The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Ultimate Sacrifice

A Poem by Lilmissfit

Day After Day
The only thing that reminded me that I am alive
Is the staggering guilt, the raw pain
Of living a life, a lie, that wasnt ment for me

To live the life of someone
Who''s time wasnt ment to have run out
To cheat death and live with no consequences
Is as impossible as growing the wings of
An angel

Night after Night
I relive the day you died,
The day I died inside
The crude ink black stains on my soul,
Smothering the flame of life inside my heart,
Spread untill it took all of my strength
To will my heart to keep beating

In the end the love you had for me,
Took your life,
The life you had willingly offered
To keep me alive instead
The only thing that the angel of death
Could not resist, ravenous for something
It would never understand, never feel,
And never know
The true meaning of Love

© 2012 Lilmissfit

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i dont know how come..all this..
but to to live and you die for me..what more there is
course,it would change everything.soul life and heart
how to sleep..there is still lots to it ,to know
you simply told this much..still its intriguing
love it all..i like the way you wrote this
lovely write..

Posted 8 Years Ago

very strong write. sad yet full of hidden strength

Posted 12 Years Ago

Good to "see" you, especially in these words expressed beautifully.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Boy, this one really grabs you, it allowed me to enter the depths of your passion and soul feeling what you feel,Almost afraid to ask but if I may inquire as to what happened, perhaps in a private message, our poems seem to share similar emotions

Posted 12 Years Ago

You have written the perfect story/poem.
Not only have you told a heart breaking
story, but you have made the reader part
and parcel of your sorrow.
Now I must know the rest of the story.
The most important rule in writing, involve
your reading audience. Perfect.

I don`t think you set out to involve the
reader, but your writing is so persuasive
that a reader will be pulled into the
scenario. Always no matter what your
writing is about.
In the process of describing the true
love that existed in your soul and that
of the deceased, you have defined Love.
Thank you for a beautiful story.
----- John

Posted 12 Years Ago

Either a mother's sacrifice or you were the one who was supposed to be in that seat but your friend took it for you and they were taken instead of you. (switched, as it were) Or even from a person who was given a second chance on their life at the cost of another families grief of lost life. This could be taken many different directions depending on the event. It could also be a combo of all or two of them too. At any rate...your poems just float across the page with their meaningful peace with in your penned words. They are like soft thoughts when you're alone and drinking that mug of cocoa staring out the window into the past. Seeing nothing outside but the scene replay in your head...while all around you sees a blank stare from a stricken face they can't begin to understand. :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

Despite certain spelling errors, you are a gifted writer.

Posted 12 Years Ago

You have interesting ways of portraying your thoughts.
Favorite stanza: The crude ink black stains on my soul,
Smothering the flame of life inside my heart,
Spread untill it took all of my strength
To will my heart to keep beating.

Judging from the picture I'd say the child has grown and is remembering a special mother who in some way gave her life for her baby. I could be wrong. a good poem Alexis.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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