The Dog and her Boy Chapter two

The Dog and her Boy Chapter two

A Chapter by littletoes101

The second chapter to TDB.


Chapter two

The next morning, the boy (who, she learned, was called Jonathan) was walking Amai Heiwa (or A.H as he liked to call her, but she called herself by her full name, but we’ll just call her Amwa). The leash was an actual leash (because, she learned, he also had another dog), but her collar was a cat collar, one that one of his cats had gotten too big for, but it fit nicely around her thin neck.

Amwa showed off her collar with pride; it was special because it had been delivered by her very own, loving owner, no matter that it was a hand-me-down. Who cares, anyway? As Amwa and Jonathan were walking, Amwa spotted another human with a big, orange-yellow mutt dog, and a smaller, but stockier brindle and white pit bull. The mutt was a female, Amwa could tell by her scent. The pit bull, however, was a male. He looked like one of her old owner’s old guard dogs, who was mean and played tricks on her and constantly hurt her. She whimpered in fear and tried to hide somewhere, but there was nowhere to hide.

It was too late to turn around, she found out, because the male pit bull had already spotted her and was tugging hard on his leash. When they got close enough, the male sprang forward and licked Amwa on the nose. This friendly gesture shocked her, and she stumbled backwards into her master's leg. "Aww, Thomas," the other human said. "Be careful with her! She's only a little puppy, you know!" Thomas whined at her voice, and strained to get another look at the puppy, who had dove for cover behind Jonathan.

He picked her up and cradled her in his arms. "Her names Amai Heiwa, Sweet Peace. I call her A.H though." she wagged her tail as he scratched behind her ears, and in return she licked his neck .

The girl smiled. "She's really pretty, Jonathan...what does your mom think of her?"

"She said "As long as it doesn't chew up anything, I'll be okay.""

They both laughed, but Amwa was almost deaf to their laughing. Now, she wanted to meet Thomas. Wriggling out of her master's grip, Amwa jumped to the ground and sniffed Thomas in greeting. He whined a little and covered her in slobbery kisses, making her neatly groomed fur fall wet. Amwa growled a little puppy growl in annoyance, but she wasn't really angry. She just shook her fur and batted at Thomas.

Now the yellow-orange mutt (whose name was Bailey) was looking at the black and tan puppy carefully. She looked familiar, but the familiarity was forgotten in her mind. Bailey searched desperately for an answer in her mind, but none came to her. She knew, knew, knew, knew that this puppy had belonged to someone else once, she just knew! But who, and how? Was it the same person that owned Bailey? She was about to find out...

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Well, I have been writing for a very long time. I like to write mostly about animals but I will and can write about people. more..

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