Looking for forgiveness

Looking for forgiveness

A Story by Valkyrie Warrior

Children either abused or turned away by their religion try and find other believes.


Crosses round their necks, and yet discarded. On the riverbank, a riverbank plagued by sin. The man who stood in front of them was clothed in black, his hands out stretched to the young ones.

The first boy stepped forward, a delicate looking boy, with pale straight hair and large frightened eyes.

The man took the boys pale, thin hands in his black clothed ones and closed his eyes.

Black cord tightening around his throat, his face slammed hard into the cold stone altar.

A hand, searching, touching, groping.

The boys pained moan. The hush of an adult.

Pain. Violation. Sobbing.

The boy pulled back, shuddering. "Sit by the water child" The man rumbled, his face invisible in the shadow of his hood.

A girl stepped forward, she was a bold looking girl, with strong features and dark eyes.

The man took the girls hands and closed his eyes.

Passion, embrace, lips finding lips.

Long hair pooling on the pillow, soft pink lips by her ear.

The love, the sin.

Women. Passion. Embrace.

The girl looked defiantly into the mans hood and he gave her the same instructions as the boy.

Many more children came forward.

He saw all the stories.

Some are of wrong love, a beautiful boy falling into the arms of the man he loved. 2 woman embracing the man they loved.

Some were of fear, a boy cowering from his fathers belt. A girl groped in the church by a man she was supposed to trust.

"Shed your clothes" the man ordered, "And complete your new baptism."  

The children obeyed and as soon as the water touched their flesh the transformation began.

The started to whoop with joy, and splash each other with the water of sin.

Lovers embraced. Boys. Girls. Everyone found someone.

When the man decided the children knew enough of the world beyond, he summoned them from the river.

They ate and danced.

They were anointed by blood.

And for the first time,

They were forgiven.

My interpretation of the Alanis Morissette song Forgiven 

© 2015 Valkyrie Warrior

Author's Note

Valkyrie Warrior
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Typo in 7th line from the bottom, not being picky, just not sure you are aware. Think it is supposed to be they instead of The. Very cool interpretation. A lot of food for thought.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Valkyrie Warrior

8 Years Ago

Thank you for the thoughtful review! Whoops, I will fix that, thanks.
The piece is true. We who seek the truth do not see it. Even though it should be in their grasp. The truth of love all it should be. We should love who we wish to love. There is no one who is better,
we are all the same. Our hearts see the love of others and we wish to be as they are.
No one is perfect, we all have failures in our lives. What you have said is the truth?
We must walk into the hands of salvation. Take our hearts to the one we love.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Valkyrie Warrior

8 Years Ago

So true, thank you for the review!
wow this gave me chills. Very good interpretation, I had always loved that song and now I see it in a whole new light. Keep up the writing i'll be reading more.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Valkyrie Warrior

8 Years Ago

Wow thank you!! Ikr, I love this song!!
Great insight. Thanks for sharing

Posted 8 Years Ago

Valkyrie Warrior

8 Years Ago

thank you so much!!
Beautiful. I wish you didn't have to put 25 characters.... :P

Posted 8 Years Ago

Valkyrie Warrior

8 Years Ago

O, yeah it sucks. I think it is a really dumb rule that one
Madeleine Rose

8 Years Ago

It's probably so people don't just put: :) ;) X) :D :P...
Valkyrie Warrior

8 Years Ago

yeah i guess

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Added on October 5, 2015
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Valkyrie Warrior
Valkyrie Warrior

Vallhallah , My mind

Hello again I have decided to return to this community for real this time. Sorry to all those who sent me read requests, I am getting on to those as you read this :) more..