Meeting Paths

Meeting Paths

A Story by Valkyrie Warrior

I thought it was sweet


Lavender Foley watched the baby splash in the basin of warm water. Lavender picked up her special rose soap and began to wash the baby’s back, arms and legs, rubbing the sweet smelling foam in the cresses of the baby chubby wrists and between his stout fingers. She washed of the soap and dried him in a soft scrap of linen that had sat beside the stove, warming. “There, there Benny” Lavender cooed as she rubbed the water from his fair locks. She had picked the soft wool vest, trousers, lace shawl, bonnet and tiny white socks from the small box that held Benjamin’s special clothes and dressed him carefully. Benjamin squawked indignantly has she tied the bonnet laces under his chin and Lavender caught his hand to prevent him from pulling off his head. His brown eyes filled with tears and Lavender kissed his button nose, murmuring, “Hush now Benny, we have to leave it on so you look nice for daddy”. She swaddled him in his blanket and placed him in the stroller that stood in the corner of the kitchen. She made sure he was comfortable before pushing him out into the cool morning.



Sebastian Reeves scrubbed the dirt from his cracked and broken nails and calloused hands, the skin turning red from the harsh rubbing. He pushed his blonde hair from his eyes and examined his red hands. He turned his hands over to examine their blistered palms. “Alright Seb ol’ boy” Jack the Overseer clapped him on the back making him jump only slightly, “Goin’ home to girl and babe is tha right?” Sebastian nodded and Jack laughed, “Alright, take care boy!” Sebastian smiled to himself and surveyed the blue mountains and morning sky, just turning pink with dawns first light. He retreated back into his tent and unpack the clothes he had been saving for this very day, shirt, slacks, jacket and cap, all clean and unworn. All his belongs were packed and he ran a comb through his hair before stepping out of the tent, carrying his bag. With a respectful nod to the land that had treated him so well, he made his way for the road.   

© 2016 Valkyrie Warrior

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Valkyrie Warrior
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Added on March 14, 2016
Last Updated on March 14, 2016
Tags: cute, short story


Valkyrie Warrior
Valkyrie Warrior

Vallhallah , My mind

Hello again I have decided to return to this community for real this time. Sorry to all those who sent me read requests, I am getting on to those as you read this :) more..