Two in One Vs. The World

Two in One Vs. The World

A Chapter by Lizardo

While I struggle against you
I see a different world in my head
Heard a voice, of noble cause
Here I sit with you 
Playing a chess game 
Let's take a time
We'll see who fails first
It will not be you nor me
It will be them
Let's sit and learn from them
They struggle to take the trophy and pride
If that what is life about, then I would rather be playing against you
Heard a voice: "Come on boy, you have me, just talk to me" 
Don't worry about their thoughts 
Come on listen to them
Look how they fight against each other
They waste their time trying to win an unreal trophy
Hate them, they don't need you 
We'll be fine, just let me win
Heard a voice, through my room
"Not Today, don't listen to him"
"They are good"
"Just look at them, they are all good"
Four walls of a room
Four  unobtainable resolutions 
You're tormenting my children 
You're keeping me as a pet
Heard a voice
"Your getting the hang of it boy
Break free from your chains
Break the walls
Don't let that snake in your thoughts"
You're a fool 
They will break your heart and leave for your dead
I would rather take that risk and feel life
Go away You're not me and I'm not you 
It will be the media with some stupidity 
Or your friends 
I'll enjoy seeing in the valley of desperation again 
From where I picked you up
I'm stronger now, I've seen the truth 
Go away
You're on my way 
I will no try to make a beautiful poem without a real meaning
Tears that fall
Cracked walls 
Light in the room
Not Today, I will not fall this day 
I heard a sound 
I heard the real symphony of life
Go away you don't belong here
I am me and they are them
Please stop bothering my children 
I am one I'm not two
You're just something inside my head
Go away 
I'm free
No more chess 
No more games
I'm in control

© 2016 Lizardo

Author's Note

I didn't try to make this one a beautiful portrayed poem, I tried to make this with my feelings and thoughts, so sorry if it doesn't look or sound beautiful but this one is something that popped from my mind. If you want to, give it a try to see what it means (Even better if you're a friend)

Now if you didn't get it here's a couple of hints:
Children: My Thoughts (Or your thoughts if you feel identify or like the poem)
I often refer to another person inside my head, that's all my fears and tormenting thoughts that represent a me or a "Lizardo" but all the contrary of me.
A voice: Referring to God
Them or they: My Friends or the people around me

Hope you find some to meaning to this one!

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Added on January 1, 2016
Last Updated on January 1, 2016
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21 years now, Just another human in this world. I think I suck at writing, but yet I write to improve. more..

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