A Poem by Lexi Richard

You touched me and I was yours
One second and I was sold
"I think you're cute"
and a goodbye kiss
I was a doll in your hold

I still feel your lips on my neck
and your grasp when I dream 
Your sleepy eyes
are stuck in my brain
and your buzz in my bloodstream

You made me feel like your girl
Sweet and special for a day,
Until I saw
I was just your doll
and that boys love to play


© 2017 Lexi Richard

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I can see what you're attempting to do here (if in fact there is a deeper meaning to the poem apart from the doll metaphor), however I'm lost at trying to piece together the first stanza and fit it into the rest of the poem. Particularly with the lines containing "sold" and "goodbye kiss". Are we supposed to envision a yard sale and the metaphorical "doll" is changing "owners"? The "I think you're cute" line is not exactly a goodbye phrase, and it kind of contradicts "sold", for considering the subject of the stanza (and how it flows from the first line), the action should be "bought" not "sold". So it's like there are two things happening at once in the same stanza, and it's not completely clear which is what.
Apart from that minor confusion, this is a very well written poem. Very profound and powerful with strong imagery and superb musicality. Absolutely brilliant! Well done!

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on November 6, 2017
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Lexi Richard
Lexi Richard


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