when the honeymoons over

when the honeymoons over

A Poem by amelia.elaine

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i hate missing you  // i hate that you don't act like you miss me

your arms  

your kiss

your lips

the way you pull me closer to you  // i hate that you can't wait to let go so you can play world of warcraft 

the way you steal the blanket  // i hate that you give me another blanket

and the way you miss me the moment i walk away  //  i hate that, that's the only time you really miss me

i love the way you love my tummy  //  i hate that you told me "its better then always rubbing you're b***s"

because i hate it so much  //  because you really don't love it

i love the way you don't have any experience like me  //  i hate that you're letting it get to you're head

i love the way you love that i'm loud and open  //  i hate that now it's "why can't i just trust you love me" when i'm open about how i feel 

and you love that i'm not afraid of being myself  //  i hate that i don't remember who i was before october sixteenth two thousand and nine

i love every movie that we watch  //  i think you'd rather watch a movie so we don't have to talk

and that i see you every wednesday no matter what  //  i hate that when i say i miss you its not i miss you too its "you get to see me tomorrow"

i love the way you hold my hand   //  i hate that now it always seems to be in my pants

and that you hate that my arm is shorter then yours 

i love that you have smaller hands then most guys   //  i hate that you always seem to want them in between my thighs

i love that you cut your hair just to make me happy  //  i hate that you won't style it

i love that you watch me sleep  //  i hate that you actually watch the movie now not me

and that you have to move the hair out of my face when i sleep  //  i hate that you don't do that anymore. i have to do it myself.

because you want to see my face. 

i love that you carry leeroy everywhere you go   //   he's probably still at your dads

but so far my favorite thing is this conversation that we had last night  // but so far the worst part is....

amelia- "i like you"  // "...jacob sometimes i think you don't want to be with me..... ...i'm scared and all you can give me is "o.0 ok"?

jake- "i like you too"  // "why can't you just trust i love u and i'm not going to leave u for a toy. i love u but its christmas and sometimes i gots other things to do"

amelia- "i really like you..."

jake- "... i love you, i figured i might as well say it now"


amelia- "i think i love you too"


you are my prince charming as long as i'm your sleeping beauty  //  you're the reason i'm weak at the knee's and falling apart and you don't even see it.

<3     //    

october sixteenth two thousand and nine <3 // please don't leave me

© 2010 amelia.elaine

Author's Note

sorry for the tmi at "i love the way you hold my hand // i hate that now it always seems to be in my pants"

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I love this very much...
You expressed your feelings very well in this..

Posted 8 Years Ago

Heart wrenching. Your pen bleeds in this. Excellently done.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I think we had the exact same relationship. I related with 99.9% of this to the t. Amazing Job.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is so emotional, so sad- but somehow it kept me reading. I'm sorry if this is real *hugs*. Rating 100/100, dear.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This was really good. Your inner feelings really spilled out on the page. I liked the way some lines were crossed out. Nice effect :) I liked it a lot.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This really good. I felt your emotions, and I've definately been there girl (:

Posted 11 Years Ago

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