The Sphinx

The Sphinx

A Poem by Carlos Lorenzo Estrada

Make no mistake; these mystical creatures know more about this world than they let on. Cross their path...cautiously.

The Sphinx

(Children of Bastet)


Carlos Lorenzo Estrada 

Beneath a shade of summer's day
It did not wander, move, or stray

Sat upon haunches; sentinel cruel
Eyeing the world it knows that it rules

In short haired coat of calico
Preditorial sentry; svelte and cold

Swishing of tail like cobra in dance
Mesmeric alluring imposing at glance 

Did Bastet give shape to thee
Sleek hunter creature born to be

Egyptian sands mercurial semblance 
Stoicly stands so quietly pensive 

Regal privileged self indulgent and vain
mundanely exists neath this heavenly plane

From raging roar to a purr of contentment 
Its demeanor lacking in relevant resentment 

For trust to this creature must be earned 
Or its admirer's gifts shall be spurned 

Omen to visions that await 
Guiding spirit in sauntering gait

Goddess feline; a treasure to eye
Watches intently as I warily go by

Mythic beast royal serene
Holder of secrets enchanter of dreams 



© 2022 Carlos Lorenzo Estrada

Author's Note

Carlos Lorenzo Estrada
Who would have thought a quiet stroll in the neighborhood could be a harrowing experience when paths are crossed with a vigilant cat on the steps of a porch. They know more about us and the world than they let on. These holder of secrets. Or I can just be crazy and fooled by their endless stare.

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I remember in Greek mythology the Sphinx guarded Thebes with a riddle learned from the Muses. And held the city in siege by asking all who dared to pass. Those who failed were eaten. Oedipus is said to have solved the riddle at last causing the Sphinx to jump to her death from a high cliff. Cats are not so easily fooled or tamed. They maintain something of the wild in them. You wrote a great piece here. I enjoyed the read.

Posted 2 Days Ago

Carlos Lorenzo Estrada

12 Hours Ago

Thank you kindly Fabian. I had hoped to capture the mystical sense of the fascinating creatures. Th.. read more
Sometimes when my cat stares at me, I get a bit unnerved...even though she is quite sweet...I think Hank knows so much more than she lets on...and wishes she spoke English so that she could tell me.

Posted 3 Days Ago

Carlos Lorenzo Estrada

3 Days Ago

I believe you are right about that thought my friend. I feel cats are more like us than any other p.. read more
I can't relate to cats , they use humans to their own ends and i think their Egyptian ancestors were sort of unworldly.
Killing for sport and preening their sleek bodies they are so self possessed and arrogant ...... i am not enamoured ,. Having said all that i enjoyed your poem :)

Posted 3 Days Ago

Carlos Lorenzo Estrada

3 Days Ago

Thank you Stella and I agree with you on the traits these creatures exhibit. I could only wonder ho.. read more
As I read this one, I kept thinking how the description reminded me of my cats Francesca and Cosette. Then the author's note explained the mysterious resemblance. Yes, they will lie there in their regal silence and stillness, their eyes following you. It's all a facade behind which is a single question: "Is it lunchtime yet?"

Posted 3 Days Ago

Carlos Lorenzo Estrada

3 Days Ago

I have only had cats as pets in my life and I have to agree with your assessment. They are royals a.. read more

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Added on August 4, 2022
Last Updated on August 4, 2022
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Carlos Lorenzo Estrada
Carlos Lorenzo Estrada

salinas , CA

If I can say something worth saying that makes just one person think about others...I'll try. The greatest storyteller was my grandmother. I miss her stories. more..