The Dog and her Boy Chapter one

The Dog and her Boy Chapter one

A Chapter by littletoes101

The first chapter to TDB.


Chapter one

          As the boy carried the puppy up a row of stairs (she knew what they were, thanks to the old ratty ones her old owner had), the puppy made a critical note that the house looked spotless. Even the boy’s room was tidy. This was new to her, because her old home was dirty and messy. Whining in pleasure, the (dirty) puppy licked her new master’s nose. “Doggie kisses,” he laughed, and lied down on his bed. “You’re all dirty,” he sniffed, looking at her pelt. “You are gonna have to have a bath if you want to impress my mom.” So up went puppy and into the (spotless) bathroom.

It was an odd thing, being cleaned for the first time. She was scrubbed with something she had never seen before, with sweet smelling stuff that tasted like sour milk. She spat it out with disdain into the water, which was turning brown with all the mud she had collected from her meager sixty days of being alive. Soon enough, however, she was lifted out of the water and dried off by a soft, yellow cloth. “There,” the boy exclaimed. “Good as new! And you smell better too.” The puppy wagged her tail, content, as he picked her up (again) and headed back to his room.

Yet again, he lay down on his bed and put the puppy on his chest, where she then licked the underside of his chin. He laughed and patted her head. “You’re a sweet little thing, aren’t you?” he murmured. “Amai Heiwa…” he said suddenly. “Sweet Peace…that’s what I’ll call you.” But the puppy had only barely heard him, as she had already drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

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so far from what i read it seems to be the start of an interesting adventure story.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Chapin, SC

Well, I have been writing for a very long time. I like to write mostly about animals but I will and can write about people. more..

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