart, if you could help your sister with her Astronomy project I'd really appreciate it. I know your slaving away at the Bio paper, but Claire is really struggling with this." She said waiting for my response. I nodded "Yeah. okay no problem." She beamed. "Thank you baby. I know you don't want to, but every since Dad left, well its been a little harder to help her with it." she trailed off a sad look in her eyes. "I know, I know Mom, don't worry about it, I get it." I said quickly.

  I didn't want her to start crying in front of me, Women and tears weren't my favorite things to handle. With three women in the house, I could only go so far. My mom bend and kissed the top of my head. "Thanks for understanding Noe." She retreated back downstairs and I heard her sniffling. I sighed. I turned my attention back to my laptop thinking for a good middle paragraph starter when the doorbell rang. I groaned knowing I would eventually have to go answer it. The door surprisingly opened and I heard deep voices from downstairs. I frowned, none of my friends would be coming over at this hour it was 6:40 for heavens sake, no one was out at this hour.

  Claire tiptoed into my bedroom holding my phone, which had somehow made it downstairs. I opened my mouth to yell at her and demand my phone back, when she suddenly leaped and smacked her hand over my mouth. "The soldiers." she whispered into my ear. My eyes widened "They are here to recruit new men," She murmured I shut my eyes breathing deep. This couldn't be happening! not to me, It couldn't. I haven't even turned 18 yet! in a week. My mind whirled. Claire handed me my phone, pulling me into the bathroom. "Stay here and turn on the shower, pretend your me, and make the bathroom smell good.  got it?" I blinked staring at her "Uh." she grinned and closed the door.

 "Do you have any men in your home?" my phone asked, I pressed it to my ear and turned on the shower. "No, my husband is already at the war, and I have no sons. Only daughters." she said firmly. "Can we check around?" they asked, "Do you have a warrant?" she snapped. "Ma'am we are the warrant." They laughed. I grimaced and squeezed the shampoo bottle the smell of strawberries filling the bathroom. I heard footsteps going up the stairs. I panicked. I could hear my mothers quick footsteps following them, her heels clicking from her flats. "Who's room is this?" a angry voice thundered. "My sons." my mom said breathing heavily. "He doesn't live here anymore sir, he moved to France with my sister to study abroad." she said her lie running smoothly.

 "I see, well. um very good. thank you for your time." He said. "Good day." my mother said as they retreated down the stairs, and closed the door. I turned off the shower and listened making sure everything was normal. Claire opened the door and started laughing. "I was seriously about to pee in my pants. I was so scared.!" she said throwing her arms around me. I hugged her back and pulled away "I need to breathe." I muttered. That was close. Too close.


   "Hazel please. Do you know who Mrs. Penny is?" I blinked "You mean, Noels mother?" saying if as if I smelt something bad. "Yes dear, that's her. I need you to send her this note for me, her cellphone must be turned off or not working and no one is answering at the house. it'll only be a matter of time before they cancel the phone." she said. I raised an eyebrow.

  "Okaaayy , sure I guess." I agreed. She handed the note to me. "Thanks Hazel. Hurry back and please don't talk to anyone you don't know." She turned away grabbing the broom and went to sweep the kitchen. I sighed putting on my black boots and a light sweater. It was fall after all and the weather was soon to change. I walked outside and closed the door behind me. I blinked against the sun that was slowly going down and sighed. the quicker the better. I made my way down the street, and crossed Fickle-thorn ave. I quickly walked up the houses steps and knocked, taking a deep breath. I heard footsteps and waited. The door slowly opened. "Oh hi." Claire said smiling slightly. "Hey." I muttered. "Is your mother there?" I asked. She nodded "Yeah you better come in though." Great... Just what I wanted to do.

I kicked off my shoes and walked with Claire to the kitchen suddenly Noel appeared in a towel. looking .. surprisingly handsome, I blushed and said "Uh hi." I looked way. "Err hey Hazel. Didn't know you'd be coming by." I glanced up at him his dark green eyes crinkling. " Yeah just dropping this off." He grinned "Oh , for a minute there, I thought you were here to see me." he teased. I laughed "Yeah, that was my plan." I joked. He chuckled and glanced at me, "Well I should probably get dressed see ya Hazel." He said going up the stairs. "Bye." I said, Claire glanced at me, "you totally like him. Don't you?" I snorted "something like that."

   "Hazel! so nice to see you!" Mrs. Penny said rushing up to me and hugging me "Hi Anne." I muttered. "My mother sent you this." I handed her the note and smiled. "Thank you." she said "Won't you stay for some tea? Lemonberry is just off the stove." she offered "Oh, no thanks . I should probably get going.." I said "I insist! it must of been such a bother walking over here to bring me a simple note. Please stay dear.! it would be wonderful." she said smiling. "Well ..." I said just as Noel came down the stairs looking cute in some jeans and a open button down with the sleeves rolled up. "I suppose." I said finally. "Wonderful! Noel take her to the dining room darling. Make her feel welcome." she said turning away and going up the stairs. Claire went into the kitchen and I could hear her getting out tea cups and saucers.

  "Well uhh , yeah lets go then." he said smiling awkwardly. I said nothing and followed him. "So I heard your dad is at war?" he said gently. I blinked looking up at his tall 6'4 frame. "Yes .." I said cautiously. he nodded "Must be hard, Dad had to go to." I nodded "Sorry to hear that." I said quietly. He took my hand and squeezed it a sweet gesture. I glanced at him surprised but didn't pull away, his firm was strong and his hand was warm compared to my small, chilled hand. We reached the living room. I glanced around it seemed cozy and family-like. He sat down on the couch still holding my hand.

   "I hope your family is coping well with this Hazel." he said gently. I nodded "Its been hard I guess, But you learn to deal with it." I said quietly. "Yeah ." he agreed and then it was silent. I heard footsteps coming toward the living room and pulled my hand away scooting away from him. Jane entered the room . "oh hello Hazel. Didn't know you were here." she glanced at us, and then at our hands that were as far apart as possible, "Hi Jane." I said smiling. I glanced at Noel who was silent and looking at the picture frame on the wall. "Well , I should probably get back to helping my mom, shes working on making some lemon bread for us." she said grinning and rolling her eyes. "See ya." I said smiling back.

© 2013 Blessed_Author

Author's Note

so far? what do you think?
improvements? suggestions? :D Thanks

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